How to remove eyelash extensions ?

How to remove eyelash extensions ? Don’t ■■■■■ or cut your lash extension . It may damage your original eye lashes.Take coconut oil or Vaseline .Put it on eyelashes generously .Leave it for some time until it loosens the glue and the eyelashes become soft and easy to remove .Now take a pair of tweezers and remove the lash care fully .

What is eyelash extension ?Eyelash extension is the process in which artificial eyelash are fixed on the original eyelashes with the help of some glue .People use this method to increase the volume of their eye lashes .

Some people have thin eye lashes naturally .They often wants to get thick lashes with more volume .People mostly used falses and artificial eyelashes .It sticks above the original eyelashes with the help of lash glue .These are temporary eyelashes which can remove easily with no effort .

Eyelash extension is basically a technique to provide volume to our original eyelashes .This may be permanent or temporary .Temporary eye lashes have glue with them but the permanent eyelash extension is a complete process which is done by a professional with proper care .

** Prediction about eyelash extension **

There are several types of eyelash extensions these days which are widely used .
In USA every second person done this procedure for thick eye lashes .
Temporary method is a way too safe then the permanent one .It just needs a glue and a pair of falses .
Just apply glue with the help of any small brush and take care of your eye as the glue doesn’t enters in it .
Permanent extension is done through a proper procedure professionally it also required full proper attention .

How many types of lash extensions are there ?

There are three main type of lash extensions are there which are written down below :

1- Synthetic lash extension
2- Silk lash extension
3- Mink lash extension

When it comes to the lash extension these three types are tha main . Mink silk and synthetic .Those who have through lash training or those who are the savvy costumers knows about theses three names and aware of them .But they can be bit confused when it times to select .

** BEST type of eye lash extension **

1- Silk lash extensions .Silk lash extensions are a very popular lash extension option …

2- Mink lash extension .Mink lash extension are come from real mink fur …

3- Faux Mink lash extension .The lash professionals believes the faux mink lash extension are the best way to go …

** Methods to remove eyelash extensions **

There are several different methods to remove the eye lash extension . Many products are here which are comfortly helping to remove the lash extension .

1- By coconut oil or olive oil
2- By Vaseline
3- By hot shower
4- By baby oil
5- By eye make up remover
6- By micellar water

** Description **

1- By coconut oil and olive oil :

Oil softens everything as we all know .Take a cotton pad or makeup remover pad , soak it in the coconut oil or olive oil .Apply oil over lashes generously .Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes until the lashes becomes soft and easy to remove .Then take a tissue paper or a wipe . Take a Smoolie and remover the falses or eyelashes .

2- By Vaseline :

As like oil Vaseline also have soften effect .Apply Vaseline generously to the lashes .It provides moisture to the lashes or the eyes. Then take off your pair of falses one by one and wash them with micellar water .If these are lash extension then remove the lashes one by one carefully .Then wash your eyes to clean to natural lashes and make them free from the glue .

3- By hot shower :

Hot shower is the easiest way to remove the eye lash extensions .If you have proceed eye lash extension you need a process to remove them by a certified professional .Other wise you can also remove them by your self at home by wetting your eyes with hot water or give them moisture to be softens and easily remove .

4- By baby oil :

Baby is a bestest oils of all .It contains vitamins nourishing minerals and essentials which are a way too good for the baby skin .So for the eyelash extension removal baby is much good .Apply baby oil to above and below the lashes .Leave it untils the glue leave its place and lashes are softens .Then remove the lashes easily and clean your eyes with plain Water .

5- By eye makeup remover :
Eye make up remover is also the good thing for the removing of eyelash extensions or the simple falses .But mostly eye makeup remover contains chemical in them .Not all brands are include in this but mostly removers Contains chemicals which are very dangerous for the eyes .So be very careful if you are going to use this . Otherwise use coconut or baby oil or Vaseline that is very much better thing and somehow safe too .

