How Old Is Stefan Salvatore

How Old Is Stefan Salvatore? Stefan Salvatore’s Age Stefan was 171 years old at the time of his death. Despite their advanced age, neither Damon nor Stefan displayed it due to their vampire status - and therefore remained 25 and 18 years old, respectively, for the remainder of their lives.

How Old Is Stefan Salvatore

Who Was Stefan Salvatore?

Stefan Salvatore was one of The Vampire Diaries’ two primary male protagonists. Stefan was a cured vampire who was 171 years old. He was a distant descendant and doppelgänger of Silas.

Stefan was born and reared in Mystic Falls, Virginia’s mystical town, and came of age during the Civil War. Stefan was Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore’s youngest child.

He has an elder brother, Damon Salvatore, who is also a healed vampire and with whom he had a tense relationship because to the arrival of Katherine Pierce, whom they fought while they were human.

Stefan Salvatore’s Personal Life

Stefan Salvatore was born on November 1, 1846, on the Veritas Estate in what would become Mystic Falls, Virginia. He is the youngest of Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore’s children.

He is Damon Salvatore’s younger brother. In 1851, when Stefan was five years old and attending a Thanksgiving dinner with his parents and brother at the Salvatore Estate, his father confronted Damon over money stolen from his bureau, assuming his oldest son to be the burglar.

Stefan was a child when he witnessed his father burn Damon’s hand with a burning cigar as a punishment for lying and stealing. Unbeknownst to Stefan, the money was really taken by his mother, who was attempting to flee her husband with her sons.

Damon recalls that he shattered Stefan’s nose in October 1852 while attempting to teach him how to throw a right grapple.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season 1

Stefan was initially spotted at Mystic Falls High School as a mystery, gorgeous new student. He was born and raised in Mystic Falls and had recently returned to reside in the Salvatore Boarding House with his nephew Zach.

Zach refers to him as “Uncle Stefan,” despite the fact that Stefan appears to be substantially younger. When Stefan initially arrives at the high school, all of the girls are instantly drawn to him and desperate to capture his attention.

Season 2

Stefan came at Elena’s house in The Return and inspected Jeremy, concluding that he was not a vampire. Stefan then went to the hospital to check on Caroline while Elena stayed with Jeremy. When Stefan descends, he encounters “Elena,” who is actually Katherine.

Stefan immediately recognises who it is and hurls her over the couch. Katherine breaks his arm and then flees the home as Damon and Elena enter.

Stefan inquires as to how Katherine duped him, and Damon responds that he kissed her while thinking he was kissing Elena. Stefan is enraged by this and was about to attack his brother when Elena intervened.

Season 3

Stefan and Klaus are in Tennessee in The Birthday. Stefan intervenes to prevent a brunette/black-haired woman from fleeing her house while being pursued by Klaus. The girls reveal the whereabouts of Ray Sutton, a werewolf, but Klaus orders Stefan to immediately kill the blonde and inflict pain on the runner before going away.

Stefan agrees. Klaus and Stefan then make their way to a bar in search of Ray. Ray gets sceptical and quickly realises he is in the presence of vampires. Stefan has forced everyone in the pub to leave, leaving Ray alone – and refusing to reveal the location of his pack.

Season 4

Stefan and Damon are with Elena when she first awakens in her bedroom in Growing Pains. Stefan informs Elena, with the assistance of Damon, that she was involved in an accident, that Meredith Fell cured her with vampire blood the previous night, and that she died with vampire blood in her system.

Downstairs, he and Damon dispute over what to do next: Stefan wants to do everything possible to avert Elena’s transformation, while Damon wants her to embrace the inevitable, feed on human blood, and avoid permanent death.

While Damon is out, the Town Council apprehends Stefan and Elena and imprisons them, along with Rebekah, in a cell. Stefan expresses his regrets about Elena refusing to feed in order to finish her change. In a touching moment,

Season 5

Stefan has been locked in the safe for three months on the lake in I Know What You Did Last Summer. He is drowning and repeatedly awakens helpless with no way out. Stefan was found to have been hallucinating chats with Damon the entire time.

Stefan refused to turn off his humanity when Damon advised him to do so in case he escaped. Stefan later considers turning off the switch until a vision of Elena urges him to continue fighting.

