How Long Can A Squirrel Live Without Water?

How Long Can A Squirrel Live Without Water? Squirrels can live without food or water for up to eight months. While most squirrels do not hibernate, one species does. Named the 13-lined ground squirrel (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus).

How Long Can A Squirrel Live Without Water?

Squirrels will forage for food in your garden, bury their nuts, then return to the nest in time for dinner. These intellectual squirrels enjoy their food, but what if they run out? Can they go hungry? If yes! For how long, then, does a squirrel have to go without food before it dies? Let’s go right to the solution, shall we?

Squirrels can go without eating for about a week, so a temporary food shortage is not an issue. However, if the squirrel did not have access to water, it would perish within two days.

Squirrels can see through four feet of snow and still find food. How true is that? There’s no denying the cleverness and resourcefulness of these rodents, but they’re still dependent on a regular diet for their health and well-being, the same as any other living thing.


Thankfully, incidents like that don’t happen very often. A squirrel is more likely to die from drowning or a car collision than from starvation. All the stuff hanging from a tree or buried underground tastes the same. They can easily dig holes and scale walls.

How Long Will A Squirrel Live Without Food or Water?

Animals like us face serious risks from global warming. It’s no secret that our inhumane pollution systems are threatening the existence of tens of thousands of different species. Climate change is a global threat to biodiversity. Because of the increasingly hostile climate, trees and other plants are increasingly unable to bear fruit and seed.

Long-term exposure to this might be fatal for many mammals, including squirrels, shrews, and weasels. Warming temperatures, however, may combine these elements, making squirrels more vulnerable to hunger and dehydration. Recognizing the garden’s wildlife and providing aid when needed is important.

During the colder months, my family and I often saw many slender squirrels in my backyard. Their slimness did not continue for very long. During the winter, a squirrel can go up to five days without eating before it dies. However, until eight days after they starve to death, their coordination and energy level will remain weak.


Squirrels are the only animals capable of going for two days without consuming any liquids. Squirrels, for example, that venture out into the wild to gather food like berries and nuts, are particularly vulnerable when temperatures drop. Foraging may be difficult in several conditions, from snow and ice to extreme heat. Arid places like Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado rapidly run out of water for small foragers.

How Frequently Do Squirrels Have to Eat?

Squirrels get their nutrition from a wide range of foods, although nuts are their main energy source. Acorns, beechnuts, walnuts, and hickory nuts are some of the most often eaten varieties. Squirrels’ diets frequently include insects. However, such insects seldom account for more than 2% of their total food intake.

Daily, a squirrel can consume up to half a pound of food. These little critters forage and store food as part of their daily routine, which may not seem like much to you, but means the world to them.

When living in the wild, a squirrel’s main goal is to obtain food or hide it from predators. The diets of squirrels are unpredictable and constantly shifting.

If the squirrels in your backyard don’t appear to be getting enough to eat, you can set out food once or twice every other day. The food you toss into your garden might be a source of sustenance if they can’t find anything else to eat. Squirrels can be spoiled into sloth and inability to forage if fed daily. That’s why you should only attempt this when the weather is severe.

Note: They are losing their inherent abilities because they are too reliant on convenient resources. These animals are no longer effective explorers because they become frail and underfed as winter approaches.

What Can You Feed a Squirrel?

It’s important to weigh the potential risks to yourself, the squirrel, and the surrounding area before giving them food. Squirrels might be put in danger if they are offered potentially poisonous food, like feeders that attract germs or cats.

Although providing the squirrel with food is crucial, being careful about what you provide can help you keep it. Squirrels should not be fed any expired food, including nuts, chocolates, sweets, potato chips, or peanuts.

Because feeding the squirrel takes some time, I’ve detailed the steps you need to take below.

  • You may manufacture a squirrel feeder for tree squirrels out of an empty side bottle that has been cleaned thoroughly, with drainage holes drilled into the bottom and additional holes drilled into the sides, all of which should be slightly larger than the nuts you plan to feed the squirrels. Again, add a few more holes towards the top to hang thread or a piece of string wire or cord through them hanging.

  • Before putting them in the feeders, combine the nuts and seeds. Sunflower seeds might be among these nuts and seeds. Close the container and hang it around ten feet from the ground from strong branches that can support the weight of the squirrel using code or wire.

  • Leave fruits like apples hanging on cables akin to trees.

  • The squirrel feeding should take place in a convenient area. Put some bowls a few yards away from any dense bushes. The squirrel will feel more certain that it is safe and ready to flee if threatened.

  • On the other hand, if you’re worried about predators, you shouldn’t put the feeder right in the middle of the plant life.

  • Lay out cuttlefish bones or hang calcium-rich fruit on a tree for the animals to eat.

  • Make sure there’s water available at the feeding spot. This is highly vital and invaluable.

  • Be careful to wash the plates and feeders in warm water with dish soap. As a result, fewer bacteria will be able to colonize the area.

