How Much Craze for Football amongst Americans

Sports lovers are crazy for their respective sports, as they love to watch the favorite teams win the match and bring the champions trophy. Most of the games are played gently, some other involves thrill and excitement and one such sport is Football. It is one the favorite games of the Americans who love to watch the several teams competing with each other and National

Football League creates an awesome environment long before the game is about to get kick start in the stadiums. Jon Bunge states that the American Football game carries a special place amongst its fans and even most of the people from other foreign countries like to watch this game.

Entertainment Factor Involved in Football

The fans of this game are aware of the entertainment factor involved in the game as people can enjoy the sports while sitting at their home or sharing a couple of drinks with their friends and watching the match of favorite teams. This makes for perfect weekdays of the people and helps them to come out of the boredom they must be experiencing. The most promising effect comes when the fans cheer up the teams in the stadiums while holding flags and uttering the motto of the respective team.

On the other hand, this also puts a positive impact on the game as players feel zealous and enthusiastic while playing the game and give tough competition to the opponents. Most of the people refer it as a violent game and somewhere it is true because the players are either tackling or hitting against their opponents in the game.

The focus of everyone is to score a goal for the team, they are playing for and the players have eyes set on the champion’s trophy and want to make a place in the top of the NFL.

Success and Despair Go Side by Side

The game of Football fills the stadium with excitement and binds the people until the game ends with success of one team and losing of the another team. Jon Bunge who himself is a huge fan of Cleveland Browns shares that there are many complexities involved in this game as there are many strategies and rules that the players looks forward to. However, the fans of this game can easily make out that which team is going to win the match.

Since the game of Football involves the instant reaction and quick decision-making action so that the opponent does not get time to know about your moves. This is a game of wit and mind, the players should remain completely focused until the end of match as success and losing the game is the result.


The fans remain excited as the match goes through end number of twists and turns as to finally come up with the winner who will rule the day. The players also on the other side works hard to fulfill their dream of winning the trophy.

Therefore, it can be seen that the long and the competent match comes to an end with the victory of one team that is actually the best feeling for both the players and the fans.