How To Make Your Voice Deeper?

How To Make Your Voice Deeper? Relax your throat and speak from your lips instead of your nose to speak with a deeper voice. Speaking gently and using your diaphragm to breathe will also be beneficial. Additionally, practice swallowing before you speak to speak with a deeper voice.

How To Make Your Voice Deepe

How Can I Make My Voice Sound Deeper?

While it is hard to alter your voice without medical assistance permanently, males may perform various exercises to talk with a deeper tone. However, how they are put into practice depends on the person and their particular objectives.

To prevent unintentionally injuring the vocal folds, anybody wishing to adjust their tone or vocal register should get advice from a speech therapist or voice coach.

The principles listed below might help you speak with a deeper voice.

Name Principle
Breathing using the diaphragm
1 Your normal breathing pattern may affect how your voice sounds.
2 Try taking a deep breath through your nose, pushing the air down as far as you can, and then slowly exhale while speaking.
3 As you talk, a vibration ought to be felt. You may be able to regulate your vocal pitch by using this acting and singing approach.
Creating Bubbles
1 We’ve all done it once or twice—carelessly blown bubbles into a Coke or milkshake with a straw. It is a frequently used voice “Reset.”
2 According to the National Center for Voice and Speech, the straw method stretches and relaxes the vocal cords.
3 Your voice may become stronger and less prone to become hoarse or raspy.
Sighing and Yawning
1 Your voice’s pitch may be lowered by speaking more slowly and aspirating as if sighing.
2 You may utilize the vocal sigh to descend the scales to a lower tone after a protracted yawn.
3 The fact that breathy voices are regarded as among the sexiest in males is a benefit in this situation.
1 By warming your voice with humming, you may exert more control over it.
2 Try inhaling deeply and humming for as long as possible while navigating the scales again to obtain a lower tone.
1 Upward, neutral, and downward inflections are the three types.
2 While upward inflection may make every statement seem like an inquiry, neutral inflection produces a robotic, repetitive manner of speaking.
3 Conversely, aiming for a downward inflection might make your voice appear deeper since you’re finishing the statement at a lower tone.

Deeper Voice

If your hoarse or raspy voice makes it difficult for you to communicate with others, you may be ready to invest in a deeper voice.

If voice has become too high-pitched and no longer expresses your unique personality, it may be difficult for you to be taken seriously by others.

To develop a deeper voice, you need to practice. However, if you put some time and effort into it, you can develop that deep bass that will make people feel comfortable around you and help you forge meaningful connections.

It helps to have advice on how to make your voice deeper, whether you want to start a new job, deliver a significant presentation, or communicate with people in your daily life. Here are some tactics you can put into practice right away.

Voice Permanently Deeper

So, how do you permanently alter your voice? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. These ways work for some people, but others may not be as successful. You’ll have to experiment with what works best for you.

You can also train your valve to speak more slowly, allowing you to lower your voice. Some singers, coaches, and public speakers recommend sighs or yo-yo breathing to help build diaphragmatic strength. Imagine you’re sighing in a boring way while speaking and see if that makes a difference.

Another tip for lowering your voice is to practice using a mirror. Watch yourself speak and focus on creating more tension in your diaphragm, speaking from deeper in your chest.

Voice Deeper Naturally

Your voice sounds like it’s coming from deep inside because of chest resonators vibrating your neck and chest. Many people claim using a chest resonator helps deepen their voice naturally without having to undergo surgery or purchase any special products.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, many surgical procedures are available to help you deepen your voice. During these procedures, also known as laryngoplasty, your vocal folds will be adjusted, and certain areas of your throat will be removed.

Deeper Voice Exercises

Practice these exercises to enhance your voice’s depth and resonance. You may notice your voice sounds deeper after doing them just once. Because of that, it’s best to do them daily or multiple times per day to get long-lasting results.

These are great vocal exercises for beginners because they won’t cause stress or strain to your throat. Follow each step, and you’ll start sounding like a man in no time.

