How to Pair Aftershokz?

How to Pair Aftershokz? It’s easy to pair AfterShokz. They connect phones, tablets, computers, and watches with Bluetooth 3.1 or higher. This article will show you how to pair Aftershokz headphones with other Bluetooth devices.

How to Pair Aftershokz?

Pairing AfterShokz Headphones

If you just got your AfterShokz, got a new phone, or lost connectivity, it’s good to know how to pair them with your device. It’s not too difficult, and we have plenty of visual aids if you get stuck.

The first step is to remove the headphones. Pairing mode may be triggered by pressing and holding the power button for five to seven seconds. How do you know whether you’ve successfully entered pairing mode? When the user presses the button, the voice prompter Audrey will state “pairing,” and the LED light will flash between red and blue.

Note: After entering the connection mode, select your headphones from the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone. Done! It is that easy.

How to Pair AfterShokz With iPhone?

  • For starters, take out the headphones. A five-to-seven-second push and hold of the volume-up button will activate the pairing mode.

  • When you activate the headphones, you’ll hear a voice say, “Welcome to AfterShokz.”

  • A short while later, they’ll say, “Pairing.” The LED will alternate between red and blue flashes when in pairing mode.

  • It’s possible to adjust your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings by opening the Settings app.

  • The next step is to select your preferred headphones from the available options.

  • When the headphones are successfully linked to an iOS device, the headphones will display the phrase “Connected.”

How to Pair AfterShokz With Android?

  • The first step is to remove the headphones. During this time, the headphones will display “Pairing,” and the LED indicator will alternate between red and blue.

  • The mobile device’s settings menu may be accessed by pressing its menu button.

  • To access Bluetooth settings, choose that item from the menu.

  • Pick some headphones from the options presented.

  • When the link is established, the voice advertiser will announce it, and the LED indicator will flash blue once.

How to Pair Aftershokz with a Mac?

Get some use out of your AfterShokz headphones. Press and hold the “Volume Up” button for five to ten seconds. When you do this, the headphones will be in a state where they can be paired with another device.

  • Select one of the two computers and power it up.

  • The display’s top left corner should have an Apple logo icon.

  • Select System Preferences from the menu that appears after selecting it.

  • Find your device’s Bluetooth icon, then tap it to access the Bluetooth settings menu.

  • After activating Bluetooth, you may look for nearby devices to connect with.

  • Once your MacBook notices this shift, it will begin searching for nearby Bluetooth devices.

  • When the AfterShokz Bluetooth headphones have been identified, you may pair them by selecting the company’s emblem.

  • When you’ve hooked up the headphones to the MacBook, click “Ok” in the menu.

  • Once this is done, using AfterShokz headphones with a Mac will be a breeze.

How to pair AfterShokz with Smart TV?

These are the methods in which AfterShokz headphones may be used in conjunction with a Smart TV:

  • Simply power up your AfterShokz headphones, and then follow the steps mentioned in the preceding paragraph to enter pairing mode.

  • With the remote, go into the Smart TV’s Settings or Devices menus after powering on the TV.

  • It’s time to start looking at Bluetooth and other connectivity choices.

  • Bluetooth TVs actively seek other Bluetooth devices after you activate the function.

  • Following the first pairing procedure, your headphones will be ready for use with the TV.

  • The TV’s speakers may need to be muted to use the AfterShokz headphones.

How to Pair Aftershokz With Windows 10?

The following are the methods for connecting Aftershokz headphones to Windows 10:

  • AfterShokz headphones may be put into pairing mode by turning them on and holding the volume up button for around ten seconds.

  • Open the Settings menu, then choose Bluetooth & Devices.

  • Select the “Add Devices” option to begin adding hardware.

  • Choose Bluetooth, and your system will immediately look for nearby Bluetooth devices to connect to.

  • Select the Aftershokz headphones from that menu to begin pairing.

How To Pair Aftershokz with Multiple Devices?

As a result of its multipoint connection, AfterShokz may be used with not one but two devices at once. The following are examples of how to use multipoint pairing to connect several devices:

  • The first step is to remove any headphones you may have plugged in.

  • Hold the volume+ button for seven to ten seconds, or until the LED light alternates between red and blue, to enter pairing mode.

  • Hold down the multifunction button and the volume+ button for around three seconds. With “Multipoint Enabled,” Audrey announced the feature’s availability.

  • To begin, we need a pairing device. Audrey uses the phrase “Connected” to describe her feelings.

  • Take off your headphones and try again.

  • Press the volume+ button for 7 seconds, or until the LED light alternately flashes red and blue, to enter pairing mode again. That’s how you get back into the mood for a romantic couple.

  • Take off your headphones and try again.

How Does Aftershokz Headphones Pairing Work?

