How to Remove Accountant's Copy Restrictions QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the most versatile, sorted, and up-to-date software for people and businesses to handle their accountancy, bookkeeping, and even financial management. So, when you use QuickBooks, you will see many major advantages and disadvantages as well that affect you from using the software smoothly. Here, we will get into the details of ‘How to remove the accountancy copy restriction’.

This article will provide you a detailed and step-by-step procedure of removing the same and helping you make use of the software with ease. In this article, you will be detailed to voiding the initial copy that was created. This is going to happen when the accountant will raise you for sending another copy or company files which can be of help to repair due to the data loss and damage. Make sure, before anything else, you create a backup of the company file.

## The Major Reasons to Remove Accountant’s Copy Restriction in QuickBooks

Taking it off, the copy is irreversible, and it is best to consult a professional accountant for

Once the restrictions have been detached, the changes inside the current Accountant’s copy won’t get imported to your company file.

In cases like this, you will be requested to transfer another Accountant’s Copy.

What is Accountant’s Copy and Accountant Restriction?

When talking about the Accountant’s copy in your QuickBooks Tool, it is a slimmed-down, narrowed, or smaller version of your company file that is accessed by the accountant of your company. As the primary user, you will be required to put or make a dividing date in the accountant copy.

So, for the Accountant, it becomes easier and quicker to make all sorts of changes before the dividing date. However, once the dividing date is done, there won’t be any further changes made to it. Moving on, there won’t be any further changes in the company files too without your consent, or permission.

Due to any pending issues or maybe to change the copies, and there can be other possible reasons. You might have to remove the restriction. There are scenarios as well where your will notice a few changes are pending. In such cases, you will be notified with messages on the top of the window ‘Accountant Changes Pending’ This indicates that you need to change, or remove the restriction on your Accountant’s copy.

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How to eliminate Accountant Restrictions in QuickBooks 2015

  1. Navigate to the main menu and click on the file
  2. From the drop-down list, menu choose on Send Company File
  3. Next, for the other menu that has popped up, select Accountant’s Copy
  4. You will notice another drop-down list, select ‘Remove Restrictions’
  5. Once you know you are sure to remove the restrictions, then click on the tab


As you have clicked on Remove Restriction Tab, further you won’t be able to receive the Accountant’s copy for your original accountant’s copy that you performed earlier. If you are waiting for your accountant to make any changes, do not click on that tab as then QuickBooks won’t let you import any changes.

  1. Once the remove restriction is chosen, a window will pop up with the header ‘Remove Restrictions’. In this window, a warning statement will appear for you to be cautious with your action. Stating ‘Doing this will remove the restriction that prevents you from any editing of the transaction’
  2. Agreeing to this, you have to check on the box beside it with a Yes.
  3. This makes you agree that you wan
  4. t to remove Accountant’s Copy restriction
  5. Next, click on the OK button

How to remove Accountant Restrictions in QuickBooks 2013-14

If you are using the 2013, or 2014 version, there are other ways to remove the accountant restriction in your QuickBooks

  1. Navigate to the main menu and then select File
  2. A dropdown list appears, so select Accountant’s Copy
  3. Choose Remove Restriction
  4. Follow the next steps as you have seen in the above QuickBooks 2015 version

When you have Accountant’s copy in your software, you will be able to keep an accurate check of

your records. Accountants will work on backdated period to make sure everything is perfect, while you work on the current period. It allows your accountant to make changes in the copy and then alter import to your company files. These steps if you follow can help you get your work done in no time, smooth and systematically.

Now, as you are aware of the process, also know the reason why it is important and how to go about it. This will make your time on QuickBooks easier and simpler. Even your accountant will have a good time handling your company’s account.