How to Buy a Condo Real Estate?

Top Amenities to Look for When Buying a Condo

When it comes to condo amenities, what do buyers really want? When one spends hard-earned money in real estate such as a condo unit, one has to ask very critical questions such as — Where is the location? How much is there? What’s the credibility of a developer?

One more query will really make or break the deal with all the basics covered. What are the amenities? When it comes to attracting customers, top-notch facilities that offer luxury and comfort are the go-to option for most customers.

As such, real estate developers and designers take all stops to provide the best amenities, particularly if the condo follows a certain theme or inspiration. In addition to making a living in a condo even more comfortable and fun, whether it is leased or sold, facilities often add market value and desirability to the actual condo unit.

Here are the best amenities to look for while looking for your condo.

Lobby, Function Halls, and Other Common Areas

Popular spaces such as the lobby and hallways are the living room extensions. The benchmark of a great condo is a large, spacious lobby with a proper concierge and tight security.

The lobby will really make you and your guests feel right at home when you add comfortable couches, velvet armchairs, warm lighting, and cozy decor. And because only a small party in the unit will be entertained, function halls and other open areas must be properly sized to handle each event, from small gatherings to grand birthday celebrations.

Stunning Swimming Pools

There is something about the water that pulls people in, which is why these days, without at least one swimming pool, you can rarely see a condo development. Now, pools come in all shapes and sizes, including one that is thirty storeys high!

After a long, tiring day in the area, swimming pools offer both a relaxing break for warm days and a welcome diversion. The pool can be supplemented by additional touches, such as poolside lounge areas, snack bars, and change rooms, to complete the resort-like experience.

Fitness Center and Spa

A fitness center and spa are must-have facilities for the health-conscious customer who wants to keep fit and comfortable without having to leave the confines of their home. In order to help you de-stress, most condos have a gym with state-of-the-art equipment as well as spa services. Plus points if other health and well-being services such as a yoga center and outdoor gym are also in the condo.

A Touch of Green

Plants and trees, since they contain oxygen and decrease air pollution, help preserve one’s health and well-being. For a condo, buyers are mindful that they are prohibited from getting their own backyard by the small space.

By allocating open areas for gardens and greenery, planners are bridging the void. Pocket gardens and green walls, vertical gardens added to the internal or exterior of a building, crack the monotony of asphalt, steel, and timber throughout the complex for smaller developments.

Children’s Play Area

If the condo you’re thinking of buying is on the small side, odds are your little ones do not have enough room to run around and play with. A condo with a play area for kids can allow them to burn off their excess energy and get the exercise they need. A play area also facilitates social engagement, as encouraging your kids to play with other kids can show them the importance of contact, sharing, and teamwork.


For certain people, reading can be a sort of retreat, even more so if they can pore over their favorite text in a room that is both relaxed and peaceful. Reading nooks and libraries, especially those built to prioritize families of school-age children, is becoming a trend in condos. These spaces can encourage you or your kids to study and do their homework without the numerous distractions in their bedrooms, apart from catching up on your reading.

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