Happy Feet Cast

Happy Feet Cast has consisted of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Alyssa Shafer, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Fat Joe and Anthony LaPaglia. George Miller directed, produced, and co-wrote the computer-animated musical comedy film Happy Feet (2006).

Animal Logic, based in Sydney, Australia, wrote the screenplay and designed the storyboards for this picture, produced by Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, and Kingdom Feature Productions. It debuted on November 17, 2006, in theatres across North America and on December 26, 2006, in theatres across Australia.

This is the debut feature-length animated film by Kennedy Miller and Animal Logic. Despite being unable to sing his soul mate’s song, Mumble, an emperor penguin, can tap dance brilliantly in this Antarctica-set film. Friendship with the Amigos helps Mumble on his journey to discover who he is after being exiled from Emperor Land by Noah the Elder.

Happy Feet Cast
Elijah Wood as Mumble
E. G. Daily as a baby, I Mumble
Robin Williams as Ramón, Cletus, Lovelace, and the narrator
Brittany Murphy as Gloria
Alyssa Shafer as a baby, Gloria
Hugh Jackman as Memphis
Nicole Kidman as Norma Jean
Hugo Weaving as Noah, the Elder
Fat Joe as Seymour
Cesar Flores as baby Seymour
Anthony LaPaglia as Skua Boss
Magda Szubanski as Miss Viola
Miriam Margolyes as Mrs. Astrakhan
Steve Irwin as Trev
Carlos Alazraqui as Nestor
Lombardo Boyar as Raul
Jeffrey Garcia as Rinaldo
Johnny Sanchez as Lombardo
Roger Rose as Leopard Seal

:pushpin: Elijah Wood As Mumble

American actor Elijah Wood has widely recognized for his portrayal of Frodo Baggins in director Peter Jackson’s blockbuster The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Wood reprised his role as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit films and starred as Ryan in the F.X. comedy, Wilfred (2011) and Beck in the Disney XD animated series TRON: Uprising.

:pushpin: Robin Williams As Ramón

Robin McLaurin Williams, the great-great-grandson of former Mississippi governor and senator Anselm J. McLaurin was born on July 21, 1951, in Chicago. His mother, Laurie McLaurin (born Janin), was a former model in Mississippi, and his father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, was a high-ranking Ford Motor Company official from Indiana. Williams may trace their family back to several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

:pushpin: Hugh Jackman As Memphis

Hugh Michael Jackman is an Aussie-born performer who can act, sing, play multiple instruments, dance, and even produce his Music. Jackman is a Hollywood actor who has received acclaim worldwide for portraying iconic characters in blockbuster movies. He has starred in numerous films, including the X-Men films (in which he has played Wolverine for many years), the romantic comedy fantasy Kate & Leopold (2001), the action-horror film Van Helsing (2004), the dramas The Prestige and The Fountain (both 2006), the epic historical romantic drama Australia (2008,) the film adaptation of Les Misérables (2012,) and the thriller Prisoners (2013).

:pushpin: Brittany Murphy To paraphrase Gloria

On November 10, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, Brittany Anne Bertolotti was born to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her mother is of Irish and Slovak descent, while her father is Italian. Even though he was originally from New York, her father moved the family to Edison, New Jersey, so that they could be nearer to his new wife’s relatives.

:pushpin: Nicole Kidman As Norma Jean

Elegant Nicole Kidman’s parents studied in Australia when they decided to have their first child in Honolulu. She is regarded as one of Australia’s finest exports to Hollywood.

:beginner: Summary

This is Kennedy Miller and Animal Logic’s first full-length animated film. Mumble, an emperor penguin in this Antarctica-based film, may not be able to sing his soul mate’s song, but he taps and dances beautifully. After being banished from Emperor Land by Noah, the Elder, Mumble becomes friends with the Amigos and uses them to help him figure out who he is.

:zap: Happy Feet

Computer-animated Jukebox musical comedy film Happy Feet was directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller in 2006. In addition to Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, and, E.G., Daily, their voices may be heard in this. Filmed in Sydney at Animal Logic, a visual effects, and animation company for Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, and Kingdom Feature Productions, the movie had its North American theatrical debut on November 17, 2006, and its Australian debut on December 26, 2006.

