How To Do Amusement In Lockdown?

Entertainment has existed for centuries through storytelling, music, drama, dance and different kinds of performances that exists in all cultures, were supported by the royal court, developed into sophisticated forms and over time made available to the general public.

Choice of People

People have different preferences as far as entertainment, but most forms are recognizable and familiar. Entertainment simply defined is something that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure or delights. It can be an idea or task, but its more likely to be one of the activities or events developed over thousands of years for the purpose of keeping an audience’s attention, according to the Oxford English Dictionary .

Modern Day Culture

The process has exponentially gotten shorter due to the modern day entertainment industry selling and recording entertainment products which provide a wide array of different products for private viewing to banquets adapted for two to any size or type of party with music and dance to performances for thousands and even a global audience. The experience of being entertainment is synonymous with amusement thus the universal understanding of entertainment is the idea of fun and laughter, however not all entertainment serves this same purpose as some takes the forms of ceremony, celebration, religious festival, or satire.


Therefore, there is a possibility that what appears as entertainment can also serve as a means of achieving insight or intellectual growth. Some activities once considered entertainment such as public punishment have been removed from the public arena, while others like fencing or archery which at some point were necessary have become serious sports or professions for participants developing an appeal to bigger audiences. Another profession and necessary skill, cooking, has developed into a performance art for professional on a global stage in the form of competition and broadcast for entertainment. What has become entertainment for some, may be work for another.
Chris Smith.