How to Resolve McAfee not Working on Windows 10 Error?

McAfee is a famous anti-malware which offers various advanced security features to the users. Along with the malware removal features, McAfee provides good tools for network and device protection. McAfee antivirus provides various plans according to the device specifications. From Windows, Mac to phone devices; you can install McAfee antivirus easily. But some Windows 10 users reported that they are getting errors while scanning with McAfee antivirus.

Best ways for fixing McAfee not working on Windows 10 error:

Update your Windows 10 PC

Whenever your Windows device shows any kind of error with any program, you should check for the new update. Click on the Start menu and navigate to the Settings button. Click on the Update & Security option. Click on Update Now option. If a new update is available then it will start installing on your device. You need to wait until completing the update process. Now restart your device for applying the update changes. If McAfee livesafe not scanning then seek for other solutions.

Update McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus provides regular updates to the user for updating the malware charts. If your McAfee is showing an error on Windows 10 that means your data chart is not updated on McAfee. You need to update your McAfee antivirus immediately. Open your settings page and click on Apps. Right-click on McAfee option and select Update option. Now follow the on-screen instructions for completing the McAfee installation process. Once complete, restart your Windows 10 PC and check whether your McAfee virus scan problems have been fixed or not.

Check your Windows registry files

Any error on the registry files can also lead to various errors. If your McAfee related key gets corrupted then you need to repair it immediately. But you can’t repair the key if you don’t have technical knowledge. If you want to edit the registry file then create a backup key for McAfee and then make the changes. You can create the backup by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Close the McAfee error wizard
  2. Go to the Search bar and type command
  3. Press and hold the shift and Ctrl keys
  4. Tap the Enter button
  5. A permission wizard may appear
  6. Click on Yes button
  7. You will get the command screen
  8. Type Regedit on your command screen
  9. Press the Enter button

Windows registry editor will appear on the screen. Search for McAfee error related key. Select the key and save it with .reg extension. Now export the key to the Windows desktop. Repair the broken registry files. Open McAfee antivirus dashboard and try to run a full system scan.

Delete Temporary Files and other junk

Temporary or temp file is created to hold the data when the file is created or modified. After performing the task, these files become useless. Temporary files need to accumulate your free disk space and can also interrupt your process. You should clean the temporary files folder regularly. Go to the temporary files folder and delete all the files. You should remove all other junk files from your device. Make use of the Windows cleanup tool for deleting junk and unnecessary files. Follow the mentioned steps for removing the junk:

  1. Go to Start menu and click on Run
  2. Type cmd on the run bar
  3. Press the Enter button
  4. A permission prompt will be displayed
  5. Click on Yes button
  6. Windows command screen will appear

Type cleanmgr on the cmd screen and hit the Enter screen. This cleanup tool will scan all the files available on the device. The scanning process may take some time. After completing the scanning process, a list will appear. Check the items you want to remove (make sure to check the temporary files option). Click the OK button and all files will get removed. Now restart your Windows PC to apply the changes. Click on McAfee icon and check for the error.

Reinstall McAfee antivirus

If you are wondering why won’t McAfee scan my computer then you should check for the McAfee program files. Sometimes users delete the McAfee program files mistakenly which leads to various errors. Try restoring the program files of McAfee antivirus. Reinstalling McAfee antivirus is a potent method for troubleshooting the error. Go to the Programs folder and uninstall McAfee antivirus. You should also remove all the files and folders related to your McAfee. Restart your device and open the web browser. Go to your McAfee account and reinstall your McAfee plan on the Windows 10 device. McAfee icon will appear on the desktop; click on the icon and run a system scan.

Restore Windows corrupted files

Windows files get corrupted due to any inappropriate changes or any runtime error. You must fix all the corrupted Windows files for your device. Use Windows File Checker tool for restoring all the corrupted files. This inbuilt tool will restore the corrupted Windows files on your device. After completing the Windows file restore process, open the dashboard of McAfee antivirus and check for the error. If you are still facing the McAfee error on Windows 10 then ask the McAfee tech team for help.