How to Find the Best VOIP Installation and Cabling Services in DFW

Telecom in DFW– the leading business phone system installer for VoIP Systems

Telecom in DFW is the top-rated Business Phone System installer for cloud-hosted unified VoIP communication systems. It provides VoIP installation and phone solutions to all types of business– small, medium, or large organizations in multiple service plans.

Telecom in DFW has implementation experts who can guide you through any phase of the deployment cycle, ensuring the service runs seamlessly from the outset.

Once your VoIP phone systems are up and running, Telecom in DFW takes multiple steps to ensure it stays that way. This requires multiple data centers across the globe, with a monitoring framework with seven levels. Considering these and more steps, Telecom in DFW is achieving an uptime of 99.999 percent.

What sets Telecom in DFW apart from the other Business Phone Service Providers is its wide range of services. From installation and configuration to maintenance and support, they provide 360-degree solutions for your business phone systems.

For VoIP installation Telecom in DFW helps you utilize each of the available call management features like virtual receptionists, hold music, call forwarding, call recording, call screening, call logs, message alerts, and response rules.

In addition to the calling functionality, Telecom in DFW’s collaboration services renders it a fully seamless communications network. It provides a phone bridge that will facilitate calls of up to 1,000 callers and video conferencing tools that allow each user to hold their video meetings, including screen sharing.

Free consultation by Telecom

For any queries or doubts about the VoIP phone systems for your business, contact Telecom in DFW.

They provide a FREE CONSULTATION to help you get the right phone system for your business.

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Reviews and Ratings

Telecom is your trusted service provider when it comes to VoIP phones. They have 5-star ratings from their previous clients.

Lionel S, a small business owner in DFW, Tx, was able to prepare for a function with Telecom’s help. He says, “They provide service, concurrently to ensure that our Phone system was working in tine for a large recital.”

How VoIP Systems benefit your small business?

With the right equipment for VoIP systems and installation services from Telecom in DFW, you can get all the below-given benefits of VoIP systems and make your business’ internal and external communications effortless.


In addition to making conference calls, you may even use the VoIP devices to perform video conferencing. It helps you to keep in contact with your friends and clients and negotiate crucial transactions, issues, events, reports, papers, schedules, wherever you are. When you hold meetings overseas, you also can host certain significant home office meetings without needing to think about being physically present.


You can still use your standard phone and a VoIP converter or VoIP telephone adapter with a VoIP system. A VoIP adapter looks like a small USB stick that you can conveniently attach to any device. For easy transmission across the internet, a VoIP converter can detect signals originating from standard or electronic phones and transform them into digital data. So allow the program so function, a machine has to be switched on. A VoIP phone system will also enable you to purchase your VoIP number, so no matter where you travel if you have a high-speed internet connection, you can receive phone calls to the same number.


The ease and security a VoIP telephone network offers are available in the world. To get a dial tone, you can log in to your VoIP telephone using any broadband connection. No matter where ever you are, there will be no issues in terms of prices and connectivity if you have Internet access. You can also use VoIP systems via email or when you’re commuting. Only take your headset or IP phone, and you can make a low-cost call to reach employees or customers.

Saving Money

The cost of a VoIP phone is considerably less expensive than using a conventional phone. Because Telecom in DFW helps you buy affordable VoIP phone systems.

It’s also easier to make long-distance phone calls using a VoIP network, so you save a lot on phone bills.

Telecom’s installation and other services for VoIP systems

1. Find how many users you need.

The first step Telecom in DFW takes to get VoIP up and running in your office is finding out how many staff or users you want to have in your workplace. Early on in the process, having a good understanding of consumer numbers makes some choices simpler as you go along. It can help you decide how many lines you need, whether your Internet service will handle the frequency of your planned call, and what features are most relevant. You can save money with some providers if some employees need only an extension and not their number. Telecom in DFW is the best phone service provider offering great deals on VoIP installation services.

