How to play darts?

How to play darts? To play Darts, follow the rules set by the British Darts Organization. It originated the darts game in England and unlike other pub games; it is popular enough to be organized by BDO. However, locals also apply their rules while playing darts.
How to play darts?

Score combination for Dart players

Score combination 1

Score Combination
170 t20, t20, bull. (Highest checkout)
167 t20, t19, bull.
164 t20, t18, bull
161 t20. t17, bull.
160 t20, t20, d20
158 t20, t16, bull or t20, t20, d19
157 -t20, t19, d20

Score combination 2

Score Combination
156 t20, t20, d18
155 t20, t15, bull or t20, t19, d19
154 t20, t18, d20
153 t20, t19, d18
152 t20, t20, d16
151 t20, t17, d20
150 t20, t18, d18

Score combination 3

Score Combination
149 t20, t19, d16
148 t20, t16, d20
147 t20, t17, d18 or t19, t18, d18
146 t20, t18, d16

The Dart Game:

Darts or dart-throwing is a British-origin, professional competitive sport, and a pub game. To play a dart, there must be two or more players to throw a sharp dart missile at the dartboard.

The Dart players are called “The Dartist”. It is popular in Great Britain (UK, Ireland, and Scotland).

However, it is also got popular in the rest of the world as well.
Before learning how to play dart, let’s have deep dive into the basics of the dart game.

Dart For Beginners

How to play a dart. Dart is easy to play, but to be a professional in playing dart, you need to be highly skilled in it. Practice makes a man perfect.

Yes, it’s also applicable in the dart as well. The more you will play, the more you will be skillful and professional in dart.

Playing dart is fun, but it also needs a lot of skill and talent.
The essentials components of dart: There are some essentials and basics for playing a dart.

1: Number of Players

You can even play darts alone, however, to play in a pub or the competition there must be two or more players as dartist.

2: Dart Board:

Sisal fiber is most commonly used in the dartboard. It is also made of cork, and wood as well. A good darts board comprises vegetable fiber and is known as a bristle board.

The dartboard is like a round clock. All the dartboards are in the same shape and style irrespective of their material.

The numbers on the dartboard are from 1 to 20. These numbers are in the non-sequential form on the dartboard.

To play dart, the players have to throw the dart on the dartboard. You play darts by throwing a small dart onto different parts of the board, the dartist will score the points by targeting the number on the dartboard.

Design of Dartboard

If you see a dart board, you will notice a circle comprising 20 segments that are numbered from 1 to 20 randomly as mentioned earlier.

The pattern on the dart board is outlined by wire and hue. Trebles or the clock board is the most commonly used design of the dart board.

The center of the dart board comprises a black circle surrounded by a thin red ring. This black circle is called the bullseye, and the ring is known as the 25 rings.

From this ring, a segment spreads out and is broken by the treble ring around halfway to the edge and a double ring that marks the rim of the circle.

If your dart lands in the segment marked as 14, a treble 14 is scored. Keep in mind that this mark should be within the treble ring.

The shape of the dart

Each dart is a few inches long and has a sharp point. The front of the dart is weighted, which helps it to land on the target.

The key points on Dart Board

The dartboard is divided into multiple sections. The dartboards are the same in shape as a clock and are separated into four parts.

  1. The Bullseye and Inner Bullseye
  2. The Double ring,
  3. The Tripple ring
  4. The outer

All sections have specific points linked to that section. For example, if a dart hits in the outer green or red sections, the dartist earns double points.

The bullseye is the area in darts where the player will earn more and it is further separated into two different sections.

The outer green ring area and the inner red circle. If the dartist will fall in the outer green area he will earn 25 points and if he hits the inner red, he will score 50 points.

The round clock-shaped dartboard is made of materials like sisal fiber, cork, and wood and is divided into sections like the double ring, triple ring, The outer and bullseye, and inner bullseye.

Best tactics to play a dart

If you are keen to know how to play a dart then first you need to be highly skilled in learning the main tactics to play a dart.

Best way to throw a dart

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to play the dart perfectly, the first thing is to do a practice and learn what is the best way to throw a dart so it will hit the right section of the dartboard.

Standing Position:

When you are playing a dart, standing position plays a vital role in scoring and hitting the right area on the dartboard.

To play like a professional it is important to Stand straight and not too slender forward too much. Keep your face towards the dartboard and focus with eyes determinedly on the object.


Another important impact that affects the final score is your posture, which is called stance. The Stance depends from player to player but there are some basic common practices in the stance.

The first step in the stance is that the body should be on the front foot and also make sure that you should put your foot with your leading hand.

Do not move when you are ready to throw the darts. While throwing a dart, make sure that the knees are still in position and you will not jump or swing while no foot movement as well.

You can bend to some extent towards the dartboard, but not too much.
The best-recommended stance position is the forward stance.

People who are beginners and learning how to play a dart are suggested to adopt the forward stance position.

The forward stance gives you more dominance on the front foot. The forward stance position allows you to point at the bullseye with better control.

