How to Call in Sick as a Walmart employee?

Calling in sick as a Walmart employee For reporting an absence, employees can contact associates at 1-800-775-5944. This number is Walmart’s Associate Information line number for employees to inform about their sudden absences. After making a call in sick, they will request your WIN number, DOB, and store number. Provide all the requested details. The employee will get a confirmation number. After that, the store manager will take your call, and you can communicate with him.

Introduction to Walmart

Walmart is one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Its main office is in Bentonville. Under 59 different names, Walmart conducts business in 28 countries. Currently, Walmart employs more than 2.3 million associates worldwide and is the top retailer in 28 countries. Walmart provides high-quality retail products at low prices to customers worldwide.

Documents required to Call in sick at Walmart

The documents needed to call in sick at Walmart are as follows:

1. WIN Number

Every employee has a unique WIN number. When calling Walmart’s call-in sick number, you have to provide this number. It assists the associate in identifying the person calling to help the employee effectively. Let’s say you are unable to recall your WIN. You can always check and get your WIN using the OneWalmart website. But if you fail to provide your WIN number, then it means that you are not an employee at Walmart.

2. Date of Birth

When calling Walmart’s call-in sick number, an employee must provide his birth date. It serves as a verification step to ensure no one is using your information.

3. Store Number

On call in sick, an employee has to provide the store number to make it simple for you to reach your store manager. They consequently eliminate the possibility of mistaking a store location for an employee.


The documents needed for calling in sick are the WIN number, DOB, and store number.

Timing for Calling in sick at Walmart

The timing for calling in sick is as follows:

  • Weekdays from 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., call in sick at 1-800-775-5944.
  • Saturday timing is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m..
  • Sundays are off.

Other Methods to call in sick at Walmart

The methods to call in sick are as follows:

Methods Description
1. Through OneWalmart All you have to do is sign into your OneWalmart employee account and go for the option of Report Absence. Enter the accurate WIN number, DOB, and store number. Next, choose the time or day you will miss the work. In the end, give a justification for missing your shift. It includes a summary of your symptoms and your diagnosis.
2. Through Sedgwick Contact Sedgwick at (800) 492-5678 to report your absence.
3. Through a direct call to the Manager or Store If you are seriously ill, you can call your store or manager and let them know you can’t use the sick protocol system because of your condition.

Call in Sick without WIN Number at Walmart

If you want to call in sick and do not have a WIN number, you must speak with your manager or supervisor at your place of employment and ask for a sick day.

Examples of what to say when calling in sick

The examples of what to say when calling in sick are as follows:

Example no 1:

I felt pretty unpleasant when I woke up this morning. I believe I’m running a fever. I’m afraid of spreading it to my coworkers and don’t want it to worsen. I should take the day off and relax so I can return tomorrow. Thank you for being so patient. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Example no 2:

I have [the fever, a common cold, throat infections, etc.], and my doctor has advised taking [number] days off work to recover. I hope to feel well enough to travel back on [date]. I’ve sent my team an email with instructions on what to do while I’m away.

Reasons to call in sick at Walmart

The reasons are as follows:

Reason No. Description
1. Feeling unwell or sick.
2. Family crises or emergencies.
3. A family member is unhealthy or ill.
4. Possible exposure to a rapidly spreading illness.

Reasons to call in sick at Walmart

Tips for calling in sick at Walmart

The tips for calling in sick at Walmart are as follows:

  1. Be courteous and patient as the customer service representative verifies your information.
  2. Before calling your employer, discuss your symptoms with a doctor or nurse hotline.
  3. You must contact your manager or supervisor three hours before your scheduled shift.
  4. If you still feel inadequate after the prescribed time off, don’t lie about getting better.
  5. Be truthful about your symptoms and avoid making up an illness you don’t have.
  6. Make sure you have your Walmart Identification Number before making the call.
  7. Do not inform a coworker that you are ill and ask him to notify your store manager.
  8. For the Walmart employers to call you back, give them your name and phone number.

Call In Sick during Store Off-Hours

Employees should only call in sick during the timing of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the associates’ line. If your shift starts at the crack of dawn, you must submit a leave of absence through your OneWalmart employee account at least three hours beforehand. However, you should notify your store manager as soon as possible that you are leaving.


Visit your OneWalmart employee account to submit an absence request if your shift starts early in the morning.

Walmart Points System

Walmart Points System is part of the Walmart Attendance Policy:

  1. It tracks each employee’s performance based on their attendance record.
  2. This point system keeps track of employee absences, half-shifts, and late arrivals at Walmart retail locations.
  3. Employees with perfect attendance ratings on Walmart get bonuses.