2. Make sure Internet access to your office is good enough.

Telecom in DFW checks how many users you’ll have, and how good is your internet connectivity in your office to see how they can accommodate VoIP with this kind of user number. It’s important because of two reasons:

Checking out your contact before you get a VoIP program would spare you the headaches and annoyance stemming from the poor call quality and dropped calls following an inadequate contact.

This will theoretically save you a great deal of time and stress. If you switch to a VoIP network just to find out that your connectivity is inadequate, you either have to cancel your service and go back to what you had, or you have to update your office internet access, which is also a challenge.

You wouldn’t want to get a VoIP phone system only to learn out it isn’t going to fit on the current Network. Fortunately, it’s not hard to test if your internet can accommodate VoIP.

3. Sit back and work up a VoIP budget.

VoIP provides a wide variety of features, and when you look at the different add-ons and incentives you might have, it is easy to get carried away. Even if Telecom in DFW offers very cost-effective solutions for VoIP installation, they still help you set your budget up early in the process if you don’t already have one. It will help keep you grounded and make sure that when you start looking at what features and plans are a good fit for your business, your eyes are not bigger than your budget. Overall, the cost for premium plans begins at about $30 per user to around $60 to $70 per user. Pay annually whenever possible, and you will receive significant monthly savings.

4. Determine what features are critical.

There are many different options available for each staff, such as special phone numbers, an auto call modem, calling rules, telephone calls, smartphone applications, and more. You’ll want to figure out which specific features are most useful for your company. For example, you may want your office to have a home-based VoIP program, but in reality, your company keeps you on the road a lot. If so, you’re going to want a solid mobile app. You might also be receiving more than ten lines of a program. In this case, the rules on profound call routing are a must.

Here’s are a few things that you can do to help make things narrow down:

  • Clearly write down why you need a business phone system, what you want it to do, and what its primary uses would be (texting, texting, calling when on the go, etc.).
  • Conduct some work into what features of VoIP apply most explicitly to your needs and uses.
  • Build two lists: one with the features you need to have and one with features you like but don’t need to have.
  • When you are clear about what you need for your business VoIP system, Telecom in DFW will provide you with customized solutions.

5. Pick the best VoIP installation and telephone service providers.

Telecom in DFW is the best choice for getting VoIP installation and cabling services.

They work with what you need. Telecom’s team prioritizes your list of must-haves and other business communication needs.

They have an excellent record of feedback from businesses.

Telecom in DFW takes the monthly budget that you set with utmost priority. Before starting the project, they can give you a fine estimate of your overall VoIP installation and systems expenses.

Telecom in DFW has excellent customer service for VoIP Installation. You don’t have to find out things yourself, because they have on-time after-sale services, and complimentary training and self-explanatory guide books to help you.

6. Order phones and additional hardware.

Without special VoIP telephones, most VoIP services can be used. For example, if you want to continue using your previous business phone systems, you can buy an adapter that you can put in your analog phones. And you can use your computer, laptop, and cell phone in certain cases.

Though, you can need to buy a VoIP phone to completely use all of the extra VoIP features. The good thing is that quite a range of VoIP phones is available, from simple and cheap to sophisticated and expensive. If you have trouble deciding and need some help, don’t hesitate to call Telecom in DFW. They can suggest the best VoIP phone systems for your business and even help you get them at economical prices.

7. Configure and set up your VoIP Program.

Telecom in DFW does the complete configuration of your VoIP phone systems, so you can immediately start using it for business activities. They customize the phone settings as per your business’s needs, so you don’t have to go back and forth to figure out what works and how.

Reasons why Telecom is the best in the DFW Area


Telecom in DFW does the complete configuration of your VoIP phone systems, so you can immediately start using it for business activities. They customize the phone settings as per your business’s needs, so you don’t have to figure out what works and how.


Telecom in DFW creates communication structures based on your business requirements and available resources. Their experienced and specialized team creates value for money solutions for your business.


They believe in building valuable and long-term relationships with their customers and are always a call away to assist your business whenever needed.