As far as we know, this is Kennedy Miller and Animal Logic’s first venture into animated cinema. Filmed in Antarctica, Mumble is about an emperor penguin who, although unable to sing the heart song to attract a soul mate, can tap dance excellently. The Amigos become Mumble’s buddies when he is banished from Emperor Land by Noah, the Elder, and they aid him in finding himself again.

The film is animated for the most part. However, there are live-action sequences that were captured via motion capture. The picture debuted in both regular theatres and IMAX 2D cinemas simultaneously. Producers had already dropped hints about a potential IMAX 3D release. Warner Bros., the film’s distributor, could not afford to show Happy Feet in IMAX digital 3D due to financial constraints.

:pushpin: Production

The animation extensively uses motion capture technology, with live dancers performing all the choreography. The dance segments were co-choreographed by Savion Glover, who also supplied the tap dancing for Mumble. The dancers attended “Penguin School” to master the penguin’s unique waddle and donned special headgear designed to look like the bird’s beak.

Because of the sheer number of machines required for Happy Feet, Animal Logic collaborated with IBM to construct a server farm. The production of the movie spanned four years. Lighting Supervisor/VFX Department Supervisor Ben Gunsberger states that this was partly due to the necessity of constructing new facilities and equipment. IBM BladeCenter framework and BladeCenter HS20 blade servers, which are very compact, dedicated computing units, each equipped with two Intel Xeon processors, were employed in the data center’s server farm. Over nine months, rendering used over 17 million CPU hours.

Miller claims that the script’s original intent didn’t put a strong emphasis on the film’s environmental message, but “Antarctica is the canary in the coal mine for this stuff,” he said, referring to the continent’s role as an early warning system for environmental problems like the ozone hole in Australia. That’s why that’s the way it naturally progressed." As a result of this inspiration, the film took on a more ecologically conscious tone. Miller remarked that you couldn’t write a narrative about Antarctica and penguins without including that element. Nick Enright, Michael Jonson, Robby McNeilly Green, and Steve Irwin were all remembered in the film.

:pushpin: Music

Jukebox musicals, like Happy Feet, repurpose preexisting recordings to suit the tone of a particular scene or character. One CD has songs written for or inspired by the movie, while the other features instrumental Music composed by John Powell. They were made available to the public on December 19, 2006, and October 31, 2006.

The Golden Globe for Best Original Song went to Prince for “Song of the Heart.” This film’s score was honored with a Golden Trailer Award for Best Music. After being shown a private screening of Happy Feet to get his blessing to utilize his song “Kiss” in a musical sequence, Prince wrote the song, especially for the film. Prince liked the movie, agreed to let them use “Kiss,” and offered to compose an original song for them, which he did a week later.

:pushpin: Reception

The cost to make the film was around $100 million.

:pushpin: Box office

With $41.6 million in its first weekend of distribution (17–19 November), the picture dethroned Casino Royale as the highest-grossing opening weekend in the United States. It held the top spot during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, grossing $51.6 million on its fifth release day. For three weeks, the picture dominated the box office, and performance only rivaled in 2006 by Pirates of the Caribbean. As of June 8, 2008, Happy Feet has made around $384.3 million globally, including $198.0 million in the United States and $186.3 million elsewhere. Except for Cars and Ice Age: The Meltdown, Happy Feet was 2006’s third-highest-earning animated picture in the United States. Around 35 countries and territories worldwide saw the film’s debut in 2006.

:pushpin: Critical Reception

Critics were largely kind to Happy Feet. The film has a 76% “Certified Fresh” rating on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 6.90/10 based on 168 reviews. Site users agreed that “Happy Feet marks a successful animated debut from the producers of Bab” because the film “is visually brilliant, with a clever plot and appealing musical pieces.” According to Metacritic, “generally positive reviews” are indicated by 77 out of 100 based on 30 reviewers. An A- on a scale from A+ to F was the average grade given by CinemaScore’s survey of audiences.

