How to share screen on FaceTime ?

##How to share screen on FaceTime ?It is very simple to share screen on face time .You just have to start a FaceTime call .When you are ready to share the screen tap the share content button in the top of the screen then tap share my screen .Other participants on the call should tap Open next to join screen sharing to see what you are sharing .

Share screen on FaceTime .The first thing you need to do is to confirm your device is running iOS 15 or later .The screen share on FaceTime is the service of iPhone . Check first Whether your iPhone is running the latest software version or not .

The FaceTime runs on the iOS 15 or later .It the application of iPhone only .It doesn’t works on android .Not any android phone have this application of service .The apple users know it for sure it is simply a type of video call with same facilities .

If you are not sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 15 or not but you are planning FaceTime screen sharing session if isn’t working or you don’t see a screen sharing icon, it may because you haven’t updated your fon or tablet .

** Turn on screen sharing on iPhone FaceTime **

1- Start a FaceTime call

2- Tap the screen content button

3- Tap share my screen

** Screen sharing not working **

Make sure that your Airplay compatible devices are turned on and near each other.Check that the devices are updated to the latest software version and in same WiFi network .Restart the device that you want to use with AirPlay or screen mirroring.

** Share my entire screen including my applications on android device**

1- Tap share in the meeting controls

2- Tap screen

3- Tap start now to confirm

4- At the bottom of your screen tap annotate to open the annotation tools or tap stop share to stop sharing and go back to meting controls .

** Share your screen In face time on iPhone or iPad **

Screen sharing lets everyone in a FaceTime call looks at photos browse the web or help each other .

You just need :

:black_small_square: An iPhone or iPad

:black_small_square: iOS or iPadOS 15 or later

SHARE your acreen :

1- Start a face time call

2- Tap the share content button

3- Tap share my screen

Everyone you can see what’s in your screen until you stop sharing but they can’t control anything on your device .If you get any notification on your device while sharing screen with other then others won’t be able to see them .

When you are sharing your screen others won’t be able to see content that requires a subscription a free trial or a purchase or rental to view.With shareplay you can watch video together, listen to music together or work together by sharing content through supported apps .

JOIN a screen sharing session :

In FaceTime call tap open next to join screen sharing .

TAKE OVER screen sharing from someone else :

1- Tap the share content button

2- Tap share my screen

3- Tap replace existing

END screen sharing session :

At the top of the FaceTime call ,Tap the share content button again to stop sharing your screen .

** Make FaceTime calls from iPhone to android **

With a redesigned FaceTime app apple has made it crystal clear that it wants to take on popular video conferencing service such as Microsoft teams,Zoom and google meet .

And features like the ability to make FaceTime calls from iPhone to android then watch movies together on FaceTime and share your screen on Facetime give it some heavy ammunition against its rivals .

**Use Screen Share on FaceTime on IPhone 2022 **

Before getting started with the quick steps let’s first understand how the new screen sharing features in FaceTime works !


1- Screen sharing and its working in FaceTime

2- Share screen on android and window users during a FaceTime call

3- Share your screen using FaceTime on iOS 15

4- Screen share not working in FaceTime after iOS 15 update .Why ?


1- Screen sharing and its working in FaceTime :

If you are tired of video conferencing in app like zoom and google meet ,you may already be fimiliar with screen sharing .It allow you to show your screen and let others watch your activities in real time.It comes in handy during online presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and in general meetings as well .

In addition the ability to share screen saves your time and spares the effort of sending files videos documents , making it a great asset in the world where virtual meetings have become the order of the day .

Blurting your background in FaceTime is fun but thanks to a neat feature called shareplay FaceTime enables users to listen to music via Apple Music or watch videos or movies online .And that’s what makes shareplay a sort of fun fur FaceTime .

2- Share screen on android and window users during a FaceTime call :

While android and windows users can receive FaceTime links and join meeting via the browser they can’t do much more than that.In true Apple fashion the video calling app has limited functionality on android and windows .

Besides shareplay is designed to play only within the Apple ecosystem.That means you can unlock the full potential of shareplay only if you have an iPhone or iPad or Mac .

Since iOS 15 is a work in progress ,things would change by the time the latest version of iOS is released to everyone later this fall .We will update this guide if Apple makes any major change .Until follow this guide to get help :

3- Share screen using FaceTime on iOS 15 :

:black_small_square: Launch FaceTime on your device

:black_small_square: Now Tap to create link to generate a FaceTime meeting link.Then tap on the “i” button and choose the share link option.After that share the meeting link with your friends using text,email , iMessage or WhatsApp .Then start a FaceTime call .

Alternatively you can tap on new FaceTime enter the names of your friends you want to share your screen with ,and then tap on FaceTime to start a video call .

:black_small_square: During the FaceTime call tap on the screen share button at the top right corner of the new control panels .

:black_small_square: Next Tap on share my screen , screen sharing will kickstart after a quick count down (3,2,1,)

:black_small_square: Next up navigate to the App you want to screen share with your friends or family over FaceTime .That’s it .

