How Dirty Carpets Affect Your Health?

When we talk about carpet cleaning and sanitary problems, we have to approach the issue from different angles. The most obvious are health effects that result from dirt and a lack of regular cleaning. We must analyze how improper carpet cleaning can have a toll on our health. Having a clean, smooth carpet under your feet is very important for the health of your family.

Carpets give the room a feeling of instant comfort and warmth, a luxury that we all appreciate. These are indeed one of the most important purchases for your home. But if not properly cared for and cleaned, a carpet can be a cause of illnesses and diseases for you and your family. Carpet cleaning is a must either you do it yourself or contact a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner in Fort Worth TX. Let’s see the effects of dirty carpets and upholstery on health.

Dirty Carpets Cause Dust Mites

There are germs that we cannot see with our naked eye although they exist for sure. Dust mites are present and commonly found in the home and dirty carpets can attract dust mites. Your carpet is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, allergies, and dust mites, if not cleaned properly and regularly.
These mites cause allergy problems, affect people with asthma, and even contribute to spreading diseases and health problems. Body parts and feces from dust mites are allergens that cause unpleasant allergies to people if they are not removed. Carpet cleaning kills the dust mites that are often embedded in carpeting. By spraying them at a high temperature, you can re remove these creatures once and for all.

Mold And Moisture Effects Health

Mold and fungi can be extremely harmful to your health. Mold is toxic, it just not causes breathing issues but also causes health problems. To prevent mold and mildew from growing on your carpet, it is best to schedule a regular carpet cleaning service.
By keeping your carpets clean and dry, you will eliminate the damp conditions that mold needs to grow and thrive. You cannot do it yourself because you will need special equipment and training to tackle mold and mildew. A carpet cleaning company in your area can provide the services you need to keep your home healthy.

Breathing polluted air is harmful

Breathing polluted air can be especially harmful to children, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems and allergies. Health experts recommend professional carpet cleaning with high-temperature steam to remove allergens, dust mites, and other harmful particles. Overheating kills these particles.
Environmental studies also indicate that indoor air quality may be much worse than outdoor air if your carpets are dirty. When combined with a regular vacuum cleaner, professional steam cleaning can ensure your home is free of airborne contaminants that can cause health issues in your home.

Indoor Pollution Is A Major Factor

Pollution inside your home can be a huge source of discomfort, especially for those with additional allergies, asthmatic symptoms, or breathing problems. In many cases, snoring is the result of exposure to these respiratory irritants. To reduce the range of symptoms, carpets should be vacuumed at least two times a week. The vacuum cleaner should be of high quality, with a HEPA filter or similar. However, even constant sweeping isn’t enough. Pollutants such as pet dander, cockroach allergens, along with other particles such as dirt and dust are stuck in the carpet fabric. These dangerous pollutants can attach to your body simply by walking or sweeping. Only deep and professional carpet cleaning is effective in removing embedded particles and eliminating microorganisms.

Are These Cleaning Agents Harmful?

Lots of homeowners complain that they are very sensitive to the cleaning agents used to remove dirt from carpets. If you have the same concerns then don’t worry, as most professional carpet cleaners only use safe and effective agents that have no side effects. Besides, their products and solutions are not harmful to humans in any way.
So don’t panic as your health will not be affected by your cleaning of dirty carpets. With basic knowledge, carpet cleaning takes little effort. This is why some homeowners go to great lengths to do this on their own.

Contact Professionals For Your Health

Keep in mind, however, that cleaning the carpet is expensive and takes a lot of effort if it is very dirty. Therefore, we suggest hiring one of the best professional carpet cleaners. They use the most powerful industrial-grade machines and equipment for better cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning machines are more powerful and can easily remove any kind of allergens, duct, and other harmful particles.

Moreover, common methods used by them include dry cleaning and deep cleaning and both of these are highly effective. A routine professional cleaning will reduce the levels of allergens in your home carpets.