Season 6

Elena states in I’ll Remember that Stefan left everything behind after four months in order to discover a witch who can communicate with the stale, but the lead proved fruitless, and he has since relocated to Savannah, Georgia, where he works as a mechanic and also has a new girlfriend named Ivy.

He speaks with Alaric and informs him that he is still on the lookout for someone capable of resurrecting Damon and Bonnie. He later joins Ivy in bed and she requests that he reveal a secret to her.

He admits that he is a vampire, but she does not believe him and embraces him. He then receives a phone call from Elena, who inquires as to if there is any chance, but he informs her that he cannot locate anything and that she should proceed.

He subsequently receives a phone call from Caroline, but disregards the message and purposefully destroys his phone, demonstrating that he is still grieving.

Season 7

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Damon brings Alaric to Europe, where he gets Alaric drunk every night in the aftermath of Elena’s ‘death.’ Bonnie accompanied them to keep an eye on Damon.

Caroline writes in Mystic Falls on a bench dedicated to her mother. Stefan arrives and the two have an extremely awkward chat, which both acknowledge is uncomfortable. Stefan, ever the perfect manpire, tells her: “You live your life, you heal, and we’re friends in the interim.”

Not long afterwards, two of the Heretics eliminate two humans and hang their bodies upside down. Stefan and Matt, along with the rest of the police officers, discover the bodies. Later, Stefan calls his brother to check in on him and Alaric.

Following his convocation with his brother, he requests that he call Alaric. Stefan inquires as to how to construct a blasting material. Stefan instructs him to set the blast’s timing to one minute when he informs him. Caroline swiftly and carelessly raises the explosive.


1850s (1st Time)

Stefan’s Life

  • Stefan was a compassionate, kind, noble, honourable, clever, athletic, responsible, scholarly, diligent, and gentlemanly individual as a human being.

  • He was unquestionably dubbed the ‘Golden Boy,’ and he garnered the attention and respect of the whole town of Mystic Falls, particularly his father Giuseppe.

  • Stefan was also seen to be ambitious and studious, and he aspired to be a doctor during his human life, and this was his job or vocation of choice before to being converted against his will into a vampire. Stefan was liked, admired, and popular with ladies during his human years when it came to love and passion.

  • He was seen as chivalrous, gallant, romantic, well-mannered, courteous, and polite, all of which contributed to Katherine Pierce’s intense attraction to the younger Salvatore.

  • In comparison to Damon, who relentlessly pursued and pursued Katherine, Stefan was far more difficult to obtain and challenging. Unlike Damon, Stefan was extremely close to his father Giuseppe and was considered Giuseppe’s favourite son.

  • Stefan was extremely close to his mother, who died when he was ten. Stefan was described as joyful, optimistic, light-hearted, lively, mischievous, and innocent prior to his transformation into a vampire in 1864.

  • Additionally, he was regarded as athletic, dutiful, courteous, clever, academic, noble, chivalrous, and temperate. Stefan grew up in a strong relationship with his older brother Damon. While Stefan was extremely popular and had a large number of male friends during his human life, Stefan always regarded Damon to be his best friend and companion.

  • Stefan was also rather idealistic, if not naive, when it comes to love and romance. This is demonstrated in Stefan, who became enamoured and fell in love with Katherine Pierce very fast and readily, demonstrating his youth, naivete, and simplicity as a typical young human. Stefan was just seventeen years old, but he exhibited maturity, responsibility, and a wisdom well beyond his years.

The Present -2017- (2nd Time)

  • Stefan was returned to his human form after Bonnie injected the Cure into him while he attempted to kill her. As a human being once more.

  • He was overcome by guilt for all the atrocities he had committed while serving Arcadius without losing his humanity, most notably murdering Enzo.

  • He attempted to make amends with Bonnie, claiming he would have to live with the guilt and would spend the rest of his life attempting to make amends with her, beginning with the murder of Arcadius.

  • Finally, he atoned for his actions by transferring the cure he possessed to Damon and making the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee Katherine, the new ruler of anguish, remained in anguish when Bonnie redirected hellfire to destroy anguish.

Stefan Salvatore’s Physical Appearance

Stefan was regarded as classically attractive and athletic on the outside, with a dark, secretive, and intense aura on the inside. Stefan possessed a light skin, a large forehead, an angular jawline, deep-set forest green eyes, a straight nose, and a well-formed lips.

