Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is the ex-wife of the NBA legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Her real name is Janice Brown which changed after she got married to the former NBA player. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar: Age And Height. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s age is unknown as of now. However, she seems to be in her 40’s.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, net worth

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a prestigious NBA player who played 20 seasons and came out on top for six NBA championships.

He gloats about his NBA profession, yet her own life lays out an alternate picture. The NBA champion has just been hitched once, to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, and the marriage finished separately.

Likewise, her level subtleties slack from the web.

  1. Kareem was brought into the world on April 16, 1947, and is 74 years of age.

  2. Also, his height is 7 feet 2 inches (2.18 meters).

  3. Habiba was hitched to Kareem on May 28, 1971, and she likewise became a mother to three youngsters named Habiba, Sultana, and Abdul-Jabbar Jr.

  4. Her child is an entertainer and was brought into the world on August 23, 1976.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar: Spouse now

Did Habiba Abdul-Jabbar get hitched again after her parted from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has not hitched again after her separation from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Regardless of whether she has, it has not been disclosed at this point.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar carries on with an extremely confidential life, thusly, very little data about what she has been found since her split from the previous NBA player.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar: Total assets

  1. Habiba’s total assets is yet to be uncovered publically.

  2. Her better half Adult has brought in a lot of cash from his vocation as an expert b-ball player.

  3. Her ex Kareem, then again, has a total assets of $20 million. Kareem’s compensation as a NBA player has assisted him with building his financial balance.

  4. In any case, Habiba couldn’t exploit her significant other’s cash as this couple got separated in 1978.

  5. It is referred to that Habiba was raised as a Christian and just became Islam as a result of her significant other, Kareem.

  6. She was still in school when she got hitched to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Habiba Abdul -Jabbar Husband, Job, Weight, Kids, Education.

Habiba Abdul- Jabbar Height

  1. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is well known for being the spouse of a superstar procuring individual who is a football player.

  2. She has an exceptionally incredible character, which Kareem loved, and who chose to wed her.

  3. In like manner, She has a level of 5 feet 5 inches which is a seriously normal level for common individuals. Accordingly, her size has additionally assumed a fundamental part in her life.

  4. She is a style planner, which has nothing to do with her level. Her level looks normal, as per common individuals. Simultaneously, her significant other’s level is much more than her.

  5. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s significant other, has a level of 5’5 inches, which is extensive in regards to her calling.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar White Wife

Habiba was not the genuine name Habiba. In the wake of getting hitched to Kareem, who follows the Islamic religion, she needs to change her name as per her better half.

Hence she was brought into the world in the US of America and held an American identity. Her genuine name was Janiece Brown, and has a place in America.

She met her better half at a party where they experienced passionate feelings for and chose to get hitched.

The issue was that they had a place with various religions where Janiece was American and her better half Kareem was Muslim.

After the marriage, she was known as the white spouse since she was not from a similar religion as her significant other. The couple got hitched a couple of years prior and has three kids now.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, Daughter

After certain years, Habiba Abdul Zabbar and Kameer Abdul Zabbar were hitched and favored with a young child. They named their youngsters Habiba Zabbar.

She was brought into the world to a wonderful family with two kin who love her to such an extent. She was the primary offspring of her folks, who were honored.

She grew up with her kin and invested a ton of energy with them. She caused her youngsters to follow the religion they needed and had no limitations.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar Cheryl

Cheryl was likewise a piece of her name, which she has not revealed in the media. Similarly, Her name was totally disparate in the past when she was not hitched to Kareem.


  1. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is known as a style creator.

  2. Habiba Abdul - Jabbar was hitched to Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  3. She holds American identity and white nationality.

  4. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has three kids.

  5. Her total assets aren’t known altogether to the media and public.

  6. She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 65 kg.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Girlfriend 1979 Cheryl Pistono ?

  1. Previous b-athlete Kareem Abdul Jabbar dated his significant other Cheryl Pistono in 1979. Get to know his relationship with Enchantment Johnson in the article below.

  2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a previous expert competitor who played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers in the Public B-ball Affiliation (NBA).

  3. He was a significant six-time NBA Most Important Player, an eminent 19-time NBA Top pick, a 15-time All-NBA assurance, and part of the NBA All-Protective group multiple times during his vocation as a middle forward.

  4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar Sweetheart 1979 Cheryl Cylinder Kareem Abdul Jabbar dated Cheryl Cylinder in 1979 in the wake of isolating from his most memorable spouse Janice Brown.

  5. Cheryl Pistono was brought into the world on 9 September 1956 in Los Angeles, California. He was brought into the world to guardians of US Marine Corps veterans John Jay and Sylvia Vaclav.

  6. Karim was vocal about what Cheryl meant for an individual more through her connections than her coaches, educators, or accomplices.

  7. The surrendered player started dating Cheryl in 1979 after they previously got together in 1977. The couple was honored with a youngster named Amir, Jabbar, who was brought into the world on November 18, 1980.

  8. Afterward, the couple split and Cheryl wedded Steven Jenkins in 1985. As a matter of fact, even after their marriage, the two kept up with their connection and kept on gathering.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Ex-Wife

  1. In the NBA, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an easily recognized name. The NBA champion enjoyed 20 seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

  2. Kareem additionally resigned as the unsurpassed forerunner in focuses scored, field objectives made, and vocation wins, being hailed as the best.

  3. Kareem has gone through a few incredible connections and self-awareness subsequent to resigning from a fruitful calling and helpful undertaking. Among Jabbar’s numerous connections, we’ll be seeing his child mother, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, who had three kids with him.

