How to Make a Gif

Are you Looking for the how to make a gif from photoshop, from youtube video, mobile, and many more you can get all details. Read more below.

What is Gif & why we make it?

If you are an active user of social media, then information about making a gif is necessary. Here the questions come in mind why you need to make a gif? GIFS are helpful and support you for creating attractive, eye-catching ads for the engagement of your followers or customers. Moreover, GIF is the mid thing between the picture and the video. So we can say that it is not a video or not a movie.

In addition to this, the other advantage of using GIF is that you can show a small story and clear your point to viewers. Moreover, the most significant benefit is that these are low wattage, so files quickly uploading in smartphones and do not take too much space on your phone. GIF is very popular among people from many years websites which offer free GIF, making service has more than 300 million active users.

Due to the popularity of GIF google buys tenor, a keyboard application, and GIF archive design, which helps the user create their desired GIF. According to the survey, tenor possesses over 400 million GIF searchers within 24 hours. If you are crazy about making your desired GIF, then you are in the right place. In this article, we tell you multiple methods of how to make GIF and how you utilize it for engaging your followers or customers on social media.


For making a GIF, you can use a picture or a short video in photoshop. Follow below mention a step for making your desired GIF.

1 Choose Your Adventure:

If you want to make a GIF of the photo, then start with step 1A. On the other hand, if you’re going to convert your short video clip into GIF, it begins with step 1B. Firstly we tell you how to make a GIF of photos.

2 Conversion Of Photos Into GIF By Using Photoshop:

The first step is loading the photo into photoshop for fulfilling this purpose. You need to follow the following steps. Go to file, then stack and loading the file into the stack. In the next step, you need to click on the browser and choose your desire photo which you want to convert in to GIF. Here I clear you one GIF is prepared by using a single photo. It means you cannot gather two or more pictures in one GIF. Here I give one tip if you want to save yourself sometime later, you need to provide numbering to file like 01,02,03, etc. So these files appear for preparing the GIF. When a one gif file is ready, it is looked in the below section of the screen. After loading the GIF, it is automatically saved on your laptop or PC, and you can use it easily.

3 Conversion Of Videos Into GIF By Using Photoshop:

To convert your short video clips into GIF, you need to make the layers of existing video frames. So the first step is clicking on the
File > Import > Video Frames to Layers. Now a window is open; the question comes in your screen in which they ask which portion of your video you want to import. Different layers and slides of videos are available below so you can easily choose your desired section. After this procedure, you can check how many frames should photoshop is imported. For creating a GIF, it is necessary to import a single frame. When you are satisfied, click on the option of OK, which is available on the screen, remember that when your videos files are imported into layers then skip stepping 4.

4 Creating A Timeline For Your GIF:

Under the window menu moving down and then clicking on the timeline. After that, a short box is an appearance under the first image of your list. Here the option is available(create video timeline) you click on this option and alter into create frame animation

5 Conversion Of Photo Layers Into Set Of Looping Animation Frames:

In the top right corner of the timeline panel, a small Hamburg menu is available. You need to click on this menu and then scrolling downward. After download scrolling, you find an option of makes frames from layers and click on this option. After doing this procedure, your animated structures are shown in the timeline panels in sequence. Moreover, if you want to see your GIF how it looks, then click on the triangular play icon and see it. Also, sure that forever option is selected on the menu, which is available on the left side of the playing option. In case if you don’t choose the forever option then you GIF will only loop a set number of times.


The first step is searching a GIPHY.Com then clicking on the create option. The next step is uploading the link of the video which you want to convert into GIF. Furthermore, the next step is selecting a video portion you want to turn into GIF and choosing the length of GIF. Moreover, for making your GIF more attractive and engaging, you can add frames and hashtags.

1 Methode Of Uploading The GIF Into GIPHY:

If you want to attach or upload the GIF on your social media account, then insert the GIPHY URL or attach the downloading file of GIPHY. You can be using the same steps if you upload the GIF, which is you make for yourself; moreover, if you want to create a gif from your videos, then using the same procedure.


Numbness of mobile applications is available, which offers you the conversion of the photo a video into GIf. Out of these apps, this best, most popular, and widely sued app is GIPHYCAM the use of GIPHY CAM is quite easy compared to youtube and photoshop. If you are a Snapchat user, then you can easily use the GIPHY CAM. The first step is downloading the GIPHYCAM app on your mobile and record your GIF. Moreover, if you want to convert video into GIF, increase it, and decrease the length by holding time. Moreover, you can enhance the beauty of GIF by adding a sticker, caption, or text. Now your GIF is ready to save it and share it.


The verity of apps is available on the play store and app store, which offers you to make a gif of your on-screen activity. The most popular apps are GIPHY Capture, LICE CAPGifCam, etc. Here the question comes in mind in what works screen recording GIF are beneficial and mostly used. Using these apps is a good idea for you to write a short instructional article and clarify its step. By following the below mention steps, you can make a screen recording GIF.

● Launch the screen recoding GIf software
● Select the area which you want to record
● Recording your screen activity
● GIF setting
● Saving you preparing GIF.

So if you want to make a GIF and search how to make a gif, use this secure and straightforward method for achieving our goals like follower engagement. Moreover, several brands are also using make the GIF of their brands logo, a new collection or new arrival, sale, etc. So we can say that GIFis the most significant source of attraction and engagement for the public and customers. So don’t wait for more use of these methods and enjoy your social media life.

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Easiest way to make a gif is to use GIPHY.

Thanks for sharing this detailed thread. Actually, I have tried GIPHY and few other sources to design a GIF but honestly, I wasn’t able to download it. Maybe I don’t have the expertise in designing a GIF like a professional graphic designer.

However, I have used this GIF maker to design an animated banner for my social media marketing campaigns. Yes, it worked for me. Withal, it would be great if you suggest few other free options to make a GIF. Do you think I can design a GIF image by using a video through sources like Canva or Adobe? Please share your thoughts.