  • Place one hand on the neck and the other on the abdomen. Feel how they move when you inhale and exhale.

  • It will help you connect with your diaphragm and open your chest, making it easier for your voice to be heard.

  • You may even feel a tingling sensation, which is a good sign that you’re releasing tension in that area of your body.

  • As you exhale, speak an ah sound while making eye contact with someone in front of you.

  • Inhale and take note of how far down your belly expands. The slower it moves, the deeper your voice will be. It may even become somewhat scratchy at first.

  • That’s alright. You’re loosening up some muscles that haven’t been utilized yet.

  • When you breathe out, pronounce an ah sound with profound resonance. Followed by a brief pause repeat.

  • You may extend your vocal cords and give them more area to vibrate by doing this, even though it may sound stupid.

  • After that, your throat will be less tense, making it simpler to speak. For each workout, repeat these procedures once or twice. It will pass shortly.


Have you ever imagined what a deeper voice might sound like? Many men lament the lack of depth in their voice, yet altering it isn’t easy. Some strategies might make your voice seem deeper for short periods or permanently. It is a comprehensive manual on how to deepen your voice.

The Best Way to Speak Deeper

Speaking with a deeper voice may be quite helpful, whether you’re attempting to become a radio announcer or increase your feeling of power over your new dog.

There is a lot of information available on this subject; fortunately, we’ve done significant studies and discovered that regulating your breathing is the best method for it.

You can also talk profoundly by projecting your voice and experimenting with specific methods, such as swallowing before speaking.

Making Your Voice Hearable

Say your name after that and hear how it sounds. You may also read a section from a book or newspaper as an alternative. Take note of your voice’s pitch, breathiness, loudness, and tone.

  • Your vocal cords’ vibration level determines your voice’s pitch.

  • Your vocal cords vibrate high frequency if your voice sounds high or has a high pitch.

  • If you have a low or deep voice, your vocal cords vibrate at a lower frequency.

Relax Your Throat

Your voice is less likely to crack when you speak at a slower pace. Avoid tensing your vocal cords by allowing your throat to relax as much as possible.

By sometimes producing a little extra saliva and swallowing it, you may keep your voice box moist and keep it sounding clear.

Exercise Your Reading Skills

Pick a line or two from a book or article that you like. Practice speaking softly while reading the paragraph slowly. Your voice may become monotone if you tend to read too rapidly. Read the text while keeping your head high and breathing from the belly.

Work on Your Voice with a Smartphone Application

You may train your vocal cords at your own pace with various mobile programs available for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to these programs, you can track your success while training toward particular objectives. You may, for instance, try one of the following programs.

  • You can gauge how deep your voice sounds using vascular. It reveals the depth of your voice and allows you to hear how similar it sounds to that of famous people.

  • On the App Store, there are a ton of different free applications. You’ll get decent results by just Googling voice.

Try to Hum

To warm your voice, hum softly from your throat while keeping your lips apart and chin pointing down toward your chest. Humming is a great warm-up for musicians, singers, and anybody looking to enhance their speaking voice.

Humming, gently lift your chin, and speaking straight from that humming voice will make it seem deeper.

Use Your Mouth to Communicate

It would help if you used your lips to communicate rather than your nose. Although a deep voice with a nasal characteristic is possible, a Deep voice without a nasal quality sounds superior.

Avoid utilizing a chest voice, which is a Sound that you can feel in your chest that is extremely airy, soft, smooth, too hollow-resonant, or echo-like.


Your new pet may respond better to your commands if you have a deeper voice. With your lips open wide and chin down, hum to warm your voice. Anyone may improve their speaking voice by humming, even musicians and vocalists.

Frequently Asked Question - FAQs

There are several questions on this subject, some of which are listed here.

1 - Can You Make Your Voice Deeper?

