How to deal with Chrome Not Responding error?

Chrome is an internet browser with one of the most active users. Today Google Chrome is considered as the fastest and the most reliable web browser.

Along with the numerous pros, there are few cons a user may face while using Chrome. Many people reported that Chrome gets freeze or not responding from time to time.

Few people also reported that Chrome is not loading the web pages. In this issue, you should allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings Mac.

Along with these, there are also a few issues which a user may face while surfing the internet with Google Chrome.

A common solution for troubleshooting Chrome Not Responding error:

Check the internet connection

You need a good internet connection for net surfing. When the Chrome browser shows any error, you must check the internet connection immediately. If your device is connected to a router then keep the device near the router for better speed. Connecting the PC with LAN may increase the speed. But if the internet speed is smooth but the Chrome is not responding then seek other solutions.

Your Chrome browser is not properly closed

A user can get the not responding error when some of your Chrome tabs are not properly closed. Those tabs are always running in the background and eating up the RAM. With time, they consume lots of RAM cycles which starts showing the error.

You need to close all the unnecessary tabs of Google Chrome for troubleshooting the error. Follow the given steps for fixing the error:

  1. Go to the desktop of your PC
  2. Now right-click on the Task Manager
  3. Click on Processes tab
  4. You will see a list of running programs
  5. Now right-click on the top-level Chrome process
  6. Hit the End Task button

The running Chrome tab will get closed and freed the RAM. Now reopen your Chrome browser and try to run it without an error.

Remove the third-party and incompatible applications

Users installed lots of applications on the device. Sometimes he may install some programs like gaming etc which are not compatible with the device.

These kinds of applications can also interrupt your Google Chrome browser. If you have installed any incompatible application on your computer then you should uninstall it from your computer.

Update your Chrome browser

Like other software, Chrome also needs to update regularly. You should never keep the browser outdated as it can become a loophole for malware. Outdated web browsers slow down the browsing speed and show many errors.

On the device, go to programs (Apps) folder and right-click on Chrome. Select the Update option and wait to complete the update process. After updating Chrome, restart the PC and run the updated Chrome browser on your device.

Disable all the extensions from your Chrome browser

Chrome allows the users to add extensions for accessing the several sites instantly. But sometimes these extensions can also cause errors on running Chrome.

Numerous malicious extensions seem secure and then start causing the error. The best method for fixing Chrome not responding error is to disable all the Chrome extensions. You can disable the Chrome extensions by following mentioned steps:

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Type chrome://extensions/ on the search bar
  3. Hit the Enter button
  4. A list of installed extensions will appear
  5. Disable all the extensions from your Chrome

Now restart your Chrome and check whether your browser is working or not.

Reset the Chrome settings to default

Users sometimes tweak the invalid settings on the Chrome browser which lead to not responding or not loading errors. Try resetting all the Google Chrome settings and then run the browser:

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Navigate to the Settings page
  3. Click on Advanced option

Select Restore settings to their original defaults option from Reset and clean up the tab. Your Chrome settings will get the default reset. Relaunch Chrome browser and check whether your browser is running seamlessly or not. If you are unable to fix the Chrome related error then ask the technical team for help.