How To Move A Car With No Key?

How To Move A Car With No Key? Even if you don’t have the key, you can put the car in neutral, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it for the first time. The best course of action would be to try to locate a spare key or arrange transportation with a friend for tonight.

What to do When You Lose Your Car Keys?

If you’ve lost your key and can’t remember where you were when you last saw it, it’s best to start by looking at the area where you last saw it. You might also ask the folks you share a house with since they may have borrowed them. Depending on the kind of key you lost, your next move should be different if you still can’t find them. Here are the choices you have:

Types of Keys Explanation
Traditional Key If you’ve misplaced your car’s standard key, call a locksmith immediately so that a replacement may be made. Warning: if you drive an unusual or older automobile, you may need to replace the ignition lock cylinder and key at a local auto parts store.
Transponder Key Transponder keys are a little more difficult to replace than standard keys because of their electronic nature. A towing service will need to be called if you lose this key and do not have a spare. A replacement key cannot be purchased without proving ownership to the dealer.
The Smart Key Changing a smart key is similar to that of a transponder key. You’ll need to have your vehicle towed to the dealer to receive a replacement key and have it programmed to your car.
Key Fob A key should still be able to unlock the car and start the engine even if the key fob is lost. After that, you may buy a replacement fob (available as aftermarket accessories) and set it up.
Keychain with a Hidden Blade An auto dealership can make, cut, and program replacement key fobs and switchblade keys if you misplace them. What’s more, they’re readily available for purchase and programming online.

If your car is stuck in a bad neighborhood and you can’t move it, you could forget about getting a replacement key. The good news is that you can drive your car to a safer location without the key and deal with getting a new one later.

Can You Put Your Car in Neutral if the Key Isn’t in the Ignition?

Learning to put a car in neutral without using the key is a useful skill to have. There may be times when you need to drive your automobile, even if you’ve lost or had it stolen. In addition, if an older vehicle is being bought for spare parts, it may not have a key. Few individuals know how to put a car in neutral without using the key.

The method is commonly employed by people who work with automobiles, such as mechanics and drivers of tow trucks. Learning how to move a car without a key may save time and stress for regular motorists.

  1. Put wheel stops in front of or behind each of the four tires to keep the vehicle from rolling. According to the Auto Car Repair website, the car may roll forward or backward if wheel blocks are not used or placed incorrectly once neutral is selected. Serious injuries can occur if the automobile is not stopped in time or if it starts to roll.

  2. Second, with everyone back on the ground, turn on the flashlight and cautiously crawl beneath the automobile. To find the transmission, shine the light on it. As stated in Auto Car Repair, the transmission is often found near the engine.

  3. Track down the cable that accompanies the broadcast. The proper cable is equipped with a toggle and lever. Pull the cable free and push the lever in the other direction twice until you hear a click. According to the information provided on the Auto Car Repair website, the lever must be moved toward the car’s trunk.

  4. Get out from beneath the vehicle and give it a push without taking out the tire chocks. The operation should result in the vehicle moving slightly in neutral if it is successful. If you put the automobile in neutral, you may push it to a new spot and drive away.

How Do I Put a Car in Neutral Without a Key?

My mom and dad have taken the weekend off and gone away. My dad’s automobile was left parked in the back of me. I can’t find the keys when I need my automobile tonight. Where is the key to his car, and how do I put it in neutral? Please help me move the automobile to the side to get past it.

Even if you don’t have the key, you can put the car in neutral, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it for the first time. The best action would be to locate a spare key or arrange transportation with a buddy for tonight.

Carefully do the following four actions if you must relocate his vehicle:

  • Get some wheel stops; set them up in front of or behind each of the four wheels. You can find tutorials on how to accomplish this on YouTube if you’ve never done it. Since you’ll need to slip under the vehicle, you should take all precautions to do it safely.

  • Go beneath the vehicle: Go with a flashlight and get beneath the vehicle on your stomach. Check around the engine area for the gearbox.

  • Find the cable: There is a cable attached to a switch and a lever near the transmission; you must locate it. Pull the cable out and move the lever to the back of the automobile to release the brake. You’ll know you’ve done it right when you hear a double click and can emerge from beneath the vehicle.

