How Much Levels In Candy Crush?

How much levels in the candy crush? Well Candy Crush is a famous video game that was launched for the players on Facebook to play free of cost with a single-mode player. It was released back in 2012. Candy crush is based on the completion of different levels. In it, the player keeps scoring to reach to the next level. As far as the question is concerned that how much levels are there is Candy Crush? The reply is a bit confusing as the producer keeps posting new levels quite rapidly.

Candy crush

1. General Information About the Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a match puzzle video game. King is the developer and the publisher of the Candy Crush.

1.1. Platforms

Candy Crush is available to play on the following platforms.

  1. App Store
  2. Google Play
  3. Windows Phone Store
  4. Amazon Appstore
  5. Microsoft windows
  6. macOS
  7. Linux

1.2. How to Play Candy Crush?

This a game in which a gameboard is used. The player keeps swapping the two adjacent candies laying on a gameboard. There are several other candies on the gameboard as well.
The player has to match the similar candies and create a row of more than 2 or at least 3 matching coloured candies on the gameboard.
Once the match is created, the matched row of the candies removes from the gameboard, as such new candies that are present on the upper rows of the gameboard fall on the empty spaces.
Then the player starts creating another match of the candies, which will follow the same process again. By creating similar matching rows of the candies, the player scores some points.
This reward progresses with more points in accordance with the chain reactions.
After creating a number of the matches, the reward will be in the form of special candy.
This special candy helps to eliminate the rows or columns on the board when it is matched.


1.3. How Levels Work in Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is divided into many levels. The player has to complete these levels in order to move forward.
Each level has its own specificities, like for example in some levels the player gets less time to achieve the target or to achieve the score, or sometimes the moves available on the board are also limited or are in the fixed numbers to bring the required items to the bottom of the board.
Sometimes the board offers at certain levels a specific space that can be used only by following certain rules. Like for example, sometimes such empty spaces are covered with the jelly.
And the player will have to create some match to free up space.
After crossing to a certain goal and completing the requirements of the score, the player of Candy Crush is rewarded with one, two or three stars, after that the player may enter to the next level.
As such the completed level can be played again my player if he is willing to play it again.
If the player loses to achieve the required score, then it means that he loses a life, and he will have to try it again.
To try again the player will have to wait for a certain time period unless they regenerate the life, after which they would be able to replay Candy Crush.

1.4. Episodes Of Candy Crush:

Later in Candy Crush, numbers of the episodes were introduced. Similarly, with these new episodes, dozens of new levels were also added in each of the episodes.

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Fifteen levels were added in each of the episode.

1.5. Characters in Candy Crush:

  1. Tiffi (Toffette)
    There is a candy kingdom in Candy Crush. There are many puzzles in it, which the player has to solve. Tiffi (Toffette) helps to solve these problems.
  2. Mr. Toffee :
    Mr. Toffee is a tutorial guide of Candy Crush. His voice was given with the French accent in the beginning; later more sophisticated male voice was given to him.
  3. Easter Bunny
  4. Mr. Yeti
  5. Odus the Owl
  6. Jelly Queen
  7. Cupcake Carl

1.6. Awards:

People’s Choice Award:
Candy Crush was given the People’s choice award in 2016, for the most favourite mobile game.

International Mobile Gaming Award:
Candy Crush has also won the 9th international Mobile Gaming award for the best social game.

2. Candy Crush Levels:

Candy Crush is an online game that is free to play.In this game, the player exchanges the coloured pieces of the candy, with other pieces in order to match them with the same colours. Candy Crush is a type of game that is composed of different levels. In fact, Candy Crush is the game which is having so many levels than any other online game.
The new levels of Candy Crush are released every week, especially on Wednesday.
Usually, each episode of the Candy Crush has 15 levels.
While this is not the case with the Candy Town and Candy Factory, as they both have ten levels only.
In Dreamworld there are some 665 levels.
According to a survey, Candy Crush has some 8585 levels in its 573 episodes.
The amount of the level varies for some of the players as they have to pass a test.
These levels are available for the HTML5 version (windows 10). The Flash version of Candy Crush has 2825 levels along with 189 episodes. As far as the Adobe Flash player is concerned, on December 31 December 2020, it had been removed.

