How To Grow Eyelashes?

When you do not have naturally long eyelashes, you start searching on google How to grow eyelashes? Those who don’t have long eyelashes apply coats of mascara on eyelashes and also use extensions to enhance their features but there are also some ways through which we grow eyelashes naturally with green tea, Vitamin E oil, biotin supplements, coconut oil, Vaseline, castor oil, olive oil and many more.

How to grow eyelashes naturally at home?

Eyelashes can be damaged or fall out the same as the hair on your head. Eyelashes grow back in 3 months, if the follicle is not dead if the eyelash hair follicle dies then lash would not grow back. If you don’t know how to grow eyelashes? These are some home remedies for you, to grow eyelashes naturally;

:small_blue_diamond:Application of aloe Vera at night moisturize your eyelashes, and it makes lashes grow longer.

:small_blue_diamond:Food like spinach and eggs contain biotin, and it also can be taken as a supplement to grow eyelashes naturally.

:small_blue_diamond:Use of olive oil is also beneficial for eyelashes growth that contains essential fatty acid that promotes hair growth and prevents loss of eyelashes.

Olive oil for eyelashes growth

:small_blue_diamond:Vitamin E oil is also used for eyelashes growth. It can be taken from the vitamin E capsule and massage with fingertips on eyelashes that help in hair growth of the lashes but some people have an allergy to this ingredient to be careful to use this.

:small_blue_diamond:Massaging of the eye area for 1 minute daily with oil improves blood circulation is important for thick and long eyelashes.

:small_blue_diamond:Shea butter is the best moisturizer, and it contains vitamin C that promotes the thickness and strength of eyelashes.

:small_blue_diamond:To promote the growth of eyelashes green tea is also useful. Application of green tea along with lash line daily is beneficial for hair growth.

:small_blue_diamond:Castor oil is useful for the hair growth of eyelashes same as castor oil for eyebrows, it will moisturize the eyelashes and make them thicker and stronger.

:small_blue_diamond:There is a lot of eyelash growth serum available in the market that may help in promoting the length of eyelashes and have ingredients like plant peptides and biotin that promote the hair growth of eyelashes.

How to grow eyelashes with Vaseline?

How to grow eyelashes with Vaseline? Vaseline (petroleum jelly) moisturizes the eyelash line that helps in the fast growth of eyelashes. Apply it with a mascara wand or cotton every night. It keeps the area hydrated that improves the overall eyelash health. There is no research proving Vaseline promotes eyelashes growth but applying Vaseline on eyelashes is not harmful eyelashes look moisturized and shiner. It also keeps the eye area hydrated and soft.

How to grow eyelashes with coconut oil?

Grow Eyelashes with coconut oil

How to grow eyelashes with coconut oil? Coconut oil is the best natural moisturizer and conditioner that contain fatty acids that prevent eyelashes from falling. The use of coconut oil around the delicate area of the eye is totally safe. Moisturizing properties of coconut oil help to trap the protein into the hair. It wouldn’t cause damage to the hair and improve the flexibility of the hair. Apply it by mascara wand into the natural coconut oil or by fingertips daily, strengthen your eyelashes.

How to grow eyelashes in a week?

If you want to grow eyelashes fast, you can use these techniques to make eyelashes look thick and long.

:small_orange_diamond:Use of eyelash curler for looking at eyelashes longer and thicker is the best technique. Use eyelash curler carefully because if you don’t be careful when curling, you could pull out some of your lashes. First, curl on the base, then the middle, and at the last tip of the eyelash for the perfect curling. After curling, applies mascara, don’t use mascara before curling that may damage your lashes.

:small_orange_diamond:If you know what is a lash lift? Eyelash lift is another treartment that gives charm to your eyelashes, it is the perming of eyelash.

:small_orange_diamond:Use of natural oil for conditioning and moisturizing eyelashes give shine to the eyelash. Moisturizer and conditioner prevent breakage of hairs and help eyelashes to grow fast. Apply natural oils like olive oil, Vitamin E oil, and castor oil with the mascara wand to the eyelashes.

:small_orange_diamond:After the first thin coat of mascara, dust baby powder on your eyelashes, then apply another coat of mascara on your lashes that will give lashes a longer and thicker look.

