How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot?

How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot? You can add the birthday field to Hubspot by going to dashboard settings. In the search box, type the birthday field, and results appear. Find a section of the birthday field and customize it. After adding it, just click the save button.

How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot?

How to Add a Birthday Field to the Default View?

If you run an internet business, the likelihood is high that you provide ongoing goods or services to your clientele through subscriptions or memberships. For instance, many people plan to pay their bills or bank accounts regularly by setting up recurring payments.

Imagine that your company runs an online store that offers things sourced from various suppliers. You can personalize the fields displayed in the object menu on the left side while using HubSpot. You can include the Birthday field in the default view, which will cause it to be displayed each time the record is opened.

  • After logging into your HubSpot account, go to the main navigation bar and select the settings button.

  • Go to Object > Contacts in the menu on the screen’s left side.

  • Navigate to the Record customization tab, choose Choose properties for the default sidebar, and click Edit when you finish.

  • You can find the Birthday field by using the search box for hunting for it.

  • If required, move it to a different location inside the section, and then click the Save button.

A birthdate field may be quickly and simply added to your Hubspot account if you are utilizing that platform. Thanks to this feature, customers can provide their birthday information when signing up for a new subscription.

Note: To start, sign in to your Hubspot account and select “Settings” from the menu. To set up recurring payments, select “Recurring” from the “Funnel Settings” section of the menu. There will be an appearance of a settings page for recurring orders.

Why Is It Important to Add a Birthday Field in Hubspot?

There are a few scenarios where you could find it useful to include a birthdate section in your online profile. If you already have a system to generate recurring money, you will want to track when your clients celebrate their birthdays. If you run many stores on Hubspot, you might find it useful to monitor the times consumers add their birthdays to their Hubspot accounts.

The Birthday Field element provides the user with three dropdown menus from which they may choose a date to enter into the field. Consumers often see the format “mm/dd/yyyy” or “dd/mm/yyyy” when looking at a birthday field. While it may come naturally to certain users to understand that “mm” refers to the month and “dd” refers to the day, many users either do not understand this or choose to disregard it.

Hubspot will often ask for your date of birth to verify that you are at least 13 years old. This is because if the service were available to younger children, it would be subject to more stringent limitations around displaying advertisements and collecting personal information. However, the information may also provide hackers with another piece of information that may be used to steal identities.


Now that you know how to add a birthday field to Hubspot, you should think about how you can strengthen your interactions with your customers by using the information you’ve gained. You may set up an automatic system to send happy birthday emails to your consumers.

HubSpot Overview

Name HubSpot
Type Public
Industry Software
Founded June 2006; 16 years ago
Founders Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah
Number of employees 5,895

Hubspot’s marketing automation platform has an extensive set of capabilities for handling and closing sales from inbound leads. By releasing Inbox by Hubspot, Hubspot is redefining how it’s recognized for its blog content and creating significant consumer interaction at scale.

It’s time for publishers to rethink what they’re putting out there. Content marketing skills are a must for them to succeed in their careers.

HubSpot’s suite of products includes features for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, lead generation, and SEO. For example, HubSpot can be integrated with salesforce, SugarCRM, and NetSuite. Third-party services, such as templates and extensions are available as well.

In addition, HubSpot provides inbound marketing advice and an online resource academy. User group meetings, inbound marketing training, and certification programmes are held here.


HubSpot has been referred to be a “prolific content developer” for its inbound marketing efforts, including blogs, social media, webinars, and white papers. It’s time for publishers to rethink what they’re putting out there. Content marketing skills are a must for them to succeed in their careers.

How to Create a Date Property in HubSpot

  • After logging into your HubSpot account, go to the main navigation bar and select the settings button.

  • Properties may be accessed using the menu on the left sidebar.

  • Select Contact attributes from the dropdown menu after selecting an item to work with.

  • Select the Create property option.

  • After completing the fields for the Object type, Group, and Label, click the Next button.

  • Click the Create button once you have specified a date picker as the field type.

What can we use your new HubSpot Integration for?

The opportunities are virtually limitless; nonetheless, the following are some potential applications:

  • Lists for Birthdays - You can now create a Smart list or filter your Contacts to keep track of everyone who has a birthday coming up. Emails are preferable to phone calls or text messages.

