How much is a parrot?

How much is a parrot? There are hundred species of individual parrot, which are priced from $20 for a budgie to $20,000 for a Hyacinth Macaw. Some parrots may be more.

How much is a parrot?

The price of parrot depends mainly on the type of parrot you want to get. Hyacinth MaCaws are endangered species and even those bred in captivity are between $10,000 to $20,000. An African Grey is between $1,000 and $2,000 bred in captivity. The price also depends if you buy from a pet shop or a breederrmation about the bird. It is very important to find a good breeder.

Parrot price in Pakistan

In this topic of how much is a parrot, we will mainly describe the parrot prices in Pakistan. Prices of Budgies, Cockatiels, Love Birds, Raw, African Grey, and Macaw parrots in market these days. We will also discuss conures, Electus parrot and their trend in the market of pet bird.

After the Corona Pandemic, birds’ prices have increased significantly in Pakistan. The birds’ rates ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. In this article we will analyze the market’s rates and which birds are in trend these days and which birds will be profitable for you the market.

Australian Parrots Price in Pakistan

Starting from budgies, Normal breeder Budgies Pair as Pied, Green, or wild Budgies are in range from Rs. 600 to 700. Red Eyes and Fallow are also of similar rates. But if you are buying them from the market, then the prices will be different in range from Rs. 50 to 100. You can also sell them in range from Rs. 500 to 600 in market. Budgies in King Size accessible in range Rs. 1200 to 1500 and The King Size TCB is selling at about Rs. 1.3 to 1.8k. Exhibition Local Breed are additionally sold at the range of 5000 to 6000Rs and Imported Breed at about 10k to 25k relying on the birds’ quality at which they are being sold.

Australian Parrots Price in Pakistan

:arrow_right: Suggestions

If you have an interest on budgies, there is a little benefit in normal size budgies. Since in present market normal budgies is definitely not a good specie to sell in the market. Red Eyes and Fallow are suffering in terms of prices in market. You should shift yourself to the best variety which is King Size, TCB and Exhibitions or show class budgies. If you have no spending issue, you can keep Exhibition too. Almost same amount is spent on their food and stuff with a huge difference between the costs of normal budgies and show class. In this way, I suggest you shift to the best variety if you have an interest in Budgies.

Love birds Price in Pakistan

Before Corona Pandemic, Love Birds and Fishers were to us in range 1500Rs, but now they are being sold at rates 2500 to 3000Rs and some are also being sold at around 3000 to above. Common Lutino with range Rs. 3000 to 3200, (Cherry Peach Faced, Pastel) being sold at Rs. 2000 to 2500.

Love birds Price in Pakistan

Mask Love Birds Price in Pakistan

Lutino Per sonata (Black Eyes) are being sold in a range of Rs. 5000 to 6000 and Lutino Per sonata with Red Eyes in the range of Rs. 6000 to 7500 or more and maximum Rs. 8000, Albino Black Eyes are available in the range of Rs. 7000 to 9000 and red eyes 10 to 15k too, Mauve in range Rs. 2500 and Cobalt and Blue Mask Rs. 3500 to 4000. Yellow Chest Black Mask Rs. 8000 to 10000 depend on quality as imported birds are above 10000. Holland Breed goes from 10k above.

Mask Love Birds Price in Pakistan

Par Blue and EU wing’s Love Birds in Pakistan

Par Blue and EU wing’s Love Birds’ prices have recently decreased but not so much. In this way, Love birds, Common Lutino and fishers are in incredible demand nowadays and their costs are getting better too as before Corona pandemic, they were kept at extraordinary numbers so their reasonable worth had been down for greater time but now they are a decent bird to keep in market.

Par Blue and EU wing’s Love Birds in Pakistan

:arrow_right: Suggestions

Cobalt, Blue, Lutino Per sonata, Albino Yellow Chest are market birds and are sold effectively and their rates are impressive too. According to my point of view if you need to keep Love Birds of good variety like Par blue, then you ought to have a few pairs of Fischer lovebirds so you can make them breed with various breeds to get various colors and features. In this way you can have benefit and can add fuel to your adoration for birds.