2.1. Types Of The Levels In Candy Crush:

There are some six different types of levels in the Candy Crush.

1. Jelly:

This level involves the player to clear the jelly from the board. The jelly level is in fact the 27.98 % of all the levels available in the Candy Crush.

2. Moves:

In this level, certain points are earned by the player in some of the moves.

3. Ingredients:

The level known as ingredients demands to bring all of the ingredients down to the outlet.

4. Mixed Mode:

This is actually a mix of the two different types of levels.

5. Candy Order:

Candy order is a level in which players collect the wanted items and thus collect the orders.

6. Rainbow Rapid:

In the level called Rainbow Rapid, the player collects the rainbow candy by clearing the path. The rainbow rapid is the scarcest among the other levels of Candy Crush as it forms just 2.74 % of the game.

2.2 Percentage And First Appearances of the Level Types:

Following is the list of the percentage at which the different types of the levels appear;

  1. Jelly :

Jelly is in the level 6 of the Candy Crush with its 2402 appearances in it.

  1. Moves :

Moves are in level 1 of the Candy Crush. While it has some 444 appearances in this.

  1. Ingredients :

Ingredients are in the level 11, along with its 1513 appearances.

  1. Mixed Mode :

Mixed Mode appears in the level 656, with 2190 appearances.

  1. Candy Order:

Candy Order is with its first appearance in the level 31, with some 1756 appearances.

  1. Rainbow Rapids :

Rainbow Rapid is in the level 77116, with some 235 appearances.


2.3. What is the Highest Level on Candy Crush?

So far there is no exact information, that when does the final level of the game come.
This all is due to the reason that the producer of the game keeps releasing new level almost every week, in order to keep Candy Crush in an updated version to keep engaged and excited the players to play the upcoming level.
So in this sense Candy Crush is an endless game until the producers decide to finish this game, by stopping the release of the new levels.
Till June 18, 2020, Candy Crush had about 7280 levels. The user @Origins7_Dale at Candy Crush Community Fandom is known who has finished that level already.
He also has in fact completed the Candy Crush for the 6th time as well and is know waiting for the release of the next level of Candy Crush.

3. New Episodes:

In the festive holidays of 25th December 2020, new episodes of Candy Crush were released. At different platforms’ the amount of the episodes released is different.

1. Facebook and Mobile: (android, iOS and the Amazon devices)

For Facebook and mobile, some 6050 levels along with 404 episodes were released.

2. Win10

For Win10 some 6140 levels and 410 episodes were released.

3.1. The New Episode Soda Surf and Its Levels:

The sixth level in the soda Surf is level 2021, and it has some 145th moves level.
At this level, the player has to achieve some 70,000 points almost within 16 moves.
Thus the player has to score at least 4,380 points in each of the moves.
After the completion of these levels, the Sugar Crush gets activated.
Thus the player then is rewarded with some more additional points.

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• 70,000 points or the 16 moves will be equal to = 4,375 points per move.

4. Popularity of Candy Crush:

There are billions of players of candy crush all around the world. And reportedly it’s been played on Antarctica as well.

5. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Following are the frequently asked questions about the Candy Crushed Saga.

1. Is Candy Crush Ever going to end?

As Candy Crush releases its new levels regularly every week. So it seems there is no end to this game. As the players also eagerly wait for the new level so there is seemingly no end so far. But if the production of the game will desire to end the game then there will be no more levels, so this will be the end of the Candy Crush.

2. What day does Candy Crush Release new levels?

The producer of Candy Crush releases the new levels each week, particularly on Wednesday.

3. Does Candy Crush let you win?

The basics of the Candy crush are so simple that anyone can play this game easily, including the preschoolers. In which you just have to make a match of the same coloured candies in a row or a column. That’s how candy crush allows the player to win easily and that’s the reason that you reach to the next level, thus the player desires to play the next level as well.

Candy Crush has declared as the most popular online free game ever. It is also considered as an addictive game. It was also investigated by the UK Office of Fair Trading, for the exploitative game mechanics to know its effects on the younger users. But still, in England, Candy Crush is considered as the top-grossing mobile game so far. According to the producer King, Candy Crush hit another milestone as players spent their 73 billion hours laying this game since its launch in 2012.