  • Lists based on Age Groups - Filtering and creating lists based on age ranges is possible since age is a numeric column. If your business is aimed at a certain demographic, such as those between the ages of 16 and 18, you may compile a list of everyone in that demographic.

  • Birthday-based workflows - Salesman Joe Girard, one of America’s most successful automobile salesmen, credited his success in part to his practice of sending a handmade birthday card to each of his clients each year (as well as other holidays). You’re done by creating a new process with a date-based property.

  • Contact Age-Related Workflows - Your Contact’s age may now be used to trigger processes. When a Contact reaches a specific age, you can send them a special offer. You may now send wine club offers to Contacts who have reached a specified age limit.

Why We Built a New Hubspot Integration?

The question “how do we select age ranges for our younger players?” came from a client who runs a New Zealand-based Rugby Academy. So that your Contact’s Properties may be updated, we developed a HubSpot Workflow. When you add or modify a Contact’s birthday, the Integration automatically adjusts their Age and Next Birthday.

So, why did we create a new date of birth attribute when HubSpot already has one? A text field, not a date field, populates the date of a birth attribute in HubSpot using the Ads Integration. A text field can’t be relied upon to change or compute dates.

You may now utilize a date picker in the CRM to set a date, thanks to adding a new date field. A Date of Birth Field in your HubSpot Form may also be included so your contacts can set their date of birth.


There is a technology for automation based on yearly events, including birthdays, in HubSpot. But how did HubSpot know to begin on your next birthday?? And how might we determine the Contact’s age? Kiwis design integrations to do the impossible when told that something in HubSpot isn’t feasible.


Some answers related to HubSpot are given here:

1 - What does HubSpot do exactly?

HubSpot is a CRM platform that combines all the tools that growing businesses need to provide a world-class customer experience. By using technologies that are strong when used alone, but much more so when combined, our solution helps teams flourish.

2 - Does Google own HubSpot?

It’s time for HubSpot to be bought by Google. It’s been a long since we’ve danced like this. When Google Ventures and Sequoia, and Salesforce invested $32 million in HubSpot in 2011, the King of Search saw HubSpot’s potential.

3 - What are HubSpot accounts?

Everything that comes with your HubSpot package is housed in this area. It’s utilized to create your final output and can be free or paid for. Your plan’s tools and features are available with a regular HubSpot account.

4 - What makes HubSpot so great?

You may use HubSpot to manage your marketing, sales, and customer care teams all at once because of its free version’s extensive features and ease of use. The vast majority of businesses will find it to be an excellent solution.

5 - What does the date of birth look like?

Users are more likely to encounter “mm/dd/yyyy” or “dd/mm/yyyy” in a birth date field. While it may be obvious to certain users that “mm” refers to the month and “dd” refers to the day, this is often a source of confusion or oversight for others.

6 - Is HubSpot able to track user activity?

While it’s impossible to see who’s signed in, you can see what they’ve been up to. Using HubSpot’s Sales Dashboard is the simplest way to see what’s happening. The HubSpot Spocket is on the upper left.

7 - Can I use HubSpot without a website?

How can I take the Inbound Certification exam with no firm name or website? HubSpot does not validate the company name or URL on the form, so you can take the Inbound Certification with any company name or URL.

8 - What is HubSpot’s inbound strategy?

With the help of customer-centric content creation and personalized interactions, businesses may use inbound marketing to acquire new consumers. Outbound marketing disturbs your audience, but inbound marketing builds connections and addresses problems that they already have in their minds.

9 - Does Salesforce own HubSpot?

Salesforce and HubSpot have extended their long-term partnership, the companies announced today. HubSpot’s partnership with Salesforce began in 2007.

10 - Is HubSpot a Microsoft product?

The fact that HubSpot isn’t Microsoft is not always a bad thing. HubSpot focuses on customer relationships, whereas Microsoft has hundreds of products on the market. They’ve been around since 2004 and provide three software products: HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, and HubSpot Analytics.


Because it is a text field rather than a date in HubSpot’s default contact birthday attribute, it cannot be utilized in Workflows or other tools. On the other hand, custom date properties may be created and used across the system. A second e-commerce site solely offering your firm’s products is also an option. A recurring payment function in your account is essential if you have many companies under one roof.

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