How to Empty a Dyson Vacuum?

How to empty a Dyson vacuum? Pressing the vacuum’s top button detaches the cup. The button releases the cup. Press the cup’s top release button to open its bottom and expel debris and dirt. Gently shake the cup to remove dirt.

How to Empty a Dyson Vacuum?

If you possess a Dyson vacuum, you must know how to empty it. Since a new Dyson requires more out-of-pocket expense, you likely want to ensure it lasts as long as possible. One way to achieve this is by emptying it properly after each use. Further, proper Dyson vacuum emptying will save you from spilling anything on your floor or carpet.

  • A simple method for emptying a Dyson vacuum is provided in this article. You can follow these steps if you can locate the necessary buttons and dust cups on your Dyson vacuum.

  • The dust cup for the Dyson Ball vacuum series may be removed. Pressing the button at the top of the cup will separate it from the rest of the vacuum. If you click the button, the cup will immediately release.

  • Pick up the cup by the handle and carry it to the trash container. You should get the cup’s base as close to the car’s floor as possible without letting any of the contents pour out.

  • Simply re-open the bottom of the cup by pressing the release button on its top, and any accumulated dust or dirt will fall right through. Gentle shaking will remove any dust or debris from the cup.

  • Put the lid back on the mug. Hearing a click when the door closes is your cue that it has been shut securely.

  • It’s time to put the vacuum back together again. You should hear a click once more. The cup also shouldn’t move when shaken or pulled.

Note: Dyson is a well-known company that offers a wide variety of vacuum cleaners. Since each model is unique in appearance, there may be no universal method for emptiness. Different Dyson vacuums have varying placements for the dust cup and the controls.

How to Empty a Dyson V-Series Vacuum?

Stick vacuums from the Dyson V-series are the foundation of Dyson’s success. A majority of Dyson owners have one of the V-series models. If you own a vacuum cleaner from the V-series, you may use this manual to learn how to empty it.

The method is universal, although following the debut of the Dyson V8, Dyson modified the dust cup’s shape. Earlier versions had an L form, while the current ones had a straighter layout.

To a small extent, the process of emptying the dust cup varies between models due to the various designs available. The earlier V-series vehicles (V6 to V8) and the later ones are covered in this tutorial, which is why we’ve separated them into two parts (V10 to V15).

How to Empty V6-V8?

Each Dyson V6, V7, and V8 has an L-shaped dust cup. This is a format that is more commonplace and hence easier to understand. Either of these vacuums can be emptied by:

  • The vacuum cleaner must be switched off. Ensure the power is turned off and the cord is unplugged from the wall before leaving the room.

  • The dust cup may be emptied by bringing the vacuum to a trash can and pushing the red button behind it, next to the handle.

  • To eliminate the dust cup, press the red button one more.

  • Clear the dust from the cup and replace it. It can be locked in place with a single click of its bottom door.

How to Empty V10-V15?

Only three Dyson vacuums have had the in-line dust cup. Since the dust cup is attached to the wand and the motor in an in-line fashion, emptying one of these vacuums can be a bit of a hassle. So, here’s what you do:

  • Turn the vacuum off, then push the wand release button to remove the front section wand.

  • With the suction wand detached from the vacuum, the door on the cup that allows it to be released should be visible.

  • Pick up the vacuum by the handle and carry the empty cup to the nearest trash bin. You may point the vacuum’s front end down into a garbage bin if you prefer. So little dust will be kicked up in this way.

  • When you see a red latch under the dust receptacle, you may open the entrance to the cup by pressing it. The dust cup’s contents will spill out into the garbage. The in-line cup design is superior because it prevents any contact with grime, making it cleaner.

  • Press the little button with a white arrow to take out the cup for cleaning. The cup can be removed with little effort.

For those in the market for a new Dyson V-series vacuum but are concerned about allergies, we recommend the Dyson V11. Compared to other cordless vacuums, this one has double the suction power, plus a tonne of other neat features make it a steal for the price.


You may also choose the Dyson V8, which is well recognized as a top vacuum. The HEPA filtration technology is included in the cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It’s ultraportable, with 40-minute battery life, no power decrease, and costs less than a dollar. For additional information, see our reviews of the top-rated Dyson vacuums and cordless vacuums.

How Do I Clean the Dust Cup on My Dyson Vacuum?

You’ll notice how filthy your dust cup has grown after some time. It’s also possible that some grime, dust, or pet hair is stuck deep within the mechanism’s inner workings. So, to ensure it’s always spotless, you must take it off and wash it by hand every so often.

  • Insight into this process is fundamental to mastering Dyson vacuum cleaning.

