How to Connect Airpods to an HP Laptop?

How to Connect Airpods to an HP Laptop? Putting the Airpods and pushing the little button on the rear until the status light blinks white is all that is needed to connect them to a computer. In your PC’s Bluetooth settings, click “Add a device” to link your Airpods.

How to Connect Airpods to an HP Laptop?

Is It Possible to Use Airpods with a Hp Laptop?

Yes. Airpods are compatible with any HP laptop that has Bluetooth connectivity. Although Apple designed Airpods specifically for use with its own devices, the earbuds are compatible with various brands of wireless laptop headphones.

HP computers’ lack of Bluetooth connectivity may prohibit Airpods from connecting or functioning properly. The HP laptop ought to be able to connect to any Airpods accessory that features Bluetooth connectivity.

How to Remove Airpods from a Bluetooth Device?

Your iPhone, iPad and other devices may need to be unpaired from your Airpods for them to connect to a Windows 10 computer. If you’ve been using your Airpods with many devices, they may have been overwhelmed.

If you can’t get your Airpods to connect, try again with another device. Remove your Airpods from your iPhone or iPad by following these steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.

  • Turn on Bluetooth by toggling the switch.

  • Select your Airpods from the list of devices by tapping the “I” symbol next to them in the list.

  • Choose to Forget This Device from the drop-down list.

  • Tap Forget Device in the pop-up message to complete the process.

Too many devices linked to Airpods may cause them to lose their ability to pair. The best approach to confirm that your Airpods aren’t malfunctioning is to turn off Bluetooth on all of your other personal devices.


If you often use your phone’s Bluetooth with your Airpods, you might want to temporarily disable it. By disabling Bluetooth on your mobile device, you can ensure that your Airpods will be able to communicate with your computer without interruption.

How to Connect a Hp Laptop to an Airpods?

Airpods connect via Bluetooth, therefore attaching Airpods to an HP laptop is a question of turning Bluetooth on, setting the Airpods into pairing mode, and then connecting them. Once set up, your Airpods will reconnect each time they’re in range. You may also manually connect and disconnect them.

The following is the procedure to follow to connect your Airpods to your HP laptop:

  • Action Center may be opened by clicking or pressing the Windows Key + A button on your taskbar.

  • Select Bluetooth from the shortcut menu that appears when you press the right mouse button

  • Go to Settings by pressing the Go to the Settings button.

  • To activate Bluetooth, simply click the toggle switch.

  • Click + Add Bluetooth or another device.

  • You may do this by pressing the Bluetooth button.

  • Open the case of your Airpods.

  • Your AirPods case has a button that you may press and hold for a few seconds.

  • Let go of the button when you see the white light flashing.

  • In the list of recently detected devices, find and choose your Airpods.

  • Click Done when the Airpods have connected.

Why Can’t I Connect My Airpods to My Hp Laptop?

If the Airpods won’t connect to your device, there may be an issue with the Bluetooth capabilities of your laptop, or there may be an issue with the Airpods themselves. Both of these issues are possible. The following is a list of common problems, as well as possible solutions to those problems:

1. Bluetooth Not Enabled

Check that the Bluetooth feature on your laptop is turned on. First, make sure that Bluetooth is turned off, and then try turning it back on while your Airpods are still in their case. The next step is to take the Airpods from their case, open the case, and check to see if they connect.

2. Bluetooth Driver Out of Date

If the Bluetooth driver on your smartphone is not up to date, there is a chance that you won’t be able to connect to your Airpods. I would appreciate it if you could try again when you have updated your drivers.

3. Bluetooth Not Working

Examine the functionality of any other Bluetooth headphones you own. If they don’t, the Bluetooth feature on your laptop may be malfunctioning. First, you need to fix the issue with your Bluetooth, and then give it another shot.

4. Airpods Not in Pairing Mode

If the white light on the casing of your Airpods isn’t blinking, then you won’t be able to initiate the first connection to your device. When your Airpods won’t connect to your device, there are a few different troubleshooting options you may try. Try again once you have put your Airpods into the pairing mode.

5. Airpods Connected but Not Enabled

There is a possibility that your Airpods are connected, but they are not currently chosen as the audio output device. If the steps that were just provided did not work, you can try accessing the Sound Control Panel and making your headphones (Airpods Pro Stereo) the default audio device there.

