How to Barspin BMX Bikes

How to Barspin BMX Bikes: Step by Step Guide

Barspin is one of the first tricks a BMX bikes brands rider should learn. Yes, it’s a bit complicated than a regular bunny hop, still, it adds a bit of style to the regular BMX tricks. Before start learning barspin, one should know what a barspin actually is.

What is a Barspin?

A Barspin is a simple BMX trick that you can perform in a multitude of different locations and styles. It is performed while jumping from your rear wheel. The best way to learn barspin is on flat ground, after that you can move onto complicated scenarios.

How to Perform Barspin? Step by Step Technique

Step 1

To start the BMX barspin, you first need to ride the bike at a steady speed on a smooth flat surface. A good spot for it can be a skate park or a car park.

Step 2

Like the regular bike riding style, set your feet and pedals flat. Your front foot must be the dominating one. Now, pull up your front wheel first by setting it at a slight angle in the air and try to perform a clean bunny hop. Remember, the higher the bunny hop is, the easier it is to perform barspins. Don’t force a bunny hop to get more height as it will unsettle your balance, start naturally first.

Step 3

Once you are in the air, you need to strike the balance of your bike and make yourself ready for a barspin. It is better to have your bike at a slight angle to have a good riding position for performing barspin. You need to keep your body centered over your seat and seat post, and your legs straight. This is a bit tricky position but you can do that by pushing your bars forward and allowing your rear wheel to rise. This will take you one step closer to performing barspin.

Step 4

This step is the hardest part of performing a barspin. You have done the above three steps perfectly, now, you need to overcome the fear of letting go and spinning your bars. I know it doesn’t seem rational at all as you want to be only a couple feet above the ground. To overcome this fear, try progressing from manual barspins to bunny hop barspins. Keep the track of your dominant foot, as the spinning direction should be the same as your dominant foot. Now, lean back on your bike and grip your seat using your knees, and spin the bars as fast as you can.

Step 5

Try and catch the bars using the opposite hand to the one you threw the bars with. Now, hold your hands over your bike’s top tube, open-palmed and facing the direction the bars will be coming from. You can slow the rotation by having your hands centered over your bike. This will give you more control while performing barspins. Once you catch the bars, you should shift your focus on landing now and release your knees from the seat. You must land on your back wheel first just like while performing a regular hop. Congratulations, you have successfully performed the barspin.

Some Barspin Pro Tips

If you want to take your barspin to the next level, you must follow the following tips to add more flair to your barspin.

1. The Double Barspin

The double barspin as suggested by the name is performing two barspins while your bike’s front wheel is in the air. To perform a double barspin, you need to learn to spin your handlebars faster and balancing the front wheel of your bike longer in the air. The key to performing a double barspin is to spin the handlebars again as soon as your hand catches it after the spin.

2. Get Stunts Pegs

Finding the perfect balance is the key aspect of a barspin. You can have the perfect balance while doing barspin by attaching stunt pegs to the bike’s back wheel. The stunt pegs will make it easier for you to pull up the front wheel of your bike. Stunt pegs are even great to perform double barspins and other advanced barspin methods as they get you to hold your front wheel up for a longer time.


I know that performing barspin successfully is the desire of every BMX bike rider. You can do that easily by following the above-mentioned steps. You can enhance your barspin method by applying the given pro tips. I hope you have learned a lot from the above information.