Bluetooth is at the heart of the wireless design of Aftershokz headphones. There’s no special technique required to link Aftershokz headphones with your device. It’s time to start by connecting the headphones. New headphones will automatically enter pairing mode. As an alternative, you may try this.

Shut off your headphones first. Keep your finger on the volume button for seven to ten seconds. The headphones are in pairing mode when their LED light alternates between blue and red flashes. When the pairing process is completed, the word “pairing” will play audibly via the headphones. When you’re ready to begin pairing, you may now stop holding down any buttons.

Then, the process of pairing is gadget-specific. Mobile devices running Android must have their Bluetooth settings adjusted, Bluetooth enabled, and the appropriate headphones sought out.

When the headphones are recognized, tap the name to connect. To link headphones with an iPhone, navigate to the device’s Bluetooth settings and search for the device. When Bluetooth is turned on, your headphones will connect to the last device with which they were associated.

OpenComm headsets can pair with Android devices using NFC, streamlining the pairing process. The Aftershokz OpenComm may be paired. The left earcup of the headphones houses the NFC tag. LED and audible alerts will begin as soon as the headphones are in your Android device’s NFC zone range.


When you purchase Aftershokz headphones, you’ll have the option to pair them with up to three different electronic gadgets at once. If you want to use two devices at once, you can’t. You must activate the pairing option on your Aftershokz headphones. Then, activate the multipoint by pressing the volume-plus and multifunction keys simultaneously.

Range of Aftershokz Headphones

Headphones from the Aftershokz line feature bone conduction technology in several forms. The Sports lineup begins with the budget-friendly OpenMove and expands to three further models. Next up are OpenRun and OpenRun Pro. The Pro version has been updated to include the newest features, such as Aftershokz’s ninth-generation bone conduction technology.

OpenComm is another option from Aftershokz; it features an adaptable microphone and NFC pairing. Bone conduction is also used by OpenSim headphones that can play MP3s. Despite minor variations in audio quality among generations due to advances in the core technology, Aftershokz headphones are widely considered the standard for consumer-grade bone conduction headphones.

Note: These headphones are a favorite among athletes because of their comfortable fit and outstanding sound quality. Except for OpenSwim, all Aftershokz devices rely on Bluetooth for wireless audio. We’ll go on to talk about the couple after this.

How to Reset Aftershokz Headphones?

If you’d want to reset your AfterShokz headphones to factory settings:

  • For four or five seconds, simultaneously press and hold the power button and up/down volume buttons to turn on the AfterShokz headphones.

  • One of your headphones may have just given you a beep or a vibration.

  • Remove your headphones right now.

  • Congratulations, you have just completed a factory reset of your AfterShokz headphones, making them available for re-pairing with your mobile device.

Please remember to unpair your AfterShokz headphones from all of your devices before removing them from their case. Keep reading for comprehensive guides to a variety of common electronic devices.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Some related questions are given below:

1 – How to pair Bluetooth headphones?

Get those headphones off your head first. Hold the volume+ button for seven to ten seconds to enter pairing mode. As soon as the LED light begins flashing red and blue and Audrey’s voice says “pairing,” you’ll know you’re in pairing mode. When your gadget is ready for connecting, you may choose the headphones from the Bluetooth menu.

2 – How to pair AfterShokz with iPhone?

Please take off your headphones right now. To start the pairing process, you need to press and hold the volume+ button for seven to ten seconds. It’s Audrey who will welcome you to AfterShokz with a warm welcome. Continued power button holding is required if the LED light alternately flashes red and blue. Head to the Bluetooth settings menu on your device to start the pairing process. Audrey’s standard response is “Linked.” Connect headphones to your iPhone to listen to music.

3 – How to pair AfterShokz OpenComm Headsets with NFC?

To pair a smartphone with an NFC headset, both must be near one another. Eventually, you won’t have to manually couple the devices by accessing the Bluetooth settings on each one. The only AfterShokz wireless headset compatible with NFC Pairing is our OpenComm bone conduction headset.

4 – How to pair AfterShokz with Android?

Remove your headphones now, please. To enter pairing mode, press and hold the volume+ button until you hear Audrey say “pairing,” There are red and blue lights from the LED indicator. To connect your headphones to your device, open the Bluetooth settings menu. At this point, you should have heard Audrey say “connected” and seen the LED light flicker once in blue.

5 – How to pair aftershockz?

Unlike other headphones, AfterShokz may be linked to many devices at once. A quick and easy guide to connecting your open-ear bone conduction headphones.


Since they use bone conduction technology, Aftershokz headphones may deliver excellent sound and last for a very long time. If you follow the instructions given above, you should be able to connect your Aftershokz headphones to your chosen device. We also go into further detail on bone conduction technology and the Aftershokz product range. Using this manual, you can get the most out of your Aftershokz headphones.

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