How to participate in KBC Lottery 2022 | KBC Lottery Number Check 2022

KBS is the abbreviation of the Kaun Banega Crorepati. It consists of 6-digit alphanumeric characters. These numbers are given to the KBC winner as a lottery identification number. KBC is an Indian television show that launched in 2000. In 2022, Amitabh Bachachan will host the KBC lottery winner game show. Now the people can check the KBC Lottery online 2022. If you want to participate in the Chek Lucky Draw list 2022, no registration is required. KBC has the other three lotteries like a sin card lucky draw, a fortunate draw, and a WhatsApp lottery. It is a Monday to Thursday program.

KBC Lucky Draw 2022 Winners List

The lottery was held this year. The other name of the KBC Lucky Draw 2022 is Sim Card Lucky Draw.

KBC Lottery Winner List 2022:

Mr. Imran Khan DK Winning Amount 25 lakh lottery number 9229 WhatsApp Number 982622.
Mr. Sajid Ali Saja Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 8222 WhatsApp Number 833
Ms. Gauni Kumari Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 2221 WhatsApp Number 900422.
Mr. Ganyaal Singh Winning Amount 35 Lakh Lottery Number 7882 WhatsApp Number 911
Mr. Vikram Singh Winning Amount 35 Lakh Lottery Number 9222 WhatApp Number 822****622

KBC Head Office Number List

KBC Head Office Number Mumbai +19188444454.
KBC Head Office Number Kolkata +19188444474.
KBC Head Office Number Delhi +19188444479.
KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number +19188444474.
KBC WhatsApp Number +19188444459

Most Common Lottery Numbers in KBC

KBC Lottery No 8991 has a long history in the gaming field. The most common Lottery numbers in the KBC are 8991, 89917, 98810, 0150, and 1122. But the most famous and no.1 KBC Lottery no is 9891. This Lottery number wins the Lottery in KBC Lucky Draw 3 times a month. It is also offering the KBC lottery winner list WhatsApp. If you want to buy the KBC Lottery number, then the 8991 Lottery number is best because this lottery number gets the 1st position in all KBC Lucky Draws.

How to check online KBC lottery 2022?

According to the old system, the KBC head office allowed people.

KBC Lottery ticket numbers. But as this popularity grows, this system is shifted to do work online. Now it takes the name of the KBC lottery number check 2022. Mobile phone users only can get the KBC lottery ticket online by remembering. It is the only KBC head office Whatsapp number for KBC users and lovers. The online system automatically updates the KBC lottery number checklist for every KBC lucky draw issue. Now everyone has the best way to verify the KBC Lottery 2022 online.

If you want to know about your KBC Lottery Number status, then call your cell phone that is officially registered. If you call the given number, an OTP password will be received on your cell phone. This OTP number will tell you whether you won or not. If you want to get any information about KBC Lottery online 2022 , please call the real official number +19188444454.

KBC Lottery winner 2022

Dear lovers of the KBS, it is easy to be listed in the Lucky Draw 2022 without any registration through a helpline number. KBC is connected with all the Indian sim cards. In the KBC Lottery winner 2022, Your number can be listed. KBC Lottery winner 2022 will help you day by day in winning the prizes. Your selection will be automatically in the KBC Lottery winner 2022 show. The winner of KBC will get a 25-lakh lottery prize. Gio is one of the largest Indian sim card companies that tell you to recharge your sim card daily.

KBC Lottery Eligibility Criteria 2022

You must be an Indian citizen.

Your age must be 18 years.

You need to be mentally and physically fit in KBC.

KBC main services

KBC Lottery Number check.

KBC Lottery Number check online 2021.

KBC Lottery Number.


KBC Lottery online 2022 is an Indian Show that was introduced in 2000. You can participate in this show and win prizes from the KBC. The KBC is a great option for you if you are interested in playing games. This game is a product of the KBC directly linked to the game show.