How to Check Before Buying a Secondhand Car?

Buying a car is a dream for some. When you finally get the chance to realize that dream, you want to go for something that’s going to last.

No one wants to buy a secondhand car, but when you look at your budget and your desires, you eventually realize that the options are limited. You can either go for something small, new, and without many features or for something grand with the catch that it’s old. However, depending upon your luck, negotiation, and inspection skills, you can land yourself a remarkable deal from one of the many Dubai car dealers in the emirate.

Before you go out and try to close a deal, make sure that you realize you know what you’re doing. You can’t afford to make mistakes and you certainly can’t risk going for something that you can’t afford. Be careful about your budget and the extra costs you can accrue throughout the transaction process. Most of all, make sure to know the following things before you go to check a second-hand car:

Check the History

Running the VIN number on a platform that provides information about registered vehicles will reveal everything. You can check when and where the vehicle was first purchased. If it’s the third owner that you’re dealing with, the transfer and transaction histories will be shown as well. Furthermore, the VIN numbers can also help you figure out whether a vehicle has been in an accident or not.

Some of the most prominent websites that can help you in this regard are:

  • RTA (Roads and Transport Authority)
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate

You can check a lot of details when it comes to running VIN numbers against registered agencies. So, whenever you are thinking of going for a vehicle, make sure to run its VIN number.

## Exterior

The first impression of the car is the exterior. When you go to inspect a car, your first look at the car should be a detailed one as you circle around it. You need to keep a lookout for any signs of dents or paint damage. Although a little rust isn’t that much of a big deal, however, if the body has been rusted all the way through, that’s a problem. That means the whole part of the car with the rust will need to be replaced. Since this is something that is going to cost you a lot of money and ultimately devalue the car, it’s best to avoid negotiations altogether.


Once you’ve checked the exterior body, come over to the doors and sit inside. Take your time as you inspect every inch of the car. You’re looking for any wear and tear that has affected the seats because this is something that can be costly to repair.

Another thing that you need to check is the radio and the sound system installed in the car. Don’t compromise on the volume when you’re testing it out. See how well it can fill the car and if it doesn’t make distortion noises when it’s all the way up. The ■■■■■■■ electronics are what you’ll be using whenever you drive and therefore, it’s essential that they’re in working condition. This also includes the air conditioner and the heating system. Since these are the most commonly damaged parts of the interior, make sure that they’re not going to show any problems in the future.


Going for a test drive in the car you want to buy is imperative. This will reveal almost everything you need to know about the car. From the mechanics to the driving system and the functionality of the car, you’ll be able to test everything out.

Check the steering wheel and the alignment of the tires. Worn out treads or uneven treads will result in the car steering either to the right or to the left. If that happens, the car is in need of repairs. Not only will it consume more fuel in this state, but it will also take its toll on any new tires that have been replaced.

Go to a Mechanic

Lastly but most importantly, you can’t rely on your own judgment. Have a mechanic ready to inspect any car you bring their way. These professional experts will judge the car and tell you everything that is wrong with it. Their opinion and advice can be helpful for you in terms of reaching a final verdict. If the mechanic is sure that the car won’t require many repairs in the near future, that means it’s good to go. Otherwise, try to go for another deal since there are no shortages of second-hand cars in the market.

Final Thoughts

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