:pushpin: Analysis

Multiple critics dissected and analyzed the film. Yar Habnegnal, a film critic, authored an essay for the Forum on Contemporary Art and Society that analyzes the film’s creeping themes and those of religious hierarchy and racial tensions. IFC critic Vadim Rizov places Mumble in a canon of other religiously progressive films. Due to the depiction of Christ and the actions of some of the characters, some Christians have also interpreted the film as anti-Christian (or anti-religious, more generally).

The film has also been praised for its groundbreaking incorporation of Miller’s wandering style of subjective cinematography with modern animation, which is viewed as a technical or formal achievement.

:pushpin: Home Media

On March 27, 2007, the United States published three home media versions of Happy Feet: a DVD, a Blu-ray Disc, and an HD DVD/DVD combo pack. The DVD includes deleted scenes in which Mumble encounters a blue whale and an albatross on his pursuit of the fishing boat; this scenario was ultimately scrapped from the film.

Before voicing the elephant seal in the final version, Steve Irwin voiced the albatross in the film. So that Irwin’s memory would live on, the sequence was completed and put on the DVD. Irwin’s signature documentary technique is on full display here as the albatross provides background information about the other characters and the consequences of human activity on the ecosystem. The 1936 Merrie Melodies short, I Love to Singa, is included on the DVD as an extra.

:pushpin: Sequel

Since its release on November 18, 2011, Dr. D Studios’ Happy Feet Two has grossed over $1 billion worldwide. Both Wood and Williams returned to their previous roles in the follow-up. After Murphy’s tragic death from pneumonia on December 20, 2009, P! nk was tapped to take up Murphy’s position and resume recording in 2010. Both Matt Damon and Brad Pitt volunteered to play the krill characters Bill and Will. Dr. D Studios shut down because the picture was not as well received critically or commercially as its predecessor.

:pushpin: 4-D attraction

Several 4-D theatres play the 12-minute 4-D film Happy Feet: The 4-D Experience. Together, the 3D projection and sensory effects—such as moving chairs, wind, mist, and scents—recreate a condensed version of Happy Feet’s tale. The SimEx-Iwerks-made 4D attraction debuted at Drayton Manor in March 2010. There were also Nickelodeon Suites Resort and Adventure Aquarium in addition to Sea World (2010–2011), Shedd Aquarium (2010–2012), Moody Gardens (2010–2011), and Shedd Aquarium.

:beginner: Summary

The film earned $41.6 million in its first weekend of release, making it the highest-grossing opening weekend in American history, surpassing the previous record holder, Casino Royale. By the conclusion of the Thanksgiving weekend, it had made $51.6 million, making it the highest-grossing film of all time.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Following are the most commonly asked questions about Happy Feet and its cast:

1 - What is the story of Happy Feet?

On November 10, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, Brittany Anne Bertolotti was born to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her mother is of Irish and Slovak descent, while her father is Italian. As a native New Yorker and to be closer to siblings from previous marriages, her father moved the family to Edison, New Jersey.

2 - Is Happy Feet on Disney?

After receiving mostly positive reviews from critics, Happy Feet became the first animated picture to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and the first to win the BAFTA for Best Animated Picture.

3 - Is Happy Feet a sad movie?

And yet, hidden underneath this seemingly upbeat jukebox musical with its singing and swooning animals is a heartbreaking tale of the natural world’s destruction.

4 - What are the names of the little penguins from Happy feet?

Mumble is the main character of Happy Feet and one of the two main characters of Happy Feet Two. He is a male emperor penguin, son of Memphis and Norma Jean, husband of Gloria, and father of Erik.

5 - What are the Happy Feet penguin names on this topic?

Mumble is a penguin from the Happy Feet movies.

6 - Who are the characters in the Happy Feet story?

Elijah Wood as Mumble. FOR EXAMPLE. Every day when a child mumbles.
Robin Williams as Ramón, Cletus, Lovelace, and the narrator.
Brittany Murphy as Gloria. Alyssa Shafer as Baby Gloria.
Hugh Jackman as Memphis.
Nicole Kidman as Norma Jean.
Hugo Weaving as Noah the Elder.
Fat Joe as Seymour.
Anthony LaPaglia as Hunter Boss.

7 - What are Happy Feet penguins called?

