How many mililiters is in a shot glass?

How many milliliters is in a shot glass? In the United States, the typical shot size is 1.5 ounces (or 44 milliliters). It’s also sometimes called a “jiggerr” when referring to this unit of measurement. No standardized worldwide unit of measurement exists for shots, hence bartenders in different countries serve different volumes. One fluid ounce, or 30 milliliters, is the standard measurement for a full shot in some countries.

How many milliliters is in a shot glass?

In the United States, the typical shot size is 1.5 ounces (or 44 milliliters). It’s also sometimes called a “jiggerr” when referring to this unit of measurement. No standardized worldwide unit of measurement exists for shots, hence bartenders in different countries serve different volumes.

This is not a hard and fast rule, though, because different shot glasses have different capacities. One fluid ounce, or 30 milliliters, is the standard measurement for a full shot in some countries. Russia’s 50-milliliter (1.7-ounce) shot is the largest in the world.

Within nations, there is a range of shot sizes. Please find below a compilation of the most frequently used units of measurement for several different countries.

Compare the ml capacities of glasses from various countries:

Single Shot

Country Ml Fl Oz U.S. Tbsp
Australia 30 1.0 2
Canada 44 1.5 3
Germany 20 0.7 1 ½
India 30 1.0 2
Ireland 35.5 1.2 2 ½
Italy 40 1.4 2 ½
Japan 30 1.0 2
Russia 50 1.7 3 ½
Sweden 40 1.4 1 ½
South Africa 25 0.8 1 ½
United Kingdom 25 0.8 1 ½
United States 44 1.5 3

Double Shot

Country Ml Fl Oz U.S. Tbsp
Australia 60 2.0 4
Canada 71 2.5 5
Germany 40 1.4 3
India 60 2.0 4
Ireland 71 2.4 5
Italy 80 2.8 5
Japan 60 2.0 4
Russia 100 3.4 7
Sweden 60 2.0 4
South Africa 50 1.6 3
United Kingdom 50 1.6 3
United States 59-89 2-3 4-6


  • These measurements have been rounded off for convenience.

  • The minimum amount of a shot that bars are required to serve by law varies by country, but it is often a set amount. The primary goal here is to prevent dishonest establishments from short-changing their patrons.

How many shots are in a bottle?

While we’re discussing the appropriate measurement of liquorr, we may as well find out how many shots are in a bottle. How much liquorr you’ll need for your next co-cktail party is easy to calculate with our helpful guide.

To get the total amount of shots needed, multiply the number of guests by the average number of shots per person.

Size of bottle

Size of bottle Ml Fl oz No. of shots
Fifth 750 25.4 16
Magnum 1500 50.7 33
Half gallon 1750 59.2 39
Rehoboam 4500 152.2 101

What Is A Shot Glass?

Shots are single servings of alcohol that are often made with vodka or tequila and are meant to be gulped down quickly. The bottom of the tiny glass is made of thick glass, so don’t worry if you drop it on the table by accident.

Shot glasses make excellent promotional products for hotels and distilleries. Additionally, they are valued as presents, keepsakes, and collectors. They can even be specially made with amusing graphics.

Name Origin

The term “shot glass” has been in use since at least the 1940s, however, its exact roots have been lost to the passage of time. Some suggest that it got its start in the Wild West when cowboys would trade whiskey shots for bullets with the bartender. Another suggested origin for the name was Friedrich Otto “Schott,” the alleged namesake of a glassworks facility that specialized in shot glasses.

A measurement known as a “shot” is now often used in a variety of industries, including the kitchen and the café. When adding a single measure of an ingredient to a recipe, it is referred to as “shooting.”

Earliest Type of Shot Glasses

The shot glasses that are commonly used now did not appear until after the end of Prohibition. Before that time, whiskey tasters, the earliest form of a shot glass, appeared in the 1700s. There was a pontil scar at the bottom of each miniature glass, proving that they were all individually hand-blown by skilled glassblowers to ensure the highest quality whiskey.