Note: They are more harmful than helpful in terms of nutrition. As a result, a roasted nut is the best option. Squirrels require specific nutrients for optimal health; therefore, providing them with a balanced diet is crucial.

Helpful Tips to Know About a Squirrel Eating and Drinking

Before you go out and feed wild squirrels, you should know a few things to ensure you don’t disrupt their ecosystem.

When you follow these guidelines, you won’t have to worry about accidentally hurting any of the local animals while working in harmony with Mother Nature.

  • It’s important to provide the squirrels with fresh water as regularly as possible. When compared to their thirst, their dietary demands are usually rather high.

  • It’s best to stay away from the whole, unprocessed foods. It is crucial to restrict the amount of fat, and salt squirrels consume. You can’t go wrong with a snack mix of roasted nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, including peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflowers, apples, and carrots.

  • Keep up a steady rotation of new food supplies. To keep pests from congregating around any food left out in your yard for an extended period, you should not leave it there. Constant exposure might make squirrels ill. Unused food is better off removed and replaced the next day.

  • Feed the squirrels every other day unless you have cause to suspect they are starving. Increasing their freedom and allowing them to forage independently will lessen your reliance on them.


1 - Is Squirrel Legal to Consume in Georgia?

Warbles are the technical name for the pests responsible for the invasion. At least the term “wolf” has been used to describe it. Even though the lumpy tumors under the skin of a squirrel are unattractive, the animals are otherwise healthy and acceptable for cleaning and consumption.

2 - Where Would You Put Squirrels?

The squirrel is a member of the rodent family Sciuridae, including mice and hamsters. Rodents, including ground squirrels, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, and groundhogs, are all members of the squirrel family.

3 - Can Squirrels Eat Salted Pretzels?

No, it’s not okay to provide junk food to animals. This includes potato chips, pretzels, crackers, and anything else high in salt. Their digestive systems are inferior to ours. Avoid giving the squirrels in your backyard anything with added salt or sugar if you enjoy feeding them. They may be seriously harmed by ingesting excessive amounts of salt.

4 - How Can I Prevent Squirrels from Entering My Garbage Can?

Spray the solution of one part hot pepper sauce to four parts water around your garbage cans or trouble spots. Sprinklers that turn on when motion is detected. Placing motion-activated sprinklers in a yard near the garbage cans is a smart idea. Squirrels won’t dare get this close to all that water.

5 - Can You Give a Bone to a Squirrel?

Bones can lose their unique form after being chewed on by rodents like squirrels, making them difficult to recognize. Evidence of damage to the bone, such as bullet or knife marks, can be hidden by the gnawing marks, or they might be misinterpreted as weapon marks.

6 - Is It Legal To Trap Squirrels In NY?

While it is technically against the law in New York state to hunt squirrels with a trap (and the state-approved methods of capture, by hunting bow or firearm, are prohibited in New York City), the Environmental Conservation Law of the state allows for the killing of nuisance animals at any time and in any manner.

7 - Do Squirrels Try To Eat Thistle Seed?

Thistle seed isn’t particularly tasty, but mice love it. Likewise, don’t let thistle seeds fall on the floor. The Safflower Seed. Mice, but not squirrels, love safflower seeds.

8 - Do Grey Squirrels Eat Chipmunks?

Nice shots, by the way. For Further Reading: According to studies on rodent predation, gray squirrels consume other squirrels and birds. Chipmunks are known to prey on a wide variety of animals, including other chipmunks, voles, snakes, frogs, salamanders, and birds.

9 - What Should I Feed My Pet Squirrel?

To a large extent, squirrels are vegetarian. They aren’t fussy eaters and will eat just about everything, although they prefer fresh produce. The squirrel’s diet consists primarily of its favorite foods, such as maize, mushrooms, squash, and broccoli.

10 - How To Administer Ivermectin To Wild Squirrels?

Put a dab of Ivermectin paste on some walnut or pecan flesh and feed it once a week for three weeks. You can end the bloodsucking mites threatening your squirrel with just one treatment. There will be no survivors from the second dosage.


The local squirrel population is likely to grow if you read this page and apply its many nuggets of wisdom. The misconception that squirrels are a menace to gardens stems from people’s faulty understanding of animal habits. But they are friendly creatures that will play with you nightly. Make sure they get special treats now and again, especially during the cold and wet months. Make sure the squirrels never go thirsty by giving them plenty of water.

Squirrels, it turns out, drink a lot. When it’s hot out, they’re expecting a baby, or they’re nursing, they need more of it. Access to safe water is crucial. There’s nothing wrong with giving them a hand if they can’t get what they need in their natural environment. Because they need water to survive, they won’t make it full-time. Although squirrels may go without food for up to ten days, they need fresh water daily. In the winter, certain squirrel species hibernate and, during that time, do not need water.

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