  • The dust cup must be taken out first, as previously advised. Submerge the dust cup in a sink full of ice water. To thoroughly clean the interior of the cup, use a little toothbrush. Any stuck debris inside the cup should be dislodged and emptied.

  • After rinsing, use a dry cloth to clean the cup. Just let it dry in a well-ventilated area for a few hours.

  • The cup should not be placed back into the vacuum while still containing liquid. You might potentially break your Dyson.

  • You shouldn’t use chemicals, dish soap, or detergent to clean the cup.

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum’s Cyclone Shroud?

You may recognize the cyclone shroud on your vacuum cleaner, sometimes known as the artichoke-shaped bulb. The vacuum relies on this to provide the powerful suction required to remove dust and grime.

One of the dirtier parts of the vacuum is the bottom, which will be within the dust cup. This part is prone to get quite dirty over time and should be cleaned often.

A cyclone’s inner workings are not accessible for cleaning. The cyclone must never be submerged in water or cleaned with detergent. It should be handled as an electrical part.

Tip: It’s recommended to use a brush when cleaning it. Thankfully, a brush is included with the combo tool that comes standard on most Dyson vacuums.

Why do You need to Empty Your Dyson Vacuum Every Day?

A common practice amongst many individuals is to let the vacuum dust cup fill up completely before emptying it. Maintaining this practice is not recommended.

Your Dyson was meant to last, but it’s quite a delicate machine below. If dust or dirt gets stuck inside, it might cause problems later on.

When the dust cup becomes overfull, dirt and debris can escape into the inner workings of the vacuum. Rt and debris from floors and furniture require regular upkeep to ensure they last as long as possible. When empty, the vacuum is one of the first things to consider before you empty the vacuum.

Strong odor

Simply put, this happens when you neglect to clean your vacuum for too long. When the dust and dirt trapped inside the cleaner begin to generate an unpleasant, disagreeable scent, it is time to clean the vacuum cleaner.

Strange sounds

If your vacuum is full and you try to use it, an unsettling sound will emanate from it that is not present during normal operation. If you hear this creepy noise, it’s probably time to empty the vacuum cleaner. If the noise persists, the cleaner head and tube should be removed to check for debris.

Weakened suction

When the Dyson vacuum loses suction power, it is time to empty the debris collection bin. When it becomes caked in dirt, it loses some of its suction power, which becomes apparent during subsequent cleaning attempts.

The collection of dirt on its rollers and brushes also contributes to its diminished suction power. So, in addition to regularly emptying the trash can, you need also to wipe off the rollers’ surface.

Keep in mind: You should read on to discover how to empty the bin of your Dyson vacuum now that you know what happens when it becomes full.


1 - How do you release a Dyson canister?

Align the trash can with the pointing end of the bin. Once you hear the bin’s base burst open, you may push the red bin release button and pull it down. All the grime and garbage will fall into the garbage bin.

2 - What is the recommended frequency of Dyson vacuum cleaner maintenance?

Once a month is the minimum time frame advised for cleaning your Dyson. However, you should do it more frequently if the bin fills up to the MAX or FULL level, as indicated by the device.

3 - When a vacuum is full, what do you do with it?

Turn off the power and place the vacuum upright to remove the waste container. Depress the button and take the trash can with you to dispose of. Simply lift the bottom release lever to open the canister and remove the contents. It’s safe to shut the door, replace the canister, and keep vacuuming.

4 - How do you open a Dyson v7?

With the appliance held by the handle, the soiled area may be removed by pulling the red lever back and up. Keep going until the dirt in the bin is released by an automated opening in the base. When the dust has been dislodged, the cyclone may be reset by pushing down on it until it clicks. Make sure the machine’s bin base clicks shut before turning it on.

5 - How can you empty a Dyson Root Cyclone 8?

When the trigger is pulled, the dust is released into the trash. Give the fine dust collector a good shake or tap to clear it completely. B Press firmly on the middle of the transparent bin base to close. Before removing the trash, make sure the machine is unplugged.

Final Thoughts

A lengthy lifespan for one’s Dyson is desirable because of the high price tag. Dyson is rated highest by US News as the finest vacuum brand in 2022. Keeping your Dyson clean and well-maintained is crucial if you want it to last as long as possible. Dyson recommends cleaning your vacuum once a month to ensure peak performance. For simple advice on cleaning a Dyson vacuum, check out this post. Simply said, emptying the vacuum bag should be a regular part of your cleaning and upkeep schedule.

It doesn’t take rocket science to empty and clean a Dyson vacuum. All the information you need to know about emptying a Dyson vacuum is here. You may utilize the recommendations for most models, provided you know your machine’s dust cup design.

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