How to Find the Best Baby Food Maker

The initial best baby food maker were glorified food processors that changed their name and marketing and were manufactured with some adorable colors to attract brand-new parents. With these old systems, you needed to cook veggies and fruits individually in a steamer and then puree them in the processor. This approach did the job. However, it was time-consuming—more dirty dishes, more hands-on cooking area work, and more time far from your baby.

We advise all the brand-new systems all-in-one steamers and processors, going way beyond what you will get with a traditional mixer or a modern mash maker or other baby food grinder. Put in the fruits and veggies, including some fresh-water. The process will steam it for you with the push of a button. Aren’t you around when the steamer surfaces? No worries, return later to puree, which by the way, is just another push of the button. Two-button presses later on, and you have a freshly steamed and smoothly pureed masterpiece for your little munchkin. A few of the newer models even have a one-button function, like the Baby Brezza: you push the Steam + Blend button, and 10 minutes later, your food is ready!

Perhaps a healthy veggie puree for supper, maybe a fruity mix for dessert? You’re the chef now. No more distressing about which Gerber choices are on the shelf or stressing over harmful ingredients! Do you require to conserve time and have high-quality pureed food without any trouble?

Reduce of Use

That is the factor that sets apart the bad and good baby food makers: the fewer steps, the much better. And the more logical, the better. Some systems do this well, and others do it wrong. If it takes a rocket scientist to help you figure out and understand the owner’s manual, it’s an inadequately created item. All of our recommended systems get extremely ranked for ease of use.


Like regular food processors and cleaner systems, there are reports of cigarette smoking motors, melting plastics, rapidly dulled blades, breaking clips, and other numerous defects. Some systems have more problems with this, whereas other systems are consistently reliable and carry excellent warranties reliably honored. All of our advised methods have histories of high reliability and customer satisfaction. We wish to be clear that every baby food maker that includes a steaming feature will develop scaling, staining, tough water spots, and even a slimy accumulation if you refrain from doing the following three things. First, continuously use pure water. It’s easy to be lazy here. However, you’ll regret using tap water or mineral water after a couple of months when your system gets genuinely revolting in the water tank and heating component. Second, regularly tidy the water tank with white vinegar and a sponge or baby bottle brush. After every 5-10 uses approximately, fill the water tank with white vinegar and run the system through its whole cycle. That will keep ■■■■■ sludge, mold, or mildew from developing in the tank and inside the heating aspect system. Even the outright best baby food cleaners, like the Beaba and Babymoov, will have terrible reviews on Amazon and other websites from moms and dads who didn’t follow the guidelines to utilize pure water and tidy the unit on a routine basis.


If you’re going to invest over $100 in a great baby food maker, you desire one that will make smooth purees rapidly and effectively. You do not want to run it, examine whether your food is well combined, and keep trying. Weak and sluggish motors, dull blades, and bad blade design can add to lower efficiency and more headaches. You desire a quick, cleaner, powerful engine and sharp blades. You also want a bowl big enough to fit sufficient food to make several servings. Prevent units with capacities under 3 cups since you’ll discover yourself spending a bit too much time washing, peeling, steaming, and smooth pureeing for single portions! All of our leading recommended systems show high effectiveness with both the steaming and processing phases.


The initial baby food makers utilized plastic steaming baskets and bowls containing BPA and phthalates, which numerous researchers and doctors believe seeped into foods. These chemicals have a relation to a range of health and developmental concerns. More recent systems from major baby food makers have removed these damaging chemicals, resulting in much safer food for your baby. Even much better, some usage strong glass bowls, like the Baby Brezza baby food maker, and stainless steel instead of plastic parts. The more secure your baby gear, the safer your baby.

Storage and mobility

So, what do you finish with all that fantastic food you’re pureeing and steaming? Do not fill up those additional baby bottles. That will make a mess! Moms and dads usually put the food into small freezer-safe containers (like these remarkable ones by OXO) and take them out as required. But there is also another way to do this that is gaining in popularity. Do you understand those fun squeezable pouches of baby food? Like the popular ones by Plum Organics? What if you could make those in your home!? Well, the new Infantino Squeeze Station makes that possible. Steam & puree your food in one of our preferred food makers listed below, and then use the capture station to pour the puree into those great squeezable pouches. Not just is this a portable and excellent baby food maker option, but your young child can organize the feeding, and you get not stuck to a filthy spoon or dirty container in the end! Interested in this choice, get more details by clicking the photo to the right.

Baby food makers are an awesome addition to the baby essentials list for brand-new moms and dads. Readily available given that in the early 1990s in Europe and the U.S. for about two decades, baby food makers have conserved millions of parents’ energy and time when making fresh, wholesome purees. The systems have gotten far better for many years, with higher reliability, convenience, ease, more effective motors, dishwasher-friendly parts, and phthalate-free plastics. Examine these qualities which we estimated to buy baby food maker.