How to regain sense of smell ?

How to regain sense of smell ? Well the sense of smell gone due to covid .As we know these days people are suffering from covid and the loss of smell and the loss of taste is include in the symptoms of loss of smell and taste .Start smelling different oils which have pungent smell give your brain a second to identify it then repeat this exercise twice a day to regain your sense soon .

What is sense of smell ?

Sense means any thing which is identified by specific ■■■■■.The sense of smell is basically the sense on which our nose start identifying smells whether it is bad or good .we can smell via our nose if we lost our sense then our nose doesn’t work it is due to some issues in body .

Mostly these days corona is way too active .In the symptoms of covid 19 the lose of smelling mad tasting sense is very common .When corona is active in any human body that body organs nose and tongue is not active so that’s why we can’t even get any taste and no smell .

But it is not necessary ever time if a person lost his or her smelling sense that he or she is surely suffering from corona , the lose of sense of smell is also often because of the damaging of nasal track in any accident or any tumour or infection takes place in nose or in nasal cavity .

** We can regain sense of smell naturally **

We can regain sense of smell naturally by four natural methods which are :

-Smell training
-Castor oil
-Saline irrigation

** Some causes of loss of smell **

-Allergies,viruses and sinusitis ; These can cause nasal congestion and swollen a the mucus passage which blocks our nose and we can’t able to smell anything.
-Tumors and nasal polyps ; Nasal obstruction in soft tissues can block the nasal passage which results in lose of smell .
-Truamatic head injury ; Injuries caused by accidents and falls can damage our nasal track which steals our smelling sense .

** Loss of smell in Covid-19**

The people who are suffering by Corona or having symptoms of covid they also don’t able to smell anything .These people lose their smelling sense for sure but not to worry we can regain our sense of smell at home by home remedies which are discussed in below :

1-By castor oil
2-By garlic
3-By lemon
4-By ginger
5-By peppermint
6-By take a lots of water
7- By hot steam


1- By castor oil :

Put one drop of warm castor oil in each nostril .It is necessary to do twice a day for the best results .This practice is beneficial for reducing the eliminating inflammation .Castor is a natural thing which help us recovering our nasal issue and it results in regaining our sense of smell.

2- By garlic :

Add 2-4 chopped garlic pods to the one cup of water in a pan .Boil the ingredients in the saucepan .When the mixture cools down strain it in the cup and drink it.The anti inflammatory properties of garlic compounds can help treat a stuffy nose.

3- By lemon :

Take a lemon and slice it or squeeze it in a glass of water , add a spoon of honey in it .Now drink this mixture immediately.This mixture has a strong citrus smell .The properties of these two products can help you to regain your sense of taste and smell .

4- By ginger :

Take a piece of peeed ginger and chew it slowly.Start chewing the ginger piece at regular intervals.If you can’t chew the ginger directly you can take the ginger tea .Do this daily the smell of ginger can enhance the sense of smell .

5- By peppermint :

Take ten peppermint leaves and add them to a cup of water .Boil the ingredients in a saucepan .Strain the solution once it cooled down add some honey in it .Drink it immediately .The main constituent of peppermint leaves is methanol .It is anti inflammatory and antimicrobial in nature which can altar the sense of smell and taste .

6- By drinking a lots of water :

Drinks plenty of water in clearing unwanted cough .water keeps the body hydrated This can help avoid problems of smell and taste.

7- By hot steam:

With the help of hot steam nasal congestion and nose blockage will be cure .That will give your an open gate to breathe .

  • Words to remember -
    You can choose any of these remedies to get your taste and smell back but make sure you practice it everyday .The best time to put these home remedies to practise in the morning .
    Naturally regaining of smel and taste is essential.While their is no demonstrated solution to do so after recovering from corona virus you can always rely on diet changes and home remedies which may assist you to recuperate quicker .


The complete loss of smell is called Anosmia while the partial loss is called hyposmia .Both condition can be temporary or permanent however total loss of smell is rare .
For most people the loss of smell begins to deteriorate after the age of 60 while the ability to smell is at peak between 30-60 .In addition woman typically have a better sense of smell than men do .

:black_small_square: Causes and concerns :

Loss of smell can be caused by a number of factor however partial lose is commonly attributed to the common cold.Other factors that can cause a loss of smell include nasal obstruction from polyps,abnormal nasal passages or a problem with the receptors that connect to the centre of the brain that recognise smell.