While adjusting your stance and posture when you are standing for a throw, it is also crucial to keep yourself cool and peaceful


The grip is another factor that plays an important role in achieving a better score in the dart. It is crucial to learn gripping if you are looking for how to play a dart.

There are different ways to grip the dart, so you have to do more practice with different ways to know which way will give you the best results and help you in winning the game.

Ways of Dart Grip

Two Fingers Grip

Mostly people prefer to grip the dart with two fingers, the index finger and thumb. As it gives you more focus and comfort while throwing the dart.

The two-finger grip is also suggested when the dart is in small size. The two-finger grip is also known as easy to throw grip as well.

Three Finger Grip

A three-finger is also known as a pencil grip. In this way, grip the dart with your three fingers, thumb, ring finger, and index finger. Similar to the way we grip the pencil.

Four Finger Grip:

In four fingers grip, the dartist will grip the dart with the thumb, ring fingers, and index finger. In this grip, the middle and ring finger plays a supporting role.

Pro Tip:
The important thing in gripping the dart is your ease and balance. Make sure that whichever way you will grip it but do not grip it tightly. You should have a well-balanced control grip on the dart.

You can grip the dart, however, it is your hand that needs to be in comfort while gripping the dart

Learn to throw a dart

Throwing is the next professional skill in-game of darts, which needs a lot of practice and consistency. While learning how to play a dart, learn how to throw the dart and do a consistent practice.

When you are learning a dart and ready to throw the darts, make sure that you will throw it with a steady arm and move your forearm quickly as much as possible.

Just remember that do not use too much power but make sure that it will reach the target

Types of The Dart Game:

There are several types of the dart game and the most popular are dart 501 and dart 301

Dart 501

The Dart 501 is one of the most popular and easiest forms of the dart game. The dart 501 is almost played everywhere, whether it is a pub, home, or any competition.
You can play dart alone or one-on-one as well.

There are different rules for playing dart 501 depending on where you are playing and with whom you are playing.

The common rule to play dart 501 is the double-in.

In double-in first, the dartist has to hit the double section. It is known as doubling in. If you make any score before doubling in, it will not be considered. Doubling in the bullseye is the best option to target.

Dart 301

Dart 301 is another favorite type of dart game. In dart 301 number of players is 2 or 4. After 501 this form of dart game is also played at all levels and in competitions. In 301 the player who first reached the score of zero will win the game.

Dart 701

In dart, the most popular forms of the games are The 301 and 501 are played individually between two or more players or in a team. However, the 701 is played between the teams of 2 or more players. The score starts from 701.

There are several types of dart games but the most popular are dart 501 and dart 301.

Some common frequently asked questions about how to play darts.

1: How to play darts for beginners?

In the start, each player has an opening point of 501 points. The players have to throw darts so that they can take their score to 0 with the minimum number of throwing. 1 turn comprises 3 times of throwing. Final turn of this game must be the third throwing on the double ring.

2: What is darts and how it is played?

A game of darts is normally challenged among two players, who take their turns. Their common objective is to decrease a fixed score, usually 301 or 501, to zero with a final dart landing in either the bullseye or a double section to win.

3: How do you win at darts?
To succeed in this game, you must grasp zero before your rival. You must reach zero precisely and the dart that lessens your score to zero, must be a double.

4: What are the points in darts?

The dartboard is alienated into 20 numbered parts and a bullseye. Each segment has 4 scoring areas: 2 singles, 1 triple and 1 double. The bullseye comprises an outer ring (25 points) and an inner ring (50 points).

5: How do you win 5 points left in darts?

To end the dart game, you essentially end on a double (striking the outer red/green ring). So, if you have 5, you have to hit a white segment of the number “1” to score 1 point, then the outer green/red section of “2” to score 4.

6: Why do darts start at 501?

With the know-how of some darts players, a nine darter is simply reachable after throwing a few precise arrows and a game can therefore be won very quickly.

So, by starting on 501 as an alternative of 500, it confines the chances of the action being over very quickly.

7: How do you calculate darts?

Scores on the board

  1. The number on the board is sum of the points scored.
  2. Striking the outer ring area (Double) scores a double. The scored is double the number on the board.
  3. Striking the thin ring inside the point area (Triple) scores a triple.
  4. The circle in the core of the board is the bull (50 points).

8: What happens when you go over in darts?

A winning fling must score down to zero precisely. When a bust occurs,no score is manifest, and the players turn is over. A bust also occurs if a player has a lasting score of one, because a double is compulsory to win the game and no double has a point value of one.

9: How far is the line for darts?

The line of darts is 7 feet and 91/4 inches far.

10: Who throws first in darts?

The Play: Both players or one player from respective side throw one dart each at the bulls-eye. The closest to the bulls-eye gets to fling first. Naturally, this player also names the game to be played.


The Dart is one of the most popular and easy games to play all over the world. The most played forms of the dart game are dart 501 and dart 301. The players who practiced more and more get skillful in a short time and play like a professional.

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