How to Use AirPods with a HP Laptop?

To use Airpods with an HP laptop, you must first connect them to it. Switching audio outputs after connecting the Airpods is necessary if you plan on using them for music, video chat, or any other purpose. The first time your Airpods connect, this may happen automatically, but if you have an issue where audio isn’t coming from the Airpods, you may do this manually.

If you have previously connected a wide range of devices to your laptop, it is possible that it now has several audio options; nevertheless, if you have an HP laptop, the very least it will show is Speaker / Headphone (Realtek(R) Audio). You will be able to utilize your AirPods with your laptop after you switch the output from your laptop to your Airpods.

Do Airpods Work with Laptops?

Any electronic device that uses Bluetooth to connect to an audio output or input device is suitable for usage with the Apple Airpods. In light of the aforementioned, for Airpods to work with laptops, the laptop in question must have

If your laptop does not already come equipped with Bluetooth, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle before you can connect your Airpods to it. If your laptop does come equipped with Bluetooth, you may skip this step.

You may use Airpods with a modern laptop from HP in the same way that you would use any other Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, or headset. This means that you do not need to worry about compatibility issues. This is because Bluetooth connection is included as standard on all new HP PCs.

Why Can’t I Use My Airpods with Windows 10?

If your Airpods are not connecting to Windows 10, your laptop, or your PC, you may need to manually change the speaker that is set as the default on your computer. Find out how to connect your Airpods to your Chromebook. The following procedures will assist you in solving the problem:

  • In the taskbar’s Search Box, type Control Panel.

  • If you’re using the Control Panel, go to View by and then click on Large Icons.

  • When you’re done, click Sound.

  • Highlight your Airpods in the Playback tab.

  • Click the Set Default option to make your Airpods the default speaker.

  • Your laptop will now play audio through your Airpods instead of the speakers on your PC.

How to Set Airpods as Audio Output Devices?

Although Windows will allow recently connected Bluetooth devices such as your Airpods to run as the default audio device by default, you may still need to manually alter the default audio device to ensure that it is set correctly.

Fortunately, if your wireless earbuds fail to play music while being connected, you can easily fix this:

  • So that they can connect to your HP laptop, remove your Airpods from their case.

  • On your taskbar, you’ll find an icon for speakers.

  • Open the Sound Control Panel by selecting “Sound Settings.”

  • Locate the section under “Output” or “Output Device.” Devices may be listed or there may be a drop-down option, depending on whether you’re using Windows 10 or 11.

  • Select “Airpods Stereo,” “Airpods Pro Stereo,” or the like to play your music.

If you want to utilize the Airpods’ mic for video chats or games, you can also make them your Input Device.

Which Airpods Features Do I Lose on My Hp Laptop?

You will have access to the whole collection of capabilities that are built into your Airpods whenever you use them in conjunction with an iOS smartphone. However, if you connect your Airpods to other devices, you will no longer have access to many of the useful functions that are exclusive to the Airpods themselves.

When you connect your Airpods to your HP laptop, you will lose some of the functions listed below:

1. An Ear Detection System

Your AirPods accessory has a sensor on the inside side that detects when it has been inserted into your ear canal and alerts you to this fact. If you utilize this function, the audio will automatically halt whenever you remove one of your Airpods from your ear. This feature is available on the Apple Airpods.

2. Functions of Siri

Siri will allow you to make queries from within the Airpods themselves once they are paired with an Apple device and connected to the Internet. On the other hand, if you connect to a device that does not run iOS, this capability will not be extended to any other virtual assistants that you may have installed.

3. Listening to a Single Airpod

You are only able to use one Airpod at a time with your iPhone, while the second Airpod may be kept charged within the charging case. You won’t be able to accomplish this task with your HP laptop since both Airpods will continue to play music even if you remove one of them.

4. Battery Life Estimation

Even though Windows can perform this measurement for other Bluetooth devices, when you connect your Airpods to your HP laptop, you won’t be able to acquire a measurement of how much battery life is left on your Airpods. This is although Windows can do so for other Bluetooth devices.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Some related questions are given below:

1 - How do I pair Airpods with Android?

