How to recover disabled Facebook account

How to recover disabled Facebook account?

Did you login and found out that your account has been disabled? Are you wondering how to enable your disabled Facebook account? Don’t panic; we can help you.

It is highly advisable that you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s policies, their terms and conditions, so you don’t violate any of their terms and conditions.

Two Frequently asked questions are if Facebook disabled my account or I did. If you did, getting it back is very easy. If Facebook disabled it, now there’s the tricky part.

Facebook disables accounts for a variety of reasons. Here are some of those reasons.

Impersonating someone else.

Violating some of their terms and conditions post warnings.

Posting contents that violate Facebook’s rules and regulations.

Going against the standards of the Facebook community. Not adhering to them.

If someone reports your account or profile.

Using a fake profile.

Sending friend requests to too many people within a short period.

Joining a large number of groups.

Signing in from an unknown location.

Illegal login activity or access to your account.

Here are some of the reasons that can cause this.

Now for the main article.

How do you get your disabled account back?

Firstly, if your account was temporarily disabled, it can be recovered, proceeding an appeal or investigations. But if it was permanently disabled, it will also state this of which there is no coming back from. It is also as a result of violating a major rule or terms that Facebook has to offer

If it was temporarily disabled, there are two forms that you can choose from to begin this appeal process.

Form 1

This offers you a chance at recovery by letting you know what you did wrong. You’re made aware of which conditions you violated. If you’re not able to access your account for other random reasons, you may try other methods of recovery.

This form lets you.

Enter the email address or phone number that is associated with your Facebook account.

Type in your full name then click on choose files.

Also, select your form of identification from the list that will be shown to you.

Form 2

This form requires a more in-depth level of verification.

Enter your full name.

Date of birth and

The addition box, you’re to go into detail and state the problem.

Enter your email or phone number linked to the disabled account.

The proofs you would be attaching should contain your full name, date of birth, your place of residence. Also, these details need to tally with the ones you have on your Facebook account, or you can kiss your account goodbye. It will not be recovered if you can not provide a means of identification that tallies. Means of identification can include

Voters card

Birth certificate.


Driver’s license

Marriage certificate

Tax identification card

Personal or vehicle insurance card

Immigration papers

Green card

Residence permit.

If you don’t have any of these in the first set, you can also appeal with the following.


Employment verification

School ID card

Health insurance card

Bank statement

Medical records

Transit card

Utility bill

Social security card

Proof of address


Family registry & many more.

When verifying with these, state the problem and appeal to get your account back. Don’t give up even if you don’t hear from them.

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It has happened several times with me. To get my account back, I usually go with forget password option, or sometimes I tried to mail them with my account hacked option. In this regard, Facebook administration usually ask for a driver license or ID card with a few of your recent images for your account verification. And if you are using a real account, then they would definitely give your account back to you.

By the way, it is tough to recover or make enable a fake account.

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