How To Buy Good Products Without Extra Cost?

A decision we all have to make while shopping; is this product worth its cost? When you’re shopping, it’s easy to assume that a higher price tag always means a better product. That’s what most companies want you to think. Otherwise, few people would spend 1000 rupees when they could get the same item for 500 rupees.
Sometimes it’s right to go for quality over price, in a few instances, you’re better off saving your money and purchasing the less expensive option. In other cases, you might pay more now, but you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

There are a few factors that influence a buyer’s decision;

Economic Factor

Functional Factor

Marketing Mix Factor

Personal Factor

Psychological Factor

Social Factor

Cultural Factor

These factors help us understand the buying process a little better. Keeping all these factors in mind. Below I am going to give you some tips with examples on how you can buy good products without the extra cost.

Identify your needs from wants.

This will help you do efficient buying and cut back on the latter. Expenses like utilities, marketing and groceries are examples of what would fall into the “needs” category. These also include your clothes, meals etc. On the other hand, things like your Spotify and Netflix subscription, snacks, certain travel costs, or luxury expenses would be considered “wants” and thus need to be minimized or eliminated, at least for the time being.

Many companies use this method too. Titan discovered that while painting your walls over and over is a want but painting it once is a need hence titan sprayer parts are both your need and wants. Same goes with their ■■■■, rollers etc., and this discovery helped them grow smartly in this industry. They also priced their product like the titan sprayer parts accordingly which means you get a good essential product in lesser cost.

Research about the brand/company you’re buying from.

There are a lot of competitors out there. Many companies are selling the same product but with difference in quality and cost. In order to be cost effective and buying a product that’s worthwhile too, you need to research. For example, as mentioned before Titan is a well-known and recognized company, even if they sell their titan sprayer parts on any platform and at a good cost, consumers will be tempted to buy without a second thought. Therefore, in order to be cost effective to gain the best product, know your brand.

Stay with the company you usually buy from.

As I mentioned above, knowing about the company you’re buying is very important. Some consumers are loyal to their trusted company and don’t try out new ones. Unless they are offering benefits like discounts or bundles. Choosing to buy a product from a known company allows you to less likely be disappointed and psychologically keeps you at ease. You know the quality about the product already and hence also know is the cost is worth it. You get a good product without the extra cost and hassle.

Platform knowledge.

Either you research about a new company you want to buy from or stay with your old one, you need to choose a platform where you want to buy. There are different options now. You can buy your product at a store or online but then there are various different sites with different prices, delivery charges and perks. For instance you can buy titan sprayer parts from its official website or Amazon. It’s the same decision making process that goes here. Knowledge is power. Hence, this is another decision making process that is based on pros and cons. Once you’ve chosen the company you want to buy it from, you want to stay in the “good product without extra cost” area. Choosing how you buy it also should make the cost and product worth it.


With all the information above. Once the initial information search is complete, customers start reflecting on what they learned or discovered. They evaluate and make a decision regarding the best product. Customers at this point in the buying decision process have a lot to consider. They must determine what solution is the most trustworthy, affordable, highest quality, and highest performing. They have to compare a greater deal of whether to try a new brand that’s promising or stay with their previous one.


Buying a good product without bearing an overboard cost is something everyone wants. Buying a product is human nature whether it’s their need or want, buying a cost effective good product is actually a task. These steps and factors will help you achieve that a little better. Keeping all these in mind. Happy shopping!

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