Cockatiel Price in Pakistan

If we discuss about Cockatiels, Gray cockatiels are being sold in a range of Rs. 3000 to 3500, Common White cockatiel at a rate of Rs. 4000 to 4500, Pied Normal cockatiel Rs. 4500 and V Pied at a rate of Rs. 7000 to 9000, Fallow in a range of Rs. 7000 to 15000 relying on quality of birds, Eno Black eyes at a rate of Rs 6500 to 7000 and Red Eyes ranges from Rs 7500 to 9000 are available.

Cockatiel Price in Pakistan

:arrow_right: Suggestion

Lutino Common white Cockatiels are best because of their good place in market, and you should keep it in cage. Along with Common Cockatiels, Expensive Varieties, for example, V Pied, and Fallow can also be kept with Red Eyes and Ino as they are in incredible demand. Ino Black and Red Eyes both are in high demand in the market.

Green Parrots price in Pakistan

In Indian ring necks, Green Ring Neck (Katha) tame talking male are sold at about Rs. 10k to above. It can also talk and can sit on your arm. Wild Pair is being sold at Rs. 8k. Pin feathers chicks are at a rate of Rs. 3000 to 5000. Yellow Ring Neck in range Rs. 1 Lac 25k to 1 Lac 35k. A few pairs that have been found in the market are sold at around 1 Lac 35k. White Color Ring Neck are sold at 85k to 1 Lac.

These varieties are in incredible demand and their costs are increasing in great numbers throughout the previous 5 years. It can profit you if you are to keep them. Ring Necks are consistently in incredible demand and assuming you have pair of green Ringneck in breeding process, you should pick to keep Yellow and White Ring Neck as they are in high demand in the market. You can also foster eggs of Yellow and White Ring Neck with pairs of Green Ringnecks. Chicks of Katha are also being sold at acceptable rates in the market.

Green Parrots price in Pakistan

Raw Parrots Price in Pakistan

If we discuss about Raw and Alexandrine, they have consistently been demanding parrots and are being sold at 25 to 30k Rs and Breeder Pair 45k to 55kRs. Single Chick of Pin Features that are old enough 1 to 2months are being sold at 13 to 15k Rs and pair of range 25 to 30k Rs relying on the size of the birds.

Raw Parrots Price in Pakistan

Conure Parrots price in Pakistan

Local Varieties in form of Green Cheek Conure and Pineapple Conure are at a rate of Rs. 10k to 15k and chicks ages between 45 to 60 days are being sold at Rs. 8 to 10k.

Electus parrot having red color are about Rs. 1Lac-above and Amazon parrot of Rs. 45 to 85k in the market.

Conure Parrots price in Pakistan

African Grey Parrots Price

If we discuss about African Grey; the chicks are at the rate of 20 to 30k that are in hand feed. Adults are at the rate of 40 to 45k Rs and Breeder Pair are at the rate of Rs. 1Lac to 1Lac25k.

African Grey Parrots Price

Macaw parrot price in Pakistan

Macaw parrot single Peace in Golden or Red, Blue, and Golden colors are at the rate of Rs. 1 Lac 25k to 1 Lac 60k.

Macaw parrot price in Pakistan

Updated Parrot Price in 2020

Parrot Species Price Range in 2018 (USD) Avg Price (USD)
African Gray Parrots $1600 to $3200 $2252
Amazon parrots $450 to $1100 $750
Caiques $550 to $1500 $1100
Cockatiels $ 130 to $250 $162
Eclectus $500 to $2200 $1400
Hawk-Headed Parrots $1500 to $2000 $1600
Large Cockatoos $2400 to $3100 $2700
Large Parakeets $90 to $140 $120
Large Conures $400 to $600 $700
Lorikeets $500 to $1100 $900
Lovebirds $60 to $300 $130
Macaws $1200 to $3500 $2350
Mini-Macaws $800 to $1000 $900
Parrotlets $250 to $350 $300
Pionus Parrots $250 to $1000 $600
Poicephalus $1550 to $2000 $1800
Small Cockatoos $150 to $2000 $1100
Small Parakeets​​​​ $20 to $90 $47
Small Conures $200 to $450 $350

Types of parrots in Pakistan

In the above headings, I have explained briefly that how much is parrot and now it is necessary to explain the types of parrots in Pakistan. There are many choices in so brief period that basically explains the variety of parrots that you can choose, becomes the matter of choice with regards to the breed of parrot that you need to adopt and the term parrot is general in that. It can refer to the smallest parakeet to the largest macaw, the number of breeds that happen in the middle of the two sizes come in all colors sizes and show different breed qualities. There are 354 recognized species of parrots, researcher divide the parrots into two families.