:small_orange_diamond:A balanced diet is also important for the growth of eyelashes that’s why it is important to eat food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and biotin which promotes the growth of eyelashes.

eyeliner pencil

:small_orange_diamond:Always use an eyeliner pencil instead of liquid eyeliner, and the color of the liner should always match with your mascara. Apply eyeliner close to the lash line that will give the thicker look to eyelashes. Do you know how to do winged eyeliner? Winged eyeliner gives eyelashes a thick and beautiful look.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

It depends on the causes of eyelash loss same as how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back? Eyelashes grow back after 6 weeks if there is no damage to the follicle. If the follicle is damaged, then it will not grow back. Extensions are made up of synthetic fibers, and it is attached with the eyelids by glue, can damage your eyelash follicle and cause some time permanent damage. If there is no permanent damage, it will grow back after 6 weeks. Some treatments can also damage the hair follicles, or you may lose hair, such as chemotherapy drugs, but after the treatment, hairs start to regrow within weeks.

Causes of eyelash hair loss

These are some causes of eyelash hair loss;

:o:Increase or decrease in thyroid hormone levels can interfere with hair growth.

:o:Chemotherapy that is the cancer treatment causes the loss of eyelashes.

:o:Sometimes, burning or physical injury can cause the hair loss of eyelashes.

:o:Alopecia attacks hair follicles and causes your eyelashes hairs to fall out.

:o:An autoimmune disease like lupus cause thinning of eyelashes and fall out.

:o:Anticoagulant medicines and botulinum toxin injections can cause eyelash loss.

How can we restore eyelashes?

A complete diet

:high_brightness:Diet that is rich in protein, vitamin A, C, and iron is good for eyelash growth. Nuts, whole grains, avocados, fish, and leafy green vegetables also good for eyelash growth.

:high_brightness:Avoid using eyelash extensions for a long time because it will cause damage to the eyelash follicle but use of natural lash extensions are better.

:high_brightness:Eyelash growth serum is also available in the market. Use them to boost your eyelash growth.

:high_brightness:Before sleeping, or before going to bed at night, you should always remove your eye makeup and clean your eyelashes.

:high_brightness:Hair growth supplements are also useful for restoring eyelashes.

By using some natural home remedies, you can grow your eyelashes thicker and longer. These natural ingredients are moisturizers and conditioners. That moisturizes the eyelashes and prevents them from falling, and gives a thicker and shinier look.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we come to this question, How to grow eyelashes? There are lots of questions in mind because everyone wants their eyelashes to look thicker and longer. Some of them are;

1. Can you naturally grow your eyelashes?

Latisse is the only proven remedy to strengthen eyelashes, approved by the food and drug administration (FDA). Originally it is used for the treatment of glaucoma, but it is also useful for eyelashes growth. Don’t use it without the prescription of a doctor. Apply it on the lash line of the upper eyelid and avoid applying it on the lower eyelid.

2. Do fake lashes pull out your real lashes?

Lashes or extensions can cause damage to real lashes. Natural lashes look thinner after falling of extension, but it happened when treatment is not perfect. This lash extension requires high maintenance and proper care. It can disrupt the natural growth cycle of lashes.

3. How many eyelashes do you lose a day?

In the regular growth cycle of eyelashes, eyelashes grow in and fall out naturally every 60 to 90 days. Everyone loses 2 to 5 eyelashes daily. It is normal to lose some eyelashes every day, but it depends on the care of eyelashes.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:People, who want long and thick eyelashes ask and search for, How to grow eyelashes? By applying natural remedies at home, people want to grow their eyelashes. Some of them apply coats of mascara for the thick and long look of eyelashes and some extensions.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:These natural remedies are Vitamin E oil, castor oil, coconut oil, Vaseline, green tea, and eyelash serum for eyelashes. These oils are the best conditioner and moisturizer that give a shiny and thick look to the eyelashes and moisturize them to prevent them from falling.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Those who want to grow eyelashes fast use mascara, eyelash curler, some supplements, and pencil eyeliner instead of thick eyeliner that gives a thick look to the eyelashes.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Eyelashes will grow back after 6 weeks if the follicle is not damaged. It is normal to lose 2 to 5 eyelashes daily, it will grow back, and it depends on the care of eyelashes.
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