How do you write 3/5 as a percent?

How do you write 3/5 as a percent?

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Percent or % means out of 100 or per 100, Therefore x% can be

written as %x/100%.We can then rewrite this as:%3/5 =

x/100%%color(red)(100) * 3/5 = color(red)(100) * x/100%%300/5 =

cancel(color(red)(100)) * x/color(red)(cancel(color(black)(100)))%%60 =

x%%x = 60%%3/5 = 60/100 = 60%%


class=answerHeader>Explanation: To write a fraction as a

percent:%fraction x 100% larr 100%=100/100 =1%%=3/5 x 100%%%=(3/cancel5

x cancel100^20)%%%=60%%

Slightly different way of thinking about it!60%

or %60/100%


%color(blue)(Preamble)%A percentage is basically just another fraction.

However it is of specific format in that the bottom number (denominator) is

fixed at 100If you like; the % symbol can be compared to the function of a

unit of measurement. Just as a unit of measurement is specific in what it

means then so is %. It means %1/100%So for example:



that the multiply sign is a bit like the word of. In that for example: 2 of

6 is %6+6 =2x6=12%so 2% is 2 of percent %->1/100+1/100


your question)%Given: %3/5%We need to change this in such a way that the

actual value is the same but it looks different. In that the bottom number

becomes 100.Multiply by 1 and you do not change the value. However, 1 comes

in many


is the same as