Sizes of a shot glass

1. Cheater

One can “cheat” the effects of alcohol by drinking from a cheater’s shot glass, which has an abnormally thick base.

2. Fluted

The shot glass of a fluted glass is accentuated by a fluted foot.

3. Pony

Smaller than a standard shot glass, a pony glass can only carry 30 milliliters or one fluid ounce.

4. Jiggerr

Most bartenders will use a jiggerr to measure out your alcoholic beverages. It has a distinct hourglass shape, with larger and smaller cones on opposite ends. The jiggerr is designed so that one end precisely measures one shot, while the other end measures double or some other fractional amount.

There are line measurements on the inside of many jiggers made of stainless steel, making them easier to use for precise measurements.

5. Rounded

These glasses with gently rounded corners are all the rage in Europe.

6. Tall Shot

Tall shot glass is commonly known as a “shooter,” stands out from the crowd by being noticeably taller and narrower than its contemporaries.

How many milliliters is in shot glass?


There is no standardized worldwide unit of measurement for shots, so bartenders in different countries serve different volumes. One fluid ounce, or 30 milliliters, is the standard measurement for a full shot in some countries.

Two Types of Shots

1. Single Shot

A single shot is equivalent to 1.5 fluid ounces in the US. In certain countries, the accepted standard for a shot is one fluid ounce.

2. Double Shot

If you guessed that this was a three-ounce portion of alcohol, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong; nevertheless, anything larger than a double shot is four ounces.

3 Methods in Measuring a Shot Glass

1. The 4-Count Method

It’s a great talent to have to learn how to pour liquorr utilizing the four-count approach. Due to how simple it is, this technique is frequently used by bartenders in locations where free pouring is allowed. Simple, just pour while counting to four; each count is equal to half a shot.

By first using a pour spout to pour some water into a glass while counting to four, and then re-pouring the water into the glass, you may see how accurate your estimation is. It won’t take more than thirty minutes to get the hang of it.

2. Measuring Spoons

While the procedure is easier when measuring spoons are used, the results are less impressive. Pour the standard serving size of three tablespoons into a shot glass.

3. Medicine Cups

The cup used for headache medication can be used just well to measure alcohol. By placing the liquid in the measuring cup in the proper order, you may obtain precise results right away.

Considerations for Measuring a Shot

1. Shot Glass Size

The size of the glass used determines how accurate the measurement is. There are 1.5-ounce shot glasses in addition to the more common one-ounce shot glass.

2. The Country

In the US, shot glasses typically hold 1.5 ounces. The one fluid-ounce little pony is incredibly well-liked in Australia, Japan, and India. Shots are just three-quarters of an ounce (or 25 ml) in volume in the United Kingdom, although a bigger glass—1.7 ounces—is used in Russia.

What Sorts of Drinks are Serve in it?

How many milliliters are in a shot glass can be determined by knowing the various beverages that can be served in a shot glass? In these tumblers, alcoholic beverages like vodka and tequila were frequently served.

But as the co-cktail culture has developed, bartenders have started serving a variety of drinks in shot glasses.

Here is a brief list of drinks you can serve at home that go nicely with shot glasses:

  • Citron, lemon juice, syrup, and a lemon slice are the ingredients for the Lemon Drop.

  • Combine vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and a lime slice to make a Kamikaze.

  • Layered gelatin shots made with vodka and gelatin.

  • The main components of the “liquid marijuanaa” co-cktail are rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and blue curacao.

  • The basic ingredients of the B-52 are coffee, Irish cream, and Baileys orange liqueur.

  • The ingredients for the Cinnamon Crunch Shot includes Fireball Whiskey, Rum, cinnamon powder, and sugar.

  • In these forest fire shots, single malt whiskey and pine syrup are smoked.

  • To prepare a Girl Scout shot, mix equal amounts chocolate liqueur, whipped vodka cream, and peppermint schnapps.

How to Buy the Perfect Shot Glasses?

The best glassware options for stocking an indoor bar may now be discussed since you are aware of how many milliliters a shot glass holds. Let’s look at the considerations you should make while purchasing a set of shot glasses.

