How to Tan Fast?

How to tan fast? Base lotions or oils help you tan quickly. Lycopene-rich meals help you tan quickly. It’s an antioxidant found in food and life; research suggests it helps minimize sunburn by 40%. Every-other-day tanning is faster. Scientists believe this trick is due to your skin’s limited ATP. This energy can tan or cure sunburned skin.

How to Tan Fast?

How to Get Tanned Fast?

Method 1

Choose a base lotion or oil with a low SPF

Applying a moisturizer or oil with a reduced SPF will help you tan more quickly, but you should also wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s strong rays. Choose from SPF-containing oil rubs, aerosol sprays, rub-on lotions, and mists.

  • Depending on the intensity of your base tan, pick an SPF between four and fifteen. You can use a lesser SPF if you have some tan already. Choose SPF 15 if this is your first exposure to the sun this summer to prevent burning.

  • Opt for a spray or oil for the most even tan possible. These two choices are the simplest to spread evenly on your skin due to their watery feel. After spraying, be careful to rub it in with your hands.

  • Hawaiian Tropics, Australian Gold, Banana Boat, and Maui all sell well-known sun tanning lotions and oils. The majority are available at your neighborhood drugstore or beauty supply shop.

  • Apply lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15. Your lips don’t have to be bronzed. Chapped, dry lips are uncomfortable in addition to being unsightly.

Apply a natural oil on skin that has a healthy base tan.

There are natural oils that will draw the sun and give you that olive shine if you want to avoid the store-bought products and have a healthy base tan. Before heading outside into the sun, use these natural tan enhancers, and after tanning, wash off with soap and water. Several natural products are:

  • Olive oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Hazelnut oil

  • Avocado oil

  • Wheat-germ oil

  • Sunflower oil

  • Sesame oil

  • Green Tea Extract

Turn your body over frequently

To acquire an even tan, you must periodically turn your body over, just like you would a bird roasting on a rotisserie. A good guideline is to make one-fourth of a revolution every half-hour. Beginning on your back, go to your left side, then to your stomach, and finally to your right side. To prevent unsightly tan lines, make sure to frequently adjust the posture of your arms and legs.

Put yourself in the path of the sun

Move your towel or lounge chair to ensure that you are always in direct sunlight as the sun moves across the sky. If you don’t want to lounge around the entire day, you can also engage in physical activity outside. Just dress as lightly as you can to let the sun touch your skin.

Lay out between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m

Even though dermatologists typically advise you to stay out of the sun during prime time, if you want to tan rapidly, hit the tanning bed when the sun is at its brightest.

Get without cothes

There isn’t any other choice but to put on your birthday suit and enjoy the sun if you’re trying to get a full-body tan. Find a private (enclosed) section of your backyard or a nudist beach, then sit back and let the sun do its magic.

Use a reflective sheet or towel to focus the sun

This method may seem dated, but it magnifies and concentrates the sun’s rays on your skin. Many reflective goods are available on the market that can aid in drawing the sun’s rays to your body. Use a reflective towel while you’re relaxing or get some reflective sunscreen. To get the sun to hit your body, place sunscreen around your waistline and tilt it at a 45-degree angle.

Lay on a floatation device in the water

Laying on or nearby a body of water will help you collect as much sunshine as possible because water both attracts and reflects sunlight. Get some flotation devices, a raft, or an inner tube and lounge on the water to get some rays.

Apply moisturizer and/or oil again every two hours or following water contact.

Make sure you wear a low SPF oil or lotion on your skin at all times. Just to be safe, even water-resistant solutions should be applied again.

After tanning, use a moisturizer with aloe or a quality lotion.

Apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin after a tanning session will keep it hydrated and preserve your tan.

Method 2:

Select a product

Products for self-tanning are available as creams, lotions, gels, foams, mists, and oils. Self-tanners are produced by several businesses, including Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Jergens, Aveeno, Bath & Body Works, Banana Boat, Clarins, and Lorac. These products have received favorable reviews from beauty publications and websites.

Put on gloves

Your hands will absorb a lot more moisturizer or oil than the remainder of the body because you’ll be applying it all over your body with them. To avoid having hands that are darker than the rest of your body when applying self-tanner, get disposable medical gloves and use them.

  • After using the gloves, dispose of them and replace them with fresh ones.

  • After applying lotion or oil to the rest of your body, don’t forget to massage some into your hands. They shouldn’t be any darker than the rest of your body, the same hue.

Evenly apply the self-tanner

Spreading self-tanning lotion evenly across your body is one of the main problems it poses. To prevent blotchy, discolored skin, you might need to ask a friend to reach those difficult-to-reach areas like the middle of your back.

  • To prevent streaky results, apply a self-tanner in a circular motion with your hand.

  • Move slowly. Don’t rush applying self-tanner; otherwise, you may end up with blotchy areas or miss other areas entirely. Give it some more time to sink in.

  • Keep in mind your armpits and other regions that are typically out of sight from the general public.

Apply consistently until you achieve the desired skin tone.

Applying once in the morning should be sufficient to achieve your preferred hue, but you can apply twice if you want the procedure to go more quickly. Self-tanners can leave stains on your clothes and linens, so be careful.


Choose a moisturizer or oil with a reduced SPF that will help you tan more quickly. Hawaiian Tropics, Australian Gold, Banana Boat, and Maui all sell well-known sun tanning lotions and oils.

