How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Here are the steps by following which you can do so:

1.Open Facebook. Go to (work area) or tap the Facebook application symbol (portable). This will open your News Feed in case you’re signed into Facebook.

In the event that you’re not signed into Facebook on work area, first enter your Facebook email address and secret phrase in the upper-right half of the page, at that point click Log In.

On portable, you can sign into Facebook by entering your email address and secret word when provoked and afterward tapping Log In.

2.Click on the name option. You can see it on the upper right corner of the screen. Click it and you will be redirected to the profile page.

If you are using Android phone, you can tap ☰ which is on the upper right corner of the screen and if you are using iPhone, you can tap ☰ which is in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3.Tap Friends. This is near the most noteworthy purpose of your profile page. This will raise a summary of your Facebook partners.

On versatile, tap Friends in the menu.

4. See the top most results. The best 10 to 20 friends in this summary are people with whom you have the most progressive participations, which suggests that they presumably visit your profile more oftentimes than others.

5.Consider every one of your top companions. Someone who several hundred associates is significantly more inclined to see your profile than is someone who has a few thousand mates; this will help flimsy down the once-over of people who are likely going to see your page.

In case you see a person with whom you don’t put forth an extraordinary attempt to associate, they’re probably survey your page a good part.