1. Price

The first step is selecting how much you’re willing to spend on this eyewear, after which you should choose a style.

2. Design

As we’ve already mentioned, there are six main types of shot glasses. Consider the design of the set carefully to ensure a superb collection for your bar cabinet.

3. Capacity

A shot glass needs exactly 30 milliliters of liquid in it. We now know that each country has a different standard for eyeglass size. You should ask nearby merchants about their minimum and maximum order quantities before placing an order. This will help you decide how big of a shot you want to take.

4. Diversity

Shot glasses lack the visual appeal of wine and beer glasses. For this reason, if you intend to stock your indoor bar cabinet with these glasses, be sure to include a variety.

5. Brand

Due to the fact that they are produced by numerous reputable manufacturers, you can purchase a set of premium shot glasses.


There are six primary types of shot glasses that range in size and appearance. When purchasing a shot glass set, you should take into account a number of criteria, including price, capacity, and design. The ideal shot glass can handle both liquid and alcohol.


1. How many ml is a full shot glass?

The typical measurement for a shot of alcohol in the US is 1.5 ounces (or 44 milliliters).

2. Does 50 ml qualify as a shot?

A single shot in the US is 1.5 oz (or 44 ml). It varies from 30 ml up to 60 ml down under. In contrast, a typical shot size in Germany is between 20 and 40 milliliters.

3. What is a standard shot size?

A standard shot glass holds around one ounce of liquid. There is no universally accepted definition of a “shot,” however most glasses hold between 1.25 and 1.5 ounces. Shot glasses range in size from under an ounce to over three ounces, with 1.5 ounces being the most frequent.

4. Is 4 shots of vodka a lot?

Two or four shots of vodka are about what the average person needs to start feeling a bit tipsy. It’s possible that after 5–9 shots, you’ll start to feel tipsy. Our research shows that after 10 shots of vodka, inebriation becomes dangerous.

5. What is considered 1 drink?

About 14 grams of pure alcohol make up a “standard” drink (or the alcoholic beverage equivalent) in the United States. 12 ounces of standard beer, typically contains around 5 percent alcohol. The normal alcohol content of a 5-ounce glass of wine is about 12%. 1.5 ounces of 40% alcohol-content distilled spirits.

6. Why is it called a fifth?

During the latter part of the 19th century, it was common to practice in the United States to sell alcoholic beverages in bottles that looked like they held one US quart (32 US fl oz; 950 ml) but held less. These bottles were known as “fifths” or commercial quarts.

7. Why is a shot of whiskey called a shot?

A.45 cartridge for a six-gunn cost 12 cents and so did a glass of whiskey in the old west," the message continues. A cartridge would commonly be exchanged for a drink by a cowhand who was short on cash. We now refer to this as a “shot” of whiskey.

8. How big is a double shot?

About 60 milliliters of espresso can be extracted from 14 grams of coffee, or a “double shot” (about 2 liquid ounces). In many countries, including the United States, ordering a double shot is the norm.

9. Is a jig-ger a double shot?

A jig-ger, sometimes called a double jig-ger, is a device used in bars for pouring and measuring alcoholic beverages. Jiggers are commonplace in home bars and the equipment of professional bartenders. Common jiggers consist of two cups that are joined at their closed ends and range in size from one measuring extreme to the other.

10. Is vodka the healthiest alcohol?

There are no essential nutrients in vodka. Vodka is a low-calorie alcoholic beverage since it has no sugar. Vodka can be the drink of choice if you’re already an alcoholic. However, many mixers have a lot of sugar and should not be mixed with vodka.


Finding glasses for many alcohol types is challenging. The process becomes more challenging when it comes to the shot glasses, confounding clients. Knowing how much ML are in a shot glass can make it simpler for you to select the appropriate shot glasses. You may accommodate the preferences of both light and heavy drinkers by maintaining a variety of glass sizes in stock. In the United States, a single shot is equivalent to 1.5 fluid ounces. One fluid ounce is the universally accepted benchmark for a shot in some nations.

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