Enable Bluetooth on an Android smartphone to utilize Airpods. To set up Airpods, wait for the white light to blink before pushing the setup button and choosing Airpods from your Android phone’s list of compatible devices.

2 - What is the purpose of Airpods?

The city of San Francisco, California — Apple today unveiled Airpods, a new generation of wireless headphones that employ cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way people listen to music, make phone calls, watch TV, play games, and interact with Siri.

3 - How can I make a connection between Airpods and Chromebook?

Open the Chromebook Bluetooth menu. Turn on Airpods’ Bluetooth. Hold the setup button on the Airpods case, then choose them from the Chromebook’s Bluetooth Available Devices list. Chromebook and Airpods are linked.

4 - What is the difference between AirPods and earbuds?

EarPods are wired, but Airpods are fully wireless. - This is the main difference between the Airpods and the original EarPods. If you had trouble keeping the wired EarPods in place, the new Airpods are a better option for you.

5 - How can I link Airpods to mac?

Before opening your Mac’s lid, be sure your Airpods are in their case. When held, the setup turns white. Choose Bluetooth in System Preferences > Bluetooth on your Mac. Choose AirPods. Enable Siri on your AirPpods.

6 - Do only iPhones support Airpods?

The Apple Airpods aren’t only for iPhones anymore. They’re also compatible with Android devices, so if you use both Android and Apple devices, you can take advantage of Apple’s wire-free technology.

7 - Is using Airpods for phone calls possible?

Make the call: After activating Siri with a double-tap on either of your Airpods, simply wait for a chime before speaking your request. Take a phone call and decide whether or not to answer it: To make a call, simply double-tap one of your Airpods.

8 - Are phone calls compatible with Apple’s Airpods?

Yes, those are decent HP computers. They’re not only potent, but they’re also very portable. The Pavilion gaming laptops from HP are also available. If you’re searching for a gaming laptop on a budget, but don’t need top-of-the-line hardware, these are worth considering.

9 - What can Airpods do that’s so cool?

Apple’s spatial audio technology gives Airpods a virtual surround sound experience.

  • On the iPhone’s AirPods battery life panels, there are several options.

  • An Apple Watch can display the battery life of Airpods.

  • On iOS, you may rename your Airpods, and Siri will announce incoming calls and notifications.

10 - What’s the greatest alternative to headphones?

Earbuds tend to be smaller, cheaper, and more suited for exercising than bottled music. On the other hand, if you’re prepared to spend the extra money, headphones frequently give the greatest music quality and noise cancellation of the two, as well as considerably superior battery life.

11 - How do Airpods and earphones compare?

The Apple Airpods Pro Truly Wireless is far superior to the Apple EarPods in terms of sound quality. The open-back design of the Airpods earbuds means that they produce very little bass and isolate very little sound.

12 - How do Airpods and earphones compare?

No corded earphones can equal the degree of ease and comfort that wireless ones can provide. They’ve essentially become a part of the fabric of our society because of this. There are Airpods wherever you look.

13 - How can I unplug my HP laptop’s Airpods?

Remove the Airpods from the list by clicking Remove device in the Bluetooth & other devices window (as described in Step 5) whenever you wish to unplug them.

14 - What’s the problem with my Windows laptop and my Airpods?

If your AirPods can’t connect to your PC due to a small Bluetooth malfunction, you may solve it by unplugging and replugging them. In most cases, this is how you’ll get your gadgets back in working order.

15 - Is it possible to use Airpods with a regular laptop?

The Airpods may be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including non-Apple computers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instead of utilizing your iPhone or Mac computer, you may just use the Apple Airpods as standard Bluetooth headphones.


Airpods or Earpods Pro may be connected to your HP laptop using Bluetooth. When the AirPods charging case is in pairing mode, enter “Settings,” select “Bluetooth,” and add a new device. Settings > Bluetooth & other devices > Bluetooth enable Bluetooth on your laptop. To connect through Bluetooth, fully charge your Airpods. Press the charging case button to pair the Airpods. Connect the Airpods to your HP laptop. When devices connect, you’ll hear a beep. Set your laptop’s audio input to Headphones (Airpod stereo) if Airpods won’t connect.

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