  • Get the automobile into neutral, then push it out of the path. To be safe, leave the wheel stops in place.

Towing a Car With No Keys By Putting It In Neutral

Disconnecting the linkage on the automobile you intend to tow can be an option if you don’t have enough self-loading dollies or if the scenario calls for it. As a result, you may be able to tow the vehicle with all four wheels on the ground if you put the automobile into what amounts to neutral.

Disconnecting the transmission from a vehicle can be done in a few different ways depending on the make and model, and the location of the transmission lever can also vary. To reiterate, the best location to obtain this information is in the owner’s handbook.

Since you’ll be working underneath the car, ensuring it stays still once you’ve engaged neutral is crucial. While beneath the car, you’ll need to prevent it from moving by setting up wheel blocks in front of or behind the wheels. Additionally, a torch will be required to locate the neutral safety switch in the automobile.

The following step is to activate the light source and crawl beneath the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle’s drivetrain, the engine bay is typically the first location to check for a linkage switch. You’ll need to find a cable with a switch lever and follow it to the transmission on most models. If you locate this switch, you might be able to deactivate it by moving the lever in the other direction.


If the automobile can move after this cable is cut, it can (assuming that the parking brake has not been engaged). Now that the automobile is safely attached to the tow truck, the wheel blocks may be carefully removed, and the car can be driven away. Remember that you tow the car without the keys, so no one can help you apply the brakes.

How Do You Tow A Car Without Keys?

Most people would assume that you cannot securely tow a car unless you can go inside to put it in neutral and disengage the handbrake, both needing access to the ignition or other locking mechanisms.

However, tow firms and vehicle rescue services have the expertise, equipment, and processes to tow vehicles without keys regularly and do so without damaging the vehicles in question.

However, if you have access to a suitable pair of dollies, you may be able to tow the vehicle even if you don’t have the keys. In most cases, the drive wheels of a car that has been towed without the keys must be raised off the ground. Depending on the circumstances and the available towing equipment, there might be many ways to tow a vehicle without the keys.


However, whether or not it is legal to tow a car while in the park is a separate subject and one that will be addressed in more detail later on in this article. Let’s assume, for the time being, that towing a vehicle is within your legal rights. You can tow your automobile or the car of a friend or stranger who has asked for your help.


1 - Can you tow a car without putting it in neutral?

If a car with a manual gearbox is hauled while in the “park,” the transmission might be damaged. Towing these automobiles requires only “neutral.” Conversely, towing might cause an automatic gearbox to go in the opposite direction since it does not disengage while the car is in “neutral.”

2 - Do you know how to hand-crank a car?

The engine can be started by pushing the automobile’s pedal to the floor in a car with a manual gearbox. If you like this post, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Someone in your immediate vicinity might benefit greatly from hearing this.

3 - Is a key fob necessary to start a car?

In what radius does the absence of a key render a keyless automobile useless? You may drive your car as far as you like without the key fob as long as you can access the vehicle. Without the key, the car will often only make a noise.

4 - Where do you find the neutral button if you lose the car keys?

With the brake depressed and the release tab in your hand, grip the shift lever or fail like you normally would (pressing in for a lever) and move it to neutral.

5 - Does angling your vehicle’s wheels counteract towing?

Despite popular belief, rotating your wheels won’t stop a tow truck from driving off with your car. However, most tow trucks can still show up and haul your vehicle away, even if the wheels are rotated.


Putting a parked automobile into neutral and moving it might entail getting beneath the vehicle, so be prepared to put in some effort. When working under a moving vehicle, you must use extreme caution. Clocks mounted in the hubs and on the axles are the usual method for achieving this effect. You’ll need a functioning flashlight to help you locate the necessary lever and cord.

The optimal solution to the problem of how to relocate a parked automobile after you’ve lost your keys is, of course, to locate a spare key. Having a backup key on hand can prevent you from replacing your main key and paying to have your vehicle towed should you lose it. On the other hand, the need to relocate your vehicle may be more pressing than the need to locate a spare key, and this is an issue that may now be addressed.

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How To Move A Car With No Key

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How To Move A Car With No Key