4- Screen share not working in FaceTime after iOS 15 update !why ?

Over the past some time since the rollout of stable iOS 15 update ,we have seen a flood of comments about the screen share feature not working in FaceTime for many users .Well it is deceived to investigate the problem .

When we start investing the problem we comes to know that Apple has delayed the rollout of the screen share feature in the FaceTime .Eveb though the the FaceTime shareplay feature was available in the iOS 15beta build at a time of writing this article the stable build does not include the same.

That is the reason many of users unable to access the feature right now.Apple has updated its iOS 15feature list to include asterisk over the share play feature of face time to signify that the feature will arrive in a future software update .


So yeah you will likely need to wait a couple of months to share your screen with friends ,family or office colleagues over FaceTime in iOS 15 on your iPhone .Once the feature is available n iOS 15 , follow this handy guide about learn how to share screen on FaceTime .


So that’s how you can use FaceTime to share screen. On your iOS or iPadOS device .I would prefer to have full fledge FaceTime web app which enables anyone to use the video calling app without any restrictions .I am very much pleased with Apple move to turn FaceTime in to a feature rich video conferencing tool .

Can you screen share on FaceTime is question we are frequently asked and until the iOS 15 update the answer was no .This new iOS 15 feature is built in the FaceTime app and requires no set up .Let me show you how it makes screen sharing via FaceTime a breeze !

People have always wondered “ can you screen safer on FaceTime ?” Until the iOS 15 update ,there wasn’t a build in screen sharing option for FaceTime .This is how to share screen play to screen share via FaceTime :

** Complete method **

1- Open the FaceTime app

2- Tap new FaceTime

3- Select a contact from the Suggested list or tap the add icon to add a different content

4- Select a contact from the list

5- Tap Factime In the contact card

6- When you have added everyone you would like to include on FaceTime call tap FaceTime

7- Once your friend have joined you should see a bar at the top of the screen.Tap the screen share icon

8- Tap share my screen there will be a three second count down until your screen starts being shared. Your notification will be off during screen sharing

9- Now others on your screen time can see your screen

10- Swipe up to minimize the FaceTime call

11- Now you can do whatever you need to do on your iPhone and others in the FaceTime call will be able to see what you are doing.The purple screen share icon in the top left corner of you screen indicates that you are sharing screen

12- Tap on the tile with your friends face to return to the FaceTime call

13- Tap the screen share Icon again to stop sharing your screen

14- When you share your screen your camera may turn off.To turn your camera on the camera icon

Most asked questions .

Q1: Is it possible to share screen on FaceTime ?

Yes it is surely possible to share screen on FaceTime .You can easily share your screen on FaceTime with your friends family and anyone on your FaceTime call.

###Q2: What is the latest software of iPhones or iPads ?

The software version of iPhone these days is iOS 15 .It is recently updated in 2022 and in this version you can easily share screen on FaceTime .

###Q3: Is screenshare works on iOS 10 or 12 ?

No it is very sorry to say screen share on FaceTime is not works on FaceTime of the iOS 10 or 12 .It is excellently works in the iOS 15 and it is the latest version of iPhone or your iPad .

###Q4: How can I end my screen share session ?

At the top of the FaceTime call,Tap the share content button again to stop sharing your screen .It is very easy to end up or start to join a call in FaceTime .

###Q5: What things I can do on shareplay ?

With shareplay you can watch videos together ,listen to music together or work out together by sharing content through supported apps.

###Q6: How Do I watch a movie on FaceTime ?

Start a FaceTime call on your iPhone ,swipe the bottom edge of the FaceTime call,then open a video streaming app that supports shareplay .Choose a movie or video and press play.

###Q7: Can I share Netflix on FaceTime ?

Yes you can share Netflix on FaceTime .Start a FaceTime call on your device with all the people you want to watch with.Then open Disney Plus and And you should get a shareplay popover window with the option to share .Hit shareplay to do so !

###Q8: How do I share my iOS 14 ?

Connect your iOS device to same wifi network as your Apple TV or Airplay 2-compatible smart tv.Open control center.Tap screen mirroring.Select your Apple TV or Airplay 2-compatible smart TV from the list.

###Q9: If my contact is an iMessage user what can I do ?

If is it so a greyed screen sharing button indicates that he can’t receive screen sharing at this time.He may have disabled screen shaping in the Mac setting for instance or he may be using his iPhone so he cannot perform screen sharing .

###Q10: Why is screen sharing not working ?

This issue usually occurs when you do not want to connect with the app version that supports screen sharing .To avoid this shortcoming ensures that both of you are using the latest version of the app.


Now you know how to shareplay to screen share and how to turn off screen sharing once you no longer want to share your screen .You can learn how to use Shareplay on iPhone to do even more.

The Cupertino giant also addressed a user’s concern about the FaceTime screen share feature nor working in iOS 15 on Twitter confirming that it will not be available until later this fall.