Make the switch from talking with your nose to talking with your mouth. As long as you’re speaking out loud, you’ll seem more macho. Try to lower your pitch to make your voice seem richer. To help with this, attempt to relax your throat.

2 - Can You Raise the Pitch of Your Voice?

Therefore, to get a deeper voice, merely thicken and stretch your voice. Simple, right? I hate to break it to you, but there is nothing you could do to extend and thicken your voice chords unless you could go back in time to when you were 12 years old.

3 - Can You Manually Make It Deeper?

Try inhaling deeply through your nose, pushing the air down, and then speak as you slowly exhale. As you talk, you should feel a vibration. Using this acting and singing approach, you can manage your voice’s pitch.

4 - Why, at 14, Have I Lost My Deep Voice?

Your larynx is very short, and your vocal cords are quite thin before your growth spurt. You speak too loudly and in a childlike manner. However, as your bones, cartilage, and vocal cords mature, your voice resembles an adult’s.

5 - After 20, Does the Voice Get Deeper?

Women’s voices often flow three tones lower, whereas men’s voices sometimes deepen by up to an octave. Some people’s voices may alter beyond puberty and into later adulthood, although not all.

6 - Why Do Deep Voices Appeal to People?

Women find men with deep voices appealing because these men are likely to father healthy children, as deep voices are associated with high testosterone levels. Right. However, this implies that women will approach you often if you have a deep voice since they are looking for healthy children.

7 - Is My Voice Attractive?

According to several studies, women’s voices higher in pitch are more appealing. According to The Royal Society Publishing, women with clearly high-pitched vocals are frequently considered more feminine, younger, and more attractive than those with low-pitched voices.

8 - Does Smoking Affect the Depth of Your Voice?

Smoking may contribute to vocal changes, including hoarseness and deepening. Voice exchange may also indicate that you must follow your doctor’s instructions. Reinke’s edema and vocal cord cancer are two predictable causes of smoking-related voice alterations.

9 - What Causes the Deep Gas in Your Voice?

The pitch of your voice rises if you inhale helium, which is six times lighter than air. However, if you breathe sulfur hexafluoride, your voice will sound low, six times heavier than normal air.

10 - Why Am I 13 and Have Such a Loud Voice?

A boy’s larynx is fairly little before puberty, and his vocal cords are thin and small. His voice is higher than an adult’s because of this. However, the larynx enlarges, and the voice cords thicken and extend as he passes through adolescence. The facial bones also start to develop.

11 - Does Honey Deepen Voice?

Singers with strained, sore, or lost voices might heal more quickly with honey. However, honey is useful for more than simply treating illnesses; it may also be utilized to avoid voice issues. After a demanding performance, your vocal cords and voice will feel relieved because of its thick, silky consistency, which coats and lubricates the throat.

12 - How Can I Develop a Deeper Voice?

To prevent tensing your vocal cords while doing this.

  1. Try to relax your throat as much as possible.

  2. Hold your chin up while moistening your lips and throat.

  3. Before you speak, take a deep breath.

  4. Speak slowly while attempting to keep the same pitch throughout your phrases.

13 - When Do Girls’ Voices Get Deeper?

Your voice could sound different if you’re going through puberty. Boys and girls endure vocal changes as they age, while females’ voices only get somewhat deeper.

14 - Can Your Voice Naturally Get Deeper?

Expanding and thickening your vocal cords require a richer, fuller tone. Isn’t that how it should be? I’m sorry to break it to you, but short of going back in time to when you were 12, there is nothing you can do to expand and thicken your vocal cords naturally.

15 - Can I Develop a Deeper Voice?

Start with brief bursts of deep voice use and progressively increase them. It will take some time, but you can decrease your voice significantly with enough effort.


So, in a nutshell, we think you’re onto something, and the solution ought to be very straightforward. Make sure your diaphragm is being used when you talk as a first step. After getting that out of the way, I advise looking for lower registers and experimenting with them until you find a pitch that seems natural for your voice. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

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