Definition of Retired:

  1. Having left ones job and ceased to work.

  2. (of a place) quiet and secluded; not seen or frequented by many people.

  3. The act of being in retirement. No longer working at a job, and not planning on returning to a job.

Synonyms of Retired

Peaceful, Sleepy, Tranquil, Calm, Still, Relaxing, Soothing, Pleasant, Restful, Undisturbed, Free from disturbance, Free from interruption, Free from interference, Untroubled, Former, Ex-, Emeritus, Past, In retirement, Pensioned, Pensioned off, Abandoned, Abjured, Anonymous, Antiquated, Antique, Apart, Archaic, Closet, Deserted, Detached, Devious, Discontinued, Disused, Done with, Emeritus, Free, Idle, In a backwater, In retirement, Incognito, Inmost, Innermost, Insular, Interior, Intimate, Inward, Isolated, Leisure, Leisured, Lonesome, Not worth saving, Obsolescent, Obsolete, Old, Old-fashioned, On pension, On the shelf, Open, Out, Out of use, Out-of-date, Out-of-the-way, Out-of-the-world, Outdated, Outmoded, Outworn, Past use, Pensioned, Pensioned off, Personal, Private, Privy, Quarantined, Relinquished, Remote, Removed, Renounced, Resigned, Secluded, Secret, Segregated, Semiretired, Separate, Separated, Sequestered, Shut off, Spare, Superannuate, Superannuated, Superseded, Unfrequented, Unoccupied, Unvisited, Withdrawn, Worn-out

How to use Retired in a sentence?

  1. This retired corner of the world.
  2. A retired teacher.

Meaning of Retired & Retired Definition