6- By micellar water :

Micellar water is the makeup remover .It is simply looks like plain simple water but this is not plain .It have several chemicals in it .If removes makeup by Cotton pad or tissue .It is mostly used to wipe out the makeup .It works nicely but for the eyes it is very risky so opt any material you use for eye lash extension removal wisely .As you clearly know the drawbacks of all things .

** Things which are prohibited **

:black_small_square: Don’t ■■■■■ your eye lashes .It can damage your original lashes .

:black_small_square: Don’t try to cut off them .It can cut your natural lashes .

:black_small_square: Don’t try to remove your eyelashes without wetting or moisturise them .

:black_small_square: If your eyelash extension is dry and you want to remove it don’t try to remove it when they are dry and hard .
:black_small_square: Don’t pluck them with tweezers .It can be dangerous for eyes and the eye lid .

:black_small_square: Don’t use chemical containing material for removing eyelash extensions.

:black_small_square: Don’t open your eyes during the lash extension procedure .

** Tips for making your natural lashes looks like extensions **

~ Get a lash lift and a suitable lash tint
~ Use a good mascara primer
~ Use a good quality volume mascara
~ Continue lash care

** Bestest ways to remove eyelash glue **

1- Takes a hot shower .It loosens the glue wonderfully .
2- Steam your face it works amazingly .
3- Use a lash glue dissolver .
4- Use oil based cleanser .
5- Create your own cleaning solution .
6- Use oil .
7- Apply eye cream .

Mostly asked questions?

Q1: Will the eyelash extension is dangerous for natural lashes ?

Yes somehow eye lash extension is dangerous for natural lashes .Itcan damage our lashes and it also risked the natural growth of the lashes which is not good for our eyes and the light of our eyes .

###Q2:If I done extensions will my lashes recover after it ?

Most importantly you need to know that eye lash extension leave a bad impact on the natural growth of lashes .It decreases the original and natural moisture of the lashes .But for sure if you give a gap after extensions your lashes will recover soon .

Q3: If my lashes are short after extensions why dies it happens ?

It is because your false lashes are start to fall off .If you have ever had your lash extension growth natutally grows out you may be noticed that your lashes looks stubby and short .It is because your lashes broke when your lash extension removes .

Q4: If I feel irritated after lash extension added what would I supposed to do ?

If you feel irritated after lash extension added their are many things which are being done at home to relive discomfort easily .Most importantly it includes cold compresses or use topical hydrocortisone cream .

Q5: Why my lash extension falls out after two days ?

It is because of more continuous humidity .It may your extension glue sets too quickly when extension attach it drys before it .Then the adhesion is very poor in this case .So that’s why your lash extension will pop off in one or two days .

###Q6: Do you know the fastest way to remove eyelash extension ?

Face steam is the fastest and easiest Method for eyelash removal .It is painless method and easiest .Just put your face in the hot water bowl and take steam for 5- 10 mins.Then you see your lashes starts popping out Itself.

###Q7: What are the types of lash extension?

There are three types of lash extension which are synthetic lash extension , silk lash extension and mink lash extension .

###Q8:Which type of last extension last longest?

Hybrid extension are damaged and long lasting eye lash extension . And they are amazing from all types .Prefect with brow makeover .It is a good option for those who loves bolder look .

###Q9: What is the average size of lashes are classic ?

9mm to 12 mm are the most popular size .Do not be fooled , longer lashes are are not always are better .Infact using lashes longer than 14 mm will weigh down your natural lashes down .


For durability use vegan silk for falses .Mink is more delicate and unlike vegan silk they cannot get wet all .Forget your umbrella and get caught in a downpour with your mink eyelashes on ,and they will instantly lose their curl .
Classic lashes are applied individually on a 1:1 ratio , hybrid typically uses 30 % classic lashes and 70% volume lashes .So in short you can easily remove eye lash extension at home with little or no effort .