:black_small_square: Ways people develop Anosmia include :

~Head injuries
~Severe injuries to the upper part of the nose
~Severe upper respiratory infections
~Polyps in the sinus cavities or nasal passages
~Long term smoking
~Inhaling certain chemicals such as pesticides or ammonia for long period of time
~Hormonal imbalances
~Certain dental problems
~Some prescription meditations
~Some illegal drugs
~Radiation therapy (performed on a neck or head)
~Colds and allergies
~Certain diseases of the central nervous system (Alzheimer)
~Medical condition such as Alzheimer diseases multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease

:black_small_square: Symptoms and signs :

Anosmia and taste are linked.Many individuals that lose their sense of smell or those who are born without a sense of smell also lose their ability to taste.Scientist believe this is due to the fact that people taste food by smell , texture and the temperature.In addition many people are able to recognise their foods and beverages by smell.Coffee is a beverage that is not enjoyed by taste but also enjoyed by smell.

If you have many symptoms and signs that accompany your Anosmia you should consider an evaluation from ear nose and throat specialist.Symptom that should be concerned includes :

~ In ability to smell
~ reduce sense of taste
~ stuffy nose and congestion
~ weight loss
~ headache
~ nose bleed

:black_small_square: Solutions and options:

If you come to see one of your ear nose and throat specialist he ir she will have you do a scratch and sniff test .This allow the doctor to determine if the lose if smell is partially or completely gone .The doctor will also take a complete medical history and give you a through physical examination.
With certain condition such as the common cold ,severe upper respiratory infection and allergies ,you should regain your sense of smell after the illness clears.Ic allergies are causing a problem the doctor use medication and allergies desensitising shots to treat you.Some anti allergy medications also be used to treat Anosmia successfully.

Mostly asked questions **

###Q1: What is the loss of the sense of smell scientifically named as ?
The loss of the sense of smell is called as Anosmia scientifically .It is a disorder in which a person don’t able to detect the odour .It may temporary or permanent.It may vary from person to person.

###Q2: Is the sense of smell and taste related with each other ?
Yes they both relate with each other .The lose of sense of smell refers to Anosmia and lose of sense of taste refers to ageusia .These two conditions mostly occur together because the sense of smell and sense of taste closely related to eachother .

###Q3: How common is the lose of smell is ?
It is common side effect of many conditions,including cold, sinus infections and allergies.Most if the time symptoms are temporary and resolve themselves in a short amount of time.It is also the common symptom of Covid-19.

###Q4: If I lose my smelling senses Can I regain it or not ?
Yes not to worry .You can regain your sense of smell by practising the home remedies in daily bases time to time.It just consumed them may be but you can surely get your sense of smell back after some time .

###Q5: What can we say that the lose of smell is dangerous ?
While it is not dangerous itself, it can be related to other health issues.In addition it can reduce your sense to detect smell of cigarette , gas leak and spoiled food .So people who are suffering with just have to pay more attention to their conditions and try to get it back soon .

###Q6: What are the main causes of lose of smell?
These may include:
:black_small_square:Nasal Polyps
:black_small_square:Sinus infection
:black_small_square:Common cold
:black_small_square:Influenza (flu)
:black_small_square:Nasal congestion
:black_small_square:Hay fever

###Q7: Name some issues which are linked to lose of smell?
It may linked to diabetes , smoking ,obesity, highpertension(High blood pressure ) , Alzheimer’s disease , certain medications such as antibiotics , multiple sclerosis , traumatic brain injuries and most importantly brain tumors.

###Q8: Is CT scan is necessary for identification of Anosmia ?
Well it is not necessary for its identification .It usually identifies by the ear nose and throat specialist (ENT).In some cases a CT(computer tomography)scan may be necessary to help your provider see what’s going inside your body .

###Q9: What are the certain things to do for its prevention ?
:black_small_square:Avoid toxic chemicals and environment
:black_small_square:Don’t smoke
:black_small_square:Wear protective gears when playing contact sports,since Anosmia can be caused by brain injuries.

###Q10: How long time I regain my sense of smell after covid ?
If you are suffering from covid and you loss your smell you can regain your sense of smell approximately after two to three weeks.This is an estimated recovery time it can vary .


Lose of sense of smell is ralated to cold,flus and infections usually going away within a few days .If you lose your smell schedule a consultation with your doctor soon.This condition is not severe because it has many other symptoms other than covid-19.
But if you are worried about your condition just consult your doctor take proper care and take medications.And In order to regain your sense of smell as soon as you want just practise home remedies as much as you can . You can surely regain your sense of smell .