How to Create Personalized M&M's

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love M&M’s. I never realized you can actually have your M&M’s personalized until I read the side of a 3 pound bag of M&M’s I received as one of my gifts from my mom this past Christmas. You can even upload a photo along with a message on the other side of the M&M candy. M&M’s makes a great gifts, all year round. For birthday’s, you can put the person’s face on one side of the M&M’s and on the other side you can write a birthday message. Another great idea is to have your business’ logo and slogan on M&M’s to promote your company during special events or to give to current or potential clients as complimentary gifts. This is a unique treat that will make people smile as soon as they receive it. You can choose from a variety of color blends and packaging. It will costs you around $16.99 + shipping for a custom print 7oz. bag, but they do have package deals which will save you a little if you buy more. If you ever have a hard time picking party favors or special treats for special events, here is how to Create Personalized M&M’s.

Step 1


The site to personalize your M&M’s is not the same as the main M&M’s website, so get started by visiting:

Step 2


The first thing to do to get your personalized M&M’s created is pick your candy colors. You can choose up 2 colors of your choice for custom print orders and up to 3 colors for face prints and business orders. They also have a new “Shimmer Collection” that have a pearlized finish that give the M&M’s a sparkling look. The non-printable colors are black, brown, blue, red, and teal.

Step 3


Next you will create your message. You can personalize your M&M’s with 2 different messages, with 2 lines on each side of the M&M and with up to 8 characters per line. For face prints, you will need to upload a clear photo and have the choice of 3 different messages with 2 lines and 8 characters. Depending on the occasion, use your creativity when deciding on a message that pertains to the person or event where you will be giving your personalized M&M gifts.

Step 4

Choose your packaging. You can pick from bags & favor packages, gifts sets such as mugs and dispensers, or bulk boxes if you plan on repackaging the M&M’s yourself. The fancier your package, the more it will cost you.

Step 5


To finish up your order, select the quantity and click “Add to Cart” button, and confirm payment method. That’s it! You have created personalized M&M’s.

Make sure you click on the “Do’s & Don’ts” section to get some tips on how to properly personalize your M&M’s. Click on the “Creative Ideas” section to see examples that may add to your creativity. There is also a “Photo Tips” section with tips on how to get the best quality with your photo print M&M’s.