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According to the Federal Law on OSAGO No. 40-FZ of 25.04.2002 and the Rules of the Road, every driver in Russia must have an OSAGO policy with him along with his driver’s license. This is an official document that confirms that the civil liability of the car owner is insured. If the accident occurred through the fault of the driver, car insurance will compensate for damage to property, health, life of the injured participants in the accident. The MTPL calculator service on the website of AlfaStrakhovanie JSC was created to help the insured to accurately calculate the cost and purchase the policy online.

What threatens the lack of an insurance policy

The car owner pays compensation for damage to the injured party as a result of an accident from his own pocket. The insurance company cannot help in such a situation.

It is impossible to register a car with the traffic police.

When operating a car without an OSAGO policy, the driver falls under the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation for administrative violations. You will have to pay a fine of 500 to 800 rubles.

If, when issuing a policy, the owner of the car did not indicate in it a person who will also drive the car, then the car owner will be fined 500 rubles.

The paper version of the insurance must be available from the driver who drives the car, for presentation at the request of the traffic police inspector.

We recommend that you calculate insurance on the calculator and print the form from the E-OSAGO electronic policy on a regular sheet of paper and carry it with you in the vehicle in case the car is checked by the traffic police inspector.


How to issue OSAGO?

Insurers, whose list of services includes OSAGO insurance, are obliged to apply tariffs in the calculation of the cost of auto insurance, within the framework of the “tariff corridor” of the values ​​of the base tariff rates approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The actual values ​​of the base rates approved by the order in AlfaStrakhovanie JSC can be found in the section “OSAGO insurance rates”.

You can calculate the CTP policy taking into account the following factors:

the base rate, the value of which is set for each type / category of land transport. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation approves the lower and upper limits of the base rates (“tariff corridor”). When determining it, the insurer must comply with the limits of the tariff corridor;

the bonus-malus coefficient (BMC) is formed in the AIS RSA. Its value indicates the presence of insurance claims or their absence for previous periods of insurance;

age, driving experience of drivers from the contract (PIC);

restriction of the list of drivers in the contract - is there or not (KO);

violations specified in the law on OSAGO No. 40-FZ, or their absence (КН);

the period of use of the car within the insurance period (COP);

engine power in hp (КМ) for passenger cars of category “B”;

territory of preferential use of the car (CT);

driving conditions with / without a trailer (Kpr);

validity. The contract is drawn up for one year. The insurance period may be less than a year only for cars temporarily entering Russia from other countries, as well as for cars traveling to the place of registration (CP).

Benefits of the CTP policy

The main value of auto insurance is that in the event of an accident caused by your fault, the insurer will cover the damage caused to the property, health and life of persons affected by the accident. The possibilities of the policy can be expanded thanks to additional packages: “Autoprotection”. This option applies to cars under 5 years old. Policy compensation is payable based on vehicle wear. Thanks to the Autoprotection program, the difference between the established limits, taking into account the vehicle’s wear and the damage caused to it, is covered. You will receive a referral for auto repair. Maintenance guarantee. During maintenance, defects are often revealed in which it is prohibited to operate the vehicle. The program compensates for the funds that you spent on the recovery of identified faults. The policy coverage applies to vehicles aged 1 to 10 years.


How much does auto insurance cost

Car insurance can be obtained in two ways: contact the company’s consultant in the office or online on the AlfaStrakhovanie website.

To conclude a contract in the office, you need to prepare a package of documents:

The passport of the owner of the car, and the legal entity - an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Vehicle passport (PTS) or certificate of registration (STS).

Driver’s licenses of persons who will be allowed to drive a car if you have not selected the “No restrictions” item.

A valid diagnostic card if the vehicle is to be inspected.

A document confirming the ownership of the car, if the OSAGO agreement is concluded before the registration of the car with the traffic police, or a document confirming the right to own a car, if you conclude an agreement for a rented car.

Then an employee of the company will make a calculation, draw up a contract and give you an original document signed and stamped by the insurer. When registering online, register on the site. Fill in your personal account with personal data in all lines that the system offers. Calculate the cost of auto insurance using the pop-up menu tips. It is not necessary to send original documents. You can directly download a scan photo of no more than 2.5 Mb in jpg, jpeg, png or tiff format directly on the website.

The policyholder is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The filled-in data from the form is verified with the information of the insurance company and the PCA. Upon completion of the verification, you will be redirected to the payment page, upon receipt of which the insurer will send the policy to your email address. You have access to insurance at any time. You can also apply for amending the contract and recalculating the insurance premium on the website in your personal account or visit the nearest representative office of the company.

CTP calculator for calculating the cost of the policy

To calculate on a calculator, you must fill out the form and indicate:

an individual or legal entity is going to issue insurance;

the region where the machine is primarily used;

car category (passenger or freight transport, bus, etc.);

machine parameters ( brand and model, year, engine power and other required data);

information about the owner (name, date of birth, series and passport number). If you have not limited the number of drivers, then you should indicate the VIN number of the car;

the purpose of operation (personal, training vehicle, taxi);

information about all persons who will be allowed to drive the car, indicating the full name, dates of birth, driver’s license data, if you have limited the list of drivers;

other necessary information.

The result is issued by pressing the “Calculate” button. The online CTP calculator helps you quickly find out the price in a comfortable environment for the insured.


How to save on the price of the OSAGO policy?

Observe traffic rules and operate the car carefully. The fewer accidents, the cheaper you can buy a policy. Motorists who have not had an accident in 10 years can count on a 50% discount. For a policy that can be issued in electronic form through the site, the value of “Bonus Malus” (KBM) is automatically determined in the AIS RSA. Indicate the drivers you want to be allowed to drive the car. If you select the “No Limit” column, then the KO coefficient increases to 1.87, increasing the total cost of insurance.

Advantages of the company JSC "AlfaStrakhovanie"

25 years of stable work, a high level of reliability (ruAA +), affordable tariffs and an extensive network of offices throughout Russia allow AlfaStrakhovanie to serve its clients and take care of them at a decent level. Additional questions can be contacted free of charge and around the clock by phone 8 800 333 0 999. The representative of AlfaStrakhovanie will help to calculate the cost of insurance. car insurance](What is cheapest car insurance):