Cockatoos and true parrots

All parrots have a bended beak shape and the recognizable to toe toes front and back on their foot objective of this article, we will cover ten of the most famous breeds along with their most common characteristics.

:one: Budgies or parakeets

This kind of parrot family was initially found in Australia. The name parakeet means long tail, they’re exceptionally social and are considered as flock birds. One thing that is intriguing about them is that they’re monogamous birds and that will be that they bond with their mate forever. They are attention seeker; there are awesome starter pets for more younger kids however not really prolific talkers. Nonetheless, if you’re patient they can learn how to talk if you need your budgie to talk don’t get a friend bird as they will bond with each other and will ignore their owner budgies are in the $20 to $150 range and the cost relies upon the pedigree and the type of budgie.

:two: Cockatiels

This kind of parrot is initially from the outback regions of central Australia. Cockatiels are the second most famous pet bird after budgies, they measure around 12 inches in size and most cockatiels are reproduced in captivity and are readily available. They’re sociable with extraordinary characters and this makes them a good pet for more youngsters. They can live for 15 to 20 years if appropriately cared for and they will mimic whistles or short phrases. They’re not as loud as larger cockatoo, supply them a variety of toys to keep this curious bird glad, they are priced under $100.

:three: Sulphur-crested cockatoo

This sort of parrot is normally white in color with a yellow crest; their habitat is Australia New Guinea and Tasmania just as Indonesia. Cockatoos come in four subspecies that differ in size somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 inches, in length cockatoos have been named love sponges due to their loving nature and their decent manner. They love to be pampered and need your consideration, not a talker but rather they have been known to learn few words and phrases. Cockatoos are extremely clever and are used in various birds shows due to those excellent pets that bond well with their owners. If you take time to properly socialized these birds, they make awesome pets. They are glad to play with toys and can be left alone than most parrots they range in price from $1,000 to $2,500.

:four: Umbrella Cockatoo

This kind of parrot is larger than the sulfur-crested cockatoo and are more demanding, in regards to attention they originated from the Melaka islands of Indonesia. Commonly, this bird is around 20 inches long they’re extremely vocal which makes for a talkative bird, they wouldn’t mind being petted friendly disposition and they loved their owner’s consideration not as loud as the Sulfur-crested cockatoo and their intelligence will consistently challenge you they’re very noisy and they love to chew the costs range from $800 to $1400.

:five: Moluccan cockatoo

This kind of parrot is one of the largest cockatoo breeds. The Moluccan cockatoo is a peach color versus the conventional white coloring. Of most cockatoos commonly they’re more than 20 inches long, they’re good talkers and you can take care of them easily. They’re very lovely also very noisy call, one of the more costly parrot breeds with a range of $1800 to $2300 price.

:six: Senegal Parrot

This kind of parrot inhabitant of the African savanna and open forests. It’s perhaps the smallest parrots available, they have a brilliant and unique shading. They’re amicable in very vocal they love to sit on your shoulder and nuzzle or simply be close to you, we suggest that you obtain a bird that was domestically raised as the ones from the wild are practically difficult to tame. They’re a one-individual bird as they will in bond with their owners and they’re not good talkers. Their call is a calm whistle with chirps and squeaks and they can discover one out there in a price range of between $150 to $500.

:seven: Sun Conure parrot

This kind of parrot frequently called the mini macaw due to their bright feather coloration they’re from Brazil Guiana and Venezuela and there are over 100 species of Conyers that exist in the wild however just four are domesticated. They’re sweet curious and fun-loving birds that are entertaining and they have beautiful eyes. They’re a noisy bird and it’s also been known that you can prepare them not to squeak so much with patient preparing they have a loud voice at times and it’s best to give them wooden toys to entertain them and fulfill their chewing desires, you can find one in the $300 to $400 price.

