How to Celebrate Diwali with Flowers Instead of Lights?

One of the prominent Hindu festivals marked with the victory of good over evil is the Indian festival Diwali. Diwali has always been an auspicious occasion that brings families closer and lightens the homes with sparkling lights. The houses are well decorated with a wide range of “diayas” (candles), and is the perfect time for burning the crackers. Hence the occasion finds a special corner in our heart for all these small delights.

However, the massive pollution due to crackers has forced us to pause and think about environmental challenges. Despite being a delightful event, Diwali is a principal source of air and noise pollution as well.

So here is a small guide on how one can celebrate Diwali through flowers and ask for flower delivery in Noida from the experts.

Celebrating Diwali with Flowers

Rangolis: One of the principal essences of Diwali is the rangoli. Rangoli is an Indian tradition in which colors are used to make beautiful aesthetics on the floor. However, despite bringing charm to your house, rangolis is a strict no for people with allergies.

On the other hand, how could one forget that the entire thing is a splash of chemicals? Imagine a toddler roaming around the house. Things could turn pretty bad in real-time in such scenarios. Hence the companies dealing with flower delivery in Noida suggest using flowers that are both safe and look good to the eyes.

Flower Gifts: Diwali is the perfect time for get-togethers, and how can one forget about gifts? However, spending extravagant gifts has become a thing of the past. How about celebrating this Diwali with flowers. Gifts like lucky bamboos and bonsai plants are soothing to eyes and hence could leave an everlasting impression.

Concluding Remark

No matter where you live, Diwali has become a global phenomenon. Make sure to get in touch with relevant vendors who provide flower delivery in Noida and celebrate the occasion in the best way possible.