How to Install a Wireless CCTV Camera?

Wireless CCTV cameras can protect your home from additional threats and intruders. Basically, Wireless CCTV cameras are the successor of wired cameras that have many vulnerabilities.

But, with wireless cameras, Intruders will not be able to make their way into your house without being detected. And, before setting this camera, you have to select a place which you think is vulnerable and an easy target for the intruders. After that, you have to select the type of camera that will show you a clear picture of the place you want to monitor. Read to know more:

The Best Wireless CCTV Camera

In the year 2020, several wireless cameras have been launched by different companies. So, you have to go through all the details carefully. After that, analysing the place, select one of them that will meet your budget, as well as fulfil your requirements.

The best CCTV cameras are- Google Nest cam IQ, Canary Wireless, Ring stick up, Arlo Pro and others. Home and office security experts always suggest that you should choose a type of wireless CCTV camera that will obviously work wirelessly, as well as via wired connection too.

The Installation Process

It is very easy to take the help of the experts and install the camera in your home. But, trust yourself, you can do it as well. Just be conscious and follow the requisite installation procedures. Hopefully, you have already decided what type of camera you are going to set up.

1. Locate the correct place

Before installing the camera, make sure that you have selected the correct place in your home. It might be inside or outside your home. In addition to that, you must also adopt a proper way of installing the camera, so that no one can detect them. Thus, you will be able to witness all the suspicious matters around your house, without much hassle.

2. Gather the necessary tools

Of course, you cannot install the camera without the tools. Thus, while purchasing the camera, you also have to buy all the necessary tools like screwdrivers, screws, nails, drilling machine and others. After that, call an electrician and set up an electric board. This will deliver the power to the wireless CCTV camera repair.

3. Install the camera

The device will operate with the help of a Local Area Network (LAN) connection. Therefore, creating a stable LAN connection in your home is mandatory. After that, power up the camera and connect it to the LAN. Never set the camera towards the sunlight, otherwise, it will burn the lens.

If you have made up your mind to set up the camera inside your residence, then the path of entry will be a much better option. So, select a good corner, so that you can keep a watch at the entrance, as well what is happening nearby. If your camera has a motion detector, then no one can sweep through.

4. Setup the server

Your computer or the mobile phone will be the server of the camera. So, you need to install dedicated software for it. Read the user guide or customer documentation to download and install the camera software. Now, open the app and add the wireless camera. The camera application should have both the PC and mobile version. Depending on the type of mobile phone, open PlayStore or AppStore to install the application and see what is going on through your mobile device.

## More information…
If you are not planning to use any physical storage device for the wireless CCTV camera, then you can easily use any cloud storage. In such cases, you need to synchronize the app related to the CCTV camera with your selected cloud storage. There is one drawback about these CCTV cameras that are powered by electricity. When the electricity runs out, then it will not work. If you want to keep it running without any interruption, then there must be an inverter, at your home.