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How to change voice mail language from Spanish to English metro pcs?
How to change voicemail language from Spanish to English is a frequently asked question because the one who don’t know about Spanish language will never understand it. Many people prefers English language because it is easily understandable for everyone.

So, you just need to follow these steps if you want to change it on your telephone:

Open your Mobile setting. Then you have to look down and tap on languages and info. Then tap on languages and chooses the language. Then move your selected language on the top of the menu.

Change voice mail language from Spanish to English

To change the language of your voice mail on your mobile you must follow the procedure given below

1: long press the number 1 on your dial pad to connect call with your voice mail.

2: then to get access of the main menu press star (*)

3: to get access of the mail box option press 4

4: then to change the language you have to press 7 .

Set up of voice mail on metro pcs:

Long press the key 1 until your phone processing the call to your voice mail. When your voice mail starts playing over the phone you have to press the star (*) key as soon as possible. Then enter your voice mail password if have any then press the key (#).

What is my voicemail?

If you want to check your voicemail in an easiest way. You just open your dial pad and press the key 1. Then you have to look closely, it shows a little icon that will look like a tap recording below it. By tapping on it you will immediately go to your voicemail box.

Visual voice mail:

Is is a direct access voice mail along with a visual interface. It can provide the list of messages in the play back. It can also include the transcript of each message. Voice mail helps you to record your call and for later use.

How to turn on visual voicemail?

You just go to the phone app, then press on voice mail tab.
Then tap setup now.
To make it secure make a password and then done it.
Then for the confirmation enter your password again and then confirm it.
Then you see two options custom or default you have to choose one. If you choose custom then you get new greetings
Then tap on done to save your greetings

Delete a greeting:

If you want to delete greetings then tap in the name of the greetings you want to delete. .
Tap delete
Then tap on OK to confirm it.

How can i change my voice mail language back to English:

To change the language at First you have to open Google voice app.
Then at the top left menu setting is present tap on it.
The in the voice mail section greetings are saved tap on it.
Then next to greetings, tap more set as active.


In this discussion we get to know about that many people prefers English language nowadays. It is easily understandable for those who are well educated. So to change your voicemail language from Spanish to English can follow a procedure. Voice mail provide a benefit that you can record your calls for later use.

How to change voicemail language:
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Main menu Choose personal option from main menu Choose personal preference from personal message Choose change language from personal message
Listen to message Message notification Change password English
Send a message Personal preference Play back preference French
Greetings Bypass password ON and OFF Recorded name Spanish
Personal option Change language Urdu
Recover deleted and expired messages

How can i change language on T-Mobile?

To activate voicemail on your T-Mobile . You have to press 1 for a long time to dial your voicemail. Then listen to instructions carefully to enter a security code and set up a greeting. If you want to change your greetings you can change it later whenever you want. You can change it by dialing voicemail and then you have to press star(*) then press 3 and at last press 2 and record a new greetings.

Can I delete my voicemail on T-Mobile?

Yes, you can delete your voice mail. If you want to delete your voicemail then to the phone settings. Tap on apps and apps& notifications. Check the list until you show the voicemail app then tap on it. And then click on disabled or delete button to delete it.

How do I know if my voicemail is full on T-Mobile?

If your mail box is full so, whenever you access your voicemail you can hear a massage related to that your mail box is full. Every callers that try to leave a voicemail message for you will be notified by the same message. So u never get new voicemail until you clear some old messages.

Cost of T-Mobile visual voicemail?

It is free to use. Firstly you get a free trial to your voice mail to text. It will transcribe and read a message for you. But if you want to keep it for a long time then you have to pay $4 per month.

T-Mobile transcribe voice mail or not?

Yes, Now google Mobile voicemail app can transcribe voice mail got T-Mobile users. The owners of pixel and nexus on T-mobiles no have an easy time determining. So, voice mail is worth listening to it.


Why my voicemail is not working?

Sometimes due to any update in your voicemail can cause issue. Any type setting can cause an issue in your voicemail. So, it can stop working. But you do not forget to call your voicemail to check that is it set-up correctly or not. When you set-up then your are free to use. You can make it ON and OFF anytime you want.

How to get rid of visual voicemail?

If you do not want to use your voicemail and want to get rid from that then,
Tap on the phone icon
And look for voicemail icon and tap on it.
Tap on the voicemail and then tap on garbage to garbage the icon.

What is the difference between visual voicemail and regular voicemail?

When you do not want to pick up a call and decline it. The dialer can hear your greetings that you saved. And then leave a message for you. In your iPhone, the voicemail can show you a list of messages and makes you to choose a message you want to hear or delete.
But the regular voicemail can not give you that much advantages.

Is it necessary to keep visual voicemail?

No, it is not necessary anymore. Nowadays many different ways are invented to send your message directly by non- visual voicemail mail.
What is the difference between visual voicemail and voice mail?
Visual voice mail provides you more advantages over voice mail. Like your messages are appeared on screen just like an email inbox. Main advantage of visual voicemail over voicemail is that Visual voice mail offers more controllability.

Why did my visual voicemail disappear?

If your voice mail are not loading and become disappear. So incorrect setting may be the issue for that. So you have to call your phone and try to leave a voicemail. You see that voice mail is not picking up your mail. The it show’s that your account is not active. It will be disabled.

How can I reset my voicemail password if I forget it?

To reset your password you have to follow the following procedure;
At first tap on apps icon.
Tap on the visual voicemail app.
Tap on the menu key
Then tap on the setting key
Then you see a options you have to tap on change PIN
Now entered your current PIN and then tap on OK.
Then enter the new PIN you want to change and then enter on confirm key to make it confirm.
And in the last tap on OK.

What is my voicemail PIN number?

Your PIN is similar to your voicemail password. As you know password is required anytime you wanted to receive mail. Just like that PIN must be entered every time you want to retrieve your voicemail messages. Your voicemail PIN will be the last six digits of your account number.


To change the voicemail language from Spanish to English is not a difficult job. You jut simply call on your voicemail and change it. It is Just a one tap to go. You can make your voicemail secure by adding a security password. You can change your password anytime. In the voicemail you can save greetings that is heard to dialer when you reject a call. Voicemail can be used in all type of android mobiles and even in iPhone. It is jot necessary to keep voice mail in your Mobile it is your choice.

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