He wore his hair straight, short, dark blonde, and frequently gelled or spiked. Stefan, too, possessed perfectly straight teeth and an endearing smile. Stefan is somewhat taller than average, standing at approximately 5’11" ", and he possesses an athletic physique that is slender, flat-muscled, and athletic.

Stefan was generally fashionable and easygoing in his attire and fashion sense. He was frequently seen wearing darker hues such as black, grey, and dark blue, however he occasionally wore lighter hues. Stefan was also occasionally seen sporting plaid shirts in lighter tones.

He was frequently spotted wearing darker coloured t-shirts, shirts, or sweaters in a variety of styles (such as short-sleeved, round-necked and v-necked shirts). Stefan was a casual yet fashionable dresser who always looked nice, clean, and well-groomed. He frequently wears dark or black jeans with a belt and black, buckled leather boots.

Stefan occasionally wears black leather jackets and dark sunglasses, which lend him an air of mystery and rebellion. Stefan will dress more formally, for example, in suits and tuxedos, if he is attending a formal gathering/event or a special occasion.

Capabilities and Responsibilities

Stefan possessed all of the normal vampire powers and abilities. Stefan has established himself as an accomplished fighter, capable of quickly subduing his adversaries. Stefan, as a vampire over 170 years old, is one of the series’s oldest vampires. While Stefan’s age enables him to outperform younger vampires, he is vastly inferior to Katherine and Anna.

Unlike many other vampires, Stefan, like his brother, has demonstrated the capacity to resist the powers of compulsion when it comes to Elena Gilbert. To the dismay of others, Stefan may become dangerous when emotionally unbalanced. In Best Served Cold, Stefan was able to fight and defeat Julian, a vampire over 475 years old, to the point where Stefan was about to kill him if not for Lily’s intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peoplel usually ask many questions about How Old Is Stefan Salvatore. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Who is Salvatore’s elder brother?

Since Damon Salvatore is the elder brother, born on June 18, 1839, and Stefan Salvatore is the younger brother, born on November 1, 1846, there is a seven-year age difference between them. Stefan was seventeen years old.

2. Elena Gilbert’s age in season 1?

Elena around Christmas time in 2007. Elena was fifteen years old and a student at Mystic Falls High School on December 22, 2007. She was assisting her town in preparing for the Mystic Falls Lighting of the Tree Ceremony.

3. Stefan Salvatore’s age in the show?

Paul Wesley was 27 years old when he portrayed Stefan Salvatore, a vampire who was around 18 years old when he was transformed into a vampire in 1864. Wesley portrayed Stefan for eight seasons and was 35 years old at the time of the show’s conclusion.

4. Elijah The Originals is how old?

Despite his age, he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties, between the ages of 27 and 30. He is older than his half brother Niklaus but younger than his brother Finn, which places him as the family’s second oldest sibling.

5. Who is the eldest member of the founding family?

Freya Mikaelson - Freya was Mikael and Esther’s first child. She was the older sister of Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik, as well as the half-sister of Niklaus. According to legend, the oldest Original sibling died of the plague in the Old World (particularly, Norway).

6. Who is The Vampire Diaries’s oldest vampire?

When it comes to vampires, the sky is the limit! Mikael is the oldest, having been born first! Rebekah was the first to replace all of her siblings! Mikael was not only the oldest and strongest, but his strength as a mortal also magnified his might.

7. What is the age of The Originals in TVD?

Were they adolescents? Are they in their twenties? According to different tidbits scattered throughout the narrative, The Originals were transformed into Autumn (November) 1001. Elijah was born sometime between October 977 and early 978, putting him no more than 24 years old.

8. Who is the more powerful Which is it, Damon or Stefan?

Damon’s ability to transform into a crow or a dog, and even produce fog, was hinted at in the TVD pilot. Later in the programme, his abilities are explained more clearly, although he is stronger than Stefan due to his constant human blood diet, making him physically more terrifying than his brother.

9. Kol is older than Rebekah, isn’t he?

The relationship between Kol Mikaelson and Rebekah Mikaelson, the Original Vampires. Kol is Rebekah’s older brother. He seemed to be a year or two her senior. They are the youngest Mikaelson siblings since Henrik’s death.

10. How tall is Mikaelson’s hope?

Hope is the shortest of her friends and peers as a teenager, standing at 5’3" straight. She regularly wears tall boots to draw attention to her height and clothing. She has wavy auburn hair that may be styled in a variety of ways. Her eyes are a stunning light blue colour and her lips are big.

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