Halloween Airpod Cases

Halloween night is coming fast. You are already looking for your Halloween costume, you may even have already found one. You’re not the only one who deserves a good Halloween costume! Your Apple case also deserves a great costume to protect itself from shocks, falls and scratches, that could happen during your crazy Halloween party!

Airpod-Case.com is there for you! We have made a selection of the best spooky cases to wear during Halloween. Do you have the guts to handle the view? We’ll find out soon enough.

Let’s now discover our selection of our special Halloween cases.


Halloween AirPods Cases

That’s it, I officially declare the period of pumpkins, witches and ghosts open! Are you a fan of Halloween and supernatural events? You’ll love our durable silicone case selection inspired by the scariest theme of the year.

1 - Skull AirPods Case

Skull Halloween AirPods Case

Here is the tough case compatible with generation 1 and 2 AirPods that will give your friends horror chills. Close and open the top lid and give the impression that you open and close his brain all the time. Made of thick and rugged silicone, this 3d case cover will protect your Bluetooth earphones from the most violent falls. A clip comes with that case so you can take it everywhere with you on Halloween night without risking losing it.

2 - Ugly AirPods Case

Ugly AirPods Case Halloween

Eye-shaped candies are the must-have treats for Halloween. These candies are horrible like this blue-eye shaped AirPods cover case. They say that a blue eye protects against evil eye and witch spells, but one thing is for sure, this sturdy case will absorb shocks and keep your wireless earphones safe from scrapes and dirt.

3 - Alien AirPods Case

This case that glows in the dark will be the perfect companion for your Halloween party. Limit the falls of your Apple charging case thanks to the non-slip texture of this durable silicone case and thanks to the carabiner hook. Never leave your grip case behind you by hanging it on your bag or belt again, it’s up to you!

4 - Thug Life AirPods Case

Thug Life AirPods Case Halloween

This hooded doll will protect your pods from all harm during ghost season. Resistant and durable, this reinforced silicone case will keep your precious gadgets safe. A precise hole has been cut on the bottom of this shockproof case to allow you to juice up your charging case easily.

5 - Shotgun AirPods Case

Shotgun AirPods Case Halloween

Have you decided to dress up as a cowboy or a zombie hunter this year? This gun will be the perfect accessory for your costume! Designed in a very thick silicone your Apple case will never fear falls again. In addition, a slot has been carefully cut for easy access to the charging port.

6 - Pumpkin AirPods Case

Pumpkin AirPods Case

This is the best-selling case at Halloween! And we understand why, this case looks like a pumpkin for Halloween decoration. This durable case will provide full cover for your battery case and those even in a haunted house. Lightweight and textured this case will be perfect to match your Halloween costume.

Cute Halloween AirPods Cases

Who said hulls should only be scary? We found some cute protective cases that are perfect for Halloween!

1 - Poison AirPods Case

Poison Halloween AirPods Case

This deadly pink drink will fit snugly onto your generation 1 or 2 charging case. Made of a solid material this case will protect your earbuds from shocks, bumps and dust. Don’t lose your case by hanging on the side a key ring, a lanyard or a lobster claw claps to carry your precious music everywhere with you.

2 - Ghost AirPods Case

Ghost AirPods Case

This little ghost made of durable silicone is certainly more scared than you are. But this little monster will keep your AirPods safe in any situation. Think of the shockproof and drop proof case, this little ghost will keep your AirPods almost as good as brand new.

3 - Frankenstein AirPods Case

Frankenstein AirPods Case Halloween

This little green monster is just adorable! You recognized it, it’s the Frankenstein monster with its scar and bone on the top of its skull. This case made of high quality soft silicone will fit perfectly to the shape of your charging case. Take your little monster everywhere safely by clipping it on the loops of your jeans or on your bag with a carabiner hook.

4 - Glow in The Dark Ghost AirPods Case

Ghost Glow in the Dark AirPods Case

This little ghost just wants to hug you! The white color of this case is fluorescent, it will glow in your darkest nights. The dustproof and shockproof silicone skin is a full 360° protection, designed to withstand all impacts. The case comes with a finger loop holder in the shape of a skull, so it will be easier and convenient to carry your case everywhere you want. However, this rugged case has two spots to hang a carabiner or a keychain, but you are free to hang a chain, and carry it as if your Apple case was a necklace.

5 - Boys Tears AirPods Case

Boys Tears AirPods Case

This thick silicone bottle will wrap perfectly around your charging case for complete protection in all circumstances. The silicone rubber case features a ring buckle holder whose shape matches the case. There is also easy access to the charging port to allow you to charge your generation one or two AirPods.

6 - Zombie AirPods Case

This live-dead shaped protective cover is not ugly at all but has a beautiful little red heart. This fingerprint-free, drop-resistant case is the perfect hard-shell to protect your wireless earphones from bumps, drops and dirt during Halloween.

Halloween AirPods Pro Cases

We presented you just above the silicone cases for the first and second generation AirPods. Now we present you the best Halloween cases for the third generation AirPods.

1 - Skull AirPods Pro Case

Skull AirPods Pro Case for Halloween

Protect your AirPods Pro by dressing them in this smiling black and white skull. This protective case will absorb all the shocks from falls and prevent your charging case from scratches. A precise cutout has been made to allow you to access the charging port easily.

2 - Ugly AirPods Case

Ugly AirPods Pro Case

It is true that this case doesn’t look very sleek, but it is the perfect protector for Halloween. The shock-absorption capacity of this silicone shell will keep your third generation AirPods safe. Carry that blue eye wherever you want with the carabiner that comes with this shell case.

3 - Ghost AirPods Pro Case

Ghost AirPods Pro Case

This ghost case available in different colors is the perfect drop protection for your precious AirPods Pro. No need to remove the protection to refill your charging case : a precise opening has been made to give you easy access to the charging port.

The most beautiful and funny cases are on Airpod-Case.com

You use your phone every day and that’s why you protect it against everyday impacts with a protective cover and a glass screen protector. And the reason you are here is that you never go outside without your music and therefore without your AirPods case. Thus, your charging case deserves the same level of protection as your latest iPhone. That means you need a protective case, but not just any case, you need a case that matches your personality!

We have finished the selection of silicone cases for Halloween. You could wear one of these cases for the whole month of October, but after that you will need a case that matches your personality. At Airpod-Case.com we have cover cases for all tastes, you will find leather cases for a sober and classy look, and clear cases to keep the flawless design of your Apple case.