Criteria of Bonus on Walmart Points System

Walmart follows the following criteria:

  1. A flawless attendance record at OneWalmart will earn you a 25% bonus.
  2. You will receive your total bonus with a point score of 2 points.
  3. A point total between 2.5 and 3.5 results in a 50% bonus.

Consequences of calling in sick late at Walmart

The consequences are as follows:

  • If you call in sick late or entirely miss your shift, you will be penalized with “warning like” points because it is considered an illegal absence.
  • An associate will lose one point for every day absent from Thursday through Sunday.
  • Missing significant events and holidays can deduct a maximum of three points.
  • Workers who have 5 to 9 points are at risk of losing the bonus of MyShare and getting fired.

Procedure of prolonged Sick Leave at Walmart

The procedure for taking a prolonged sick leave is as follows:

  • If you work for Walmart and have a persistent illness, you can request intermittent leave.
  • You must state your expected return date and the reason for your intermittent leave request. It will prepare the business for your absence.
  • To find a replacement for your shift, you must inform Walmart about your intermittent leave at least two days before the planned absence date.


Any employee can get a prolonged sick leave at Walmart through intermittent leave.

Paid Sick Leave at Walmart

Walmart provides paid sick leave to its employees because it respects the Paid Sick Leave Law. It covers all types of employees. However, not all Walmart locations follow this regulation. It varies depending on the state. Depending on the accounting year, employees who have worked for Walmart for more than a year are eligible for paid sick leave of 24 hours of paid sick leave. Employees with a service of less than a year are only eligible for up to 16 hours of paid sick leave.

Could I communicate with my manager directly or notify a colleague?

No, you can’t do that. Walmart has sick call-in policies that all employees must follow. First, contact the call-out sick hotline. It guarantees that everything is properly documented and handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent questions people ask about calling in sick as a Walmart employee:

1. What exactly does Walmart stand for?

“Walmart” likely stands for Walton’s Market.

2. How many sick days can Walmart employees take?

Walmart typically permits four to five instances of illness or injury every six months. Employees working with the company for less than six months may receive penalty points.

3. How long is Walmart willing to let you take a leave of absence?

If you are seriously ill, you can take up to 20 weeks off.

4. Can you Call in Sick at Walmart more than once?

A Walmart employee can only take 4 to 5 days of sick time in any six months. Therefore, each employee can qualify for 8 to 10 sick days a year. If your count exceeds 5, you risk losing your job.

5. What is a WIN number?

Each Walmart employee has a personal number called a Walmart Identification Number (WIN). When an employee calls in sick or reports an absence, this number will help recognize them. Check your most recent pay stub or speak with your manager to determine your WIN.

6. When should I report intermittent leaves?

According to Walmart policy, an employee must notify the manager, supervisor, or human resource manager (HR) at least two days in advance.

7. Which leaves are within the scope of the Paid Sick Leave Act?

Paid Sick Leave Law (PSL) coverage is for all employees, including full-time, temporary, and part-time workers.

8. How do I check my absences at Walmart?

Logging into your Walmart store associate account will allow you to view your six-month points report. Under My Time, you can find all the details for a Leave of Absence. To find out how many points or absences you have, call (800) 492-5678 at any time.

9. What is Walmart’s absence point?

The Walmart absence point is a system that ensures employees don’t arrive late for work. As a result, if someone comes late or misses their shift, they will receive absence points.

10. Can I call a sick appointment an hour before work?

No, calling in sick just an hour before your shift is unacceptable. You should call your manager or supervisor three hours before the scheduled time.

11. How can we avoid getting points when missing a Walmart shift?

You can miss your shift without accruing points if you adhere to the company’s policies. You should use the Walmart call-out number or the website to report your absence to avoid issues. Later, you should notify your store immediately if you get hurt or ill.

12. Mention the states offering PSL at Walmart.

Only the states listed below offer PSL:

  • California.
  • Texas.
  • Arizona.
  • Maryland.
  • Michigan.
  • New York.
  • Washington.
  • Oregon.
  • Illinois.
  • New Jersey.
  • Rhode Island etc.

13. How do attendance points work?

Walmart tracks the start and end of each employee’s shifts using the OneWalmart GTA time clock. The points system working is as follows:

  1. +0.5 points for finishing the shift before ending time.
  2. +1 point for working half-shift.
  3. +0.5 points for getting late.
  4. +2 points for failure to report an absence.


Calling in sick as a Walmart employee:
  • For reporting an absence, employees can contact associates at 1-800-775-5944.
  • After making a call in sick, they will request your WIN number, DOB, and store number.
  • Provide all the requested details.
  • The employee will get a confirmation number.
  • After that, the store manager will take your call, and you can talk with him.

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