Other ways of tanning Faster:

1. Consume meals high in lycopene to tan more quickly

It’s an anti-oxidant you can discover in food and other living things, and studies in the literature have shown that it can help to lessen your skin’s sensitivity to sunburn by up to 40% That is a lot! Therefore, getting a sufficient amount of lycopene can aid in preventing a burn that would otherwise hinder you from tanning faster or darker. Find out more in quicker hack #3.

Tomato paste or puree is the best natural food source of lycopene. It is most accessible in this form, and since lycopene is fat-soluble, your body will absorb as much of it as possible if you combine it with a drizzle of olive oil.

2. Use a tan accelerator to tan quicker and darker

For the vast majority of people, only their body’s biochemistry determines how quickly they can tan. How many pigment cells (also known as melanin cells) it now has, how many more it can produce, and how quickly.

Not many people are aware of this trick for getting a quicker tan. There are skincare ingredients that can increase your skin’s natural production of melanin. They improve the biochemistry of your skin’s tanning when you apply them to it.

3. Use the sun every other day to brown more quickly.

According to scientists, this trick for tanning faster works because your skin can only produce so much ATP or adenosine triphosphate. It can use this energy to tan your skin or to aid in the recovery of a sunburn. This demonstrates how crucial it is to cooperate with your skin’s biological makeup. Protecting your skin from sun damage helps it thrive, and when your skin thrives, it tans more quickly.

4. Tan faster by tanning at the right time

Many individuals think that a sunburn develops into a tan. But the opposite is true more than anything. A sunburn can completely ruin a tan. You cannot be in the sun after getting burned without experiencing pain. Your skin appears red and blotchy, and you constantly feel on fire.

Additionally, it appears likely that getting a sunburn prevents your skin from starting the biological process of tanning. Therefore, you should only be outside when your danger of sunburn is the lowest. We advise avoiding direct sunlight during these peak hours since well over half of Earth’s UV dose is absorbed during these hours.

5. Get a tan faster by exfoliating weekly *proceed with caution

Use this hack for a faster tan with caution as sunburn will almost certainly result if you don’t. Why? Because only this tanning trick goes against the biology of your skin. The layer of skin cells that lies on the surface of your skin serves as one of your skin’s best barriers against UV light.


Make sure you wear a low SPF oil or lotion on your skin at all times. To avoid blotchy, discolored skin, you might need to ask a friend to reach those difficult-to-reach areas like the middle of your back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are some of the important questions:

1: Do you tan faster in water or laying out?

You can develop a tan more quickly by floating above the pool. Water reflects the sun’s rays, which then land on your skin. This implies that you receive a stronger exposure to the sun when you are swimming on top of the water.

2: How dark a tan can you develop in a day?

Most individuals tan in the sun for 1 to 2 hours. It’s crucial to keep in mind that tans and burns can take some time to develop, so just because you don’t notice color right away doesn’t imply you’re not receiving any color or that you should use a lower SPF. Risks associated with tanning include skin cancer.

3: Does damp skin brown more quickly?

You don’t tan more quickly if you mist your skin with water. This notion probably originated from the fact that swimming can hasten to tan.

4: Does baby oil aid with tanning?

Dermatologists overwhelmingly concur that using baby oil for tanning is unsafe. There is no safe technique to tan, according to some experts. Simply said, tanning is unhealthy. Because it absorbs the sun’s rays more effectively, Sperling claims that baby oil can hasten the tanning process.

5: Does oil hasten the tanning process?

In other words, tanning oil hastens the process of tanning. According to Nemours KidsHealth, the UV rays stimulate the melanocytes’ synthesis of melanin as they pass through the skin. The substance that gives your skin color is called melanin. The amount of melanin in your skin will determine how black your skin will seem.

6: Does using coconut oil speed up tanning?

Simply told, coconut oil can help you develop a deep, even tan. You can fast develop a darker tan by using coconut oil to draw and concentrate the sun’s rays on your skin. Read on to learn why and how to apply coconut oil to your skin and how it functions to aid in tanning if you choose to use it.

7: Do you tan faster without sunscreen?

It doesn’t matter if you spend the entire day in the sun or prefer to spread out your sun exposure throughout the day while engaging in other activities to gradually develop your summer glow, one thing is for sure: sunscreen won’t speed up your tanning at all. Its sole purpose is to prevent skin damage.

8: Does a sunburn become a tan?

The area that was sunburned may appear darker than usual after healing, but tanning is only another type of skin damage brought on by ultraviolet radiation.

9: Does using normal lotion speed up tanning?

Although using a lotion can assist you tan more deeply, this isn’t the sole benefit of doing so. Your tan is activated by a nice lotion as well. Without lotion, it takes roughly 7–10 minutes for your skin to start creating more melanin and align with the UV rays.

10: Should I shave before or after I tan?

To prepare for your tanning session, take a shower, shave, and scrub a day or two beforehand. Before you tan, exfoliating helps get your skin ready. Using a loofah, brush, or bath puff while taking a shower is sufficient if you don’t have time for a thorough exfoliation.


Choose a moisturizer or oil with a reduced SPF that will help you tan more quickly. Hawaiian Tropics, Australian Gold, Banana Boat, and Maui all sell well-known sun tanning lotions and oils. There are natural oils that will draw the sun and give you that olive shine. Dermatologists advise staying out of the sun during prime time. If you want a fast tan, hit the tanning bed when the sun is at its brightest.

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