Gloria is the deuteragonist of Happy Feet and the secondary tritagonist of Happy Feet Two. She is an emperor penguin known for being one of the best singers. She is the daughter of Maurice and Michelle, Mumble’s wife and Erik’s mother.

8 - What’s wrong with Mumble in Happy Feet?

According to Wikipedia, Mumble is trapped in his baby’s feathers for falling like an egg through Memphis. This is a clue because a small feather floats off the screen in the last scene. But in Happy Feet 2, Mumble is still dressed in feathers. It is biologically impossible.

9 - Are there three happy feet?

Happy Feet Three is the next 3D animated film and the sequel to Happy Feet Two. Happy Feet Three is the possible sequel that could be released in the future. The possible cast that will be the voice, perhaps Elijah Wood, P! Happy Feet Three, will be released in November 2021.

10 - Is Happy Feet a true story?

Happy Feet: this is not a true story. Warning: if you don’t want to know when Happy Feet will end, read no further. During its opening weekend, the Tap Penguin raised $ 42.3 million, hitting the debut of the highly anticipated Bond film: Casino Royale. But like any animated film for children, this story also has a happy ending.

11 - Who created the brand?

Surfs Up (film) Surfs Up Production company Sony Pictures Animation Distributed by Columbia Pictures Release date June 8, 2007 Duration 85 minutes.

12 - Which animals are happy?

Other species: Chinstrap penguin, Magellanic penguin, blue penguin, Adelie penguin, emperor penguin, polar bear, orca (killer whale), krill, elephant seal, leopard seal, and giant squid (in iceberg collision scene).

13 - What are the names of the cute penguins?

Name the boys and girls for 2 little penguins !!! Thank you very much! Girls: Snow White, Ice Pop, Icy, Candy Cane, Ice Cube, Cleo, Arctic (Girl or Boy). Boy: Frosty, Snowball, Flippers, Atlantic, Chris, Pablo (I know you’re digressing a little, but still …).

14 - What is the end of happy feet?

Continuity Error: When Mumble is a kid, his tie won’t appear until Boss Hunter puts it under his feet. He disappears shortly after that, only to reappear when Mumble falls into the crevice of the ice.

15 - What kind of bird is in Happy feet?

The characteristics of an eagle bird. There are three penguins in the animated film Happy Feet: the emperor penguin, the jumping penguin, and the Adélie penguin.

16 - Did Disney have happy feet?

Happy feet. Happy Feet is a 2006 Australian-American musical comedy directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller. However, Warner Bros., the film production company, was under budget to release Happy Feet in IMAX Digital 3D.

17 - Mumble and Gloria have children?

Mumble in Happy Feet Two In Happy Feet Two, Mumble was now paired with Gloria and had a son named Erik.

18 - What is the conflict between happy feet?

In this case, the conflict in Happy Feet’s story lies in that Mumble, the protagonist, tries to justify his belief that dancing is not the reason for their colony’s food supply. There is a quarrel, and even between friends and relatives, especially the father, there is a rift.

19 - Pink song in Happy Feet?

Bridge of Light is a song by the American singer-songwriter Pink. The song was written by Pink and his longtime collaborator Billy Mann and served as the theme song for the 2011 film Happy Feet Two.

:books: Conclusion

To wit, George Miller helmed, produced, and co-wrote the 2006 CGI musical comedy picture Happy Feet. For Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, and Kingdom Feature Productions, Animal Logic of Sydney created the film’s script and storyboards. On November 17, 2006, it premiered in theatres across North America, and on December 26, 2006, it opened in theatres across Australia. The film earned $41.6 million in its first weekend of release, making it the highest-grossing opening weekend in American history, surpassing the previous record holder, Casino Royale.

By the conclusion of the Thanksgiving weekend, it had made $51.6 million, making it the highest-grossing film of all time. This is Kennedy Miller and Animal Logic’s first full-length animated film. The film takes place in the frigid nation of Antarctica and follows Mumble, an emperor penguin who, although unable to sing the soul mate’s song, can tap dance magnificently. As Mumble struggles to find himself after being banished from Emperor Land by Noah, the Elder, he finds friendship with the Amigos.

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