:eight: Green Eclectus

This kind of parrot begins in the South Seas areas of Australia the underneath Coons and New Guinea one of only a few parrots that have a particular coloration. Between the sexes, males are bright green in color with a yellow beak while the females are red and have a black beak. They measure around 14 inches in size and they’re excellent talkers and can imitate a wide variety of sounds. They have a reasonable voice and they can be very loud at times. They make great companions due to their undemanding nature just as being one of the quietest of the parrots there are. They are perhaps the most social birds out there and they’re inquisitive and will sit and listen in to their owners and attempt to imitate what they hear. They’ll entertain themselves with toys. There’s a wide variety of cost since you can really obtain them between $600 to $2,000 depending upon the pedigree of the bird.

:nine: African Grey parrot

This kind of parrot includes the African nations of Congo Ghana and Zaire they’re viewed as quite possibly the most prolific talkers. There are around 13 inches long but have much shorter tail than most parrots which it makes it a little beguiling. They’re biters, it bonds with only one individual. It’s intelligent and keen and also has an exceptionally distinctive characters as it can become very independent as adults. It’s sensitive of their owners and usually available for around $1,000.

:keycap_ten: Golden blue and yellow macaw

This kind of parrot is from the tropical areas like Mexico Central and South America, most people associate macaws with the term parrot they range up to 33 inches in size and that makes it probably the largest parrot. It appears to be the macaw is the epitome of most people’s concept of what a parrot resembles you’ll have to spend an impressive as to fulfill their social nature this is the type of parrot related with pirates. They’re very demanding and they require a large cage. Some of them are on the endangered species. A few birds are consistent biters and it takes a considerable amount of training to break them to this habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to the topic of how much is a parrot, which are answered briefly:

1. Are parrots expensive?

The Hyacinth Macaw, for example, is a costly bird. Blue and Gold Macaw costs somewhere in the range of $1,200.00 and $1,500.00. Harlequin Macaw’s cost is somewhere in the range of $1,200.00 and $3,500.00. The average cost for a Scarlet Macaw is $2,500.00.

2. Is a parrot a good pet?

While many parrot species do well with respectful kids, and can be excellent family pets, they are not a good kid’s pet because of their expected life expectancy and care required. Parrots require consistent day by day care and attention and are additionally longer lived than most other animals.

3. Do parrots poop everywhere?

Yes, parrots do like poop over the house. However, that doesn’t mean everything is bad. With close observations of non-verbal communication and scheduling, observing and solving your parrots pooping issues isn’t difficult.

4. Is it cruel to keep parrots as pets?

The reality is that keeping a parrot as a pet is cruel and possibly dangerous. Parrots are viewed as creatures, who are inherently wild. Regardless of whether captive bred, they have similar wild qualities as their wild born cousins who live in the wildernesses and rainforests.

5. Do parrots miss their owners?

Yes, Parrots have memories that are better than other animals, as they are known to explore by memory. Be that as it may, birds, in general, can memories activities by their previous owners, and they will act accordingly, for example, being timid or aggressive.

6. What is the friendliest parrot for a pet?

Budgerigar are the friendliest parrot for a pet. Enjoying popularity throughout the world, budgies (also called parakeets) are probably the best pet birds for good reason. When properly cared for, these birds can be exceptionally affectionate and friendly.

7. Is it legal to own a parrot in UK?

Although every individual country (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) has varying laws for exotic creatures, you can own a parrot in any part of the United Kingdom. Simply be aware of any additional laws you need to follow, for example, authorizing or paper work that is needed for owning the parrot.

8. Do toucans talk?

No, the toucans don’t talk, however they more than compensate for their absence of verbal communication with their personality. A tame Toucan can be very fun loving, learning tricks, getting grapes thrown from across the room, and being everything, one would want in a pet bird.

9. What is the longest living parrot?

The oldest parrot is Cookie, a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo (Cacatua leadbeateri) who was 82 years and 88 days old when he died on 27 August 2016. Exact age of cookie was not known when he arrived at Brookfield Zoo in May 1934.

10. Do parrots like to watch TV?

The reason that parrots enjoy sitting in front of the TV so much is because they are doing it with you. Parrots are very friendly animals who truly needed to be around their owner at all times. Parrots can also be attracted to the noises that the TV makes and maybe even the shades of it.


This article briefly explains how much is a parrot. So, the current rates of parrots in the market that can be different from rates in your city, but at least you could have an idea of what is happening in the market. African Grey and Macaw are expensive parrots and common man can’t afford it, but if you have no budget issues, you can keep them as they can give you a valuable place in the market.

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