Janice Brown was her given name when she was conceived.

  • Kareem Abdul-ex, Jabbar’s Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, was brought into the world in a Christian family, for example, Janice Brown,which is an obscure bit of trivia.

  • She rose to ubiquity as Kareem Abdul-child Jabbar’s mom, yet following their separation, she picked a daily existence away from the spotlight.

  • Prior to wedding b-ball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was likewise conceived Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., Janice changed her religion and name.

  • His Muslim profound pioneer, Hamaas Abdul-Khaalis, picked the names of both Jabbar and his ex, Habiba.

  • Despite the fact that Janice (Habiba) Earthy colored has a confidential existence, we had the option to follow her out through freely available reports.

  • Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Abdul-ex, Jabbar is an energetic sprinter with a Facebook page called RunHabibaRun.

  • She is likewise the proprietor and architect of the Tutu Glitz clothing line. The business makes charming and showy tutu skirts.

  • Habiba, Kareem’s past spouse and a Lobby of Famer, is a dynamic lady who has kept her childhood a ways into her 70s. Hopefully her charm go on endlessly.

For the beyond seven years, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar wedded Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as recently said, tracked down comfort in Islam and chose to change over.

Notwithstanding, it gave the idea that his life partner should likewise be an Islamist, so his most memorable spouse, Janice Brown, switched over completely to Islam and was renamed Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, and that signifies “adored.”

During Kareem’s senior year at UCLA, the previous couple met at a Lakers game. In the wake of dating for some time, the couple chose to seal the deal. On May 28, 1971, the occasion was held by Muslim standards.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was so dedicated to Islam that he didn’t ask his folks to the wedding. Kareem uncovered to America Aljazeera that he made the blunder of not welcoming his folks, which took him 10 years to fix.

He likewise said that he was so committed to Islam that in spite of having a profound love for another lady, he wedded a lady recommended by Hammas. Thus, the marriage was ill-fated all along.

Three children were invited into the world simultaneously.

  1. In spite of the way that Kareem and Habiba’s marriage endured just seven years, they had three youngsters together. Habiba Alcindor, one of Jabbar’s youngsters, is a writer, while Sultana Abdul-Jabbar has a confidential life.

  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr., Kareem Abdul-child, Jabbar’s too played b-ball momentarily prior to choosing to resign and carry on with a peaceful life.

  3. Regardless of the way that their marriage didn’t work out, Kareem and Habiba were glad for a couple of years.

  4. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Abdul-ex, Jabbar’s brought forth three kids during their seven-year marriage. Habiba’s Facebook page is the wellspring of this picture.

  5. Kareem dropped the 'separate from while Habiba was only three months pregnant with their girl, Sultana.

  6. Kareem has conceded that he went through a crude phase of development and committed a few unfortunate errors therefore.

Their Reason for Divorce

  1. Kareem wedded against his educator’s desires as a passionate Muslim and in the end separated. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA champion who wowed the world with his sky-snare, had a capricious relationship with his ex.

  2. After their marriage and two youngsters, Habiba and Kareem resided in various homes for a brief time frame. Beginning around 1973, the previous accomplices had not lived respectively.

  3. As indicated by the Los Angeles Times, Kareem Abdul Jabbar admitted that nobody greaterly affected his life than Cheryl Pistono. Kareem’s conviction seems to have been tested by a lady who pushed him to look for a separation from an alienated marriage.

  4. At the point when Habiba was three months pregnant with Sultana, Kareem uncovered his craving to separate. Therefore, their marriage was disintegrated in a strict function, and later separated from in common court at Kareem’s solicitation.

  5. In Walk 1983, their separation was formalized. Be that as it may, it is obscure whether Cheryl Pistono was engaged with the separation of the isolated couple.

  6. Regardless, Jabbar and Janice, false name Habiba, both continued on rapidly. Kareem had proactively brought forth a child, Amir Abdul-Jabbar, when Habiba Jabbar, or Habiba J. Herbert, remarried in 1986 and brought forth a child named Sean.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Is A Dad Of Five Children Inside Existence Of The Ball Player

You may be asking why the resigned Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came into the focus via web-based entertainment. Indeed, Kareem got Legends grants from NBA this Sunday.

As announced in Cleveland, the legends Jerry West and went along with him before the NBA Elite player game in Cleveland Function. On February 20, NBA commended its 75th commemoration in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Public B-ball Resigned Players Affiliation respected the three legends in The NBA Legends Early lunch function in Huntington Bank Assembly hall. Supposedly, Kareem got the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Civil rights Grant.

The honor for his few exercises and his words upholds civil rights. Are you hungry to investigate

Who Are Kareem Abdul Jabbar Children ?

  1. The amazing ball player has five children: Adam Abdul Jabbar, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar Jr., Sultana Abdul-Jabbar, Amir Abdul-Jabbar, and Habiba (girl). Kareem met his better half Janice at a Lakers game during his senior year at UCLA.

  2. The couple had three youngsters. Their child Kareem Jr. played b-ball at Western Kentucky after Valparaiso. Supposedly, The couple finished their marriage in 1978.

  3. Afterward, he drew in with Cheryl Pistono and had two children (Amir and Adam). Their child Adam showed up on the television sitcom Full House with him.

  4. As provided details regarding CBS Sports, police captured Kareem Abdul Jr for wounding a neighbor and condemned him to 180 days.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Total assets Find out about His Lifetime Accomplishments

  5. As detailed in The Superstar Total assets, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the six-times NBA Title, has an expected total assets of around $20 million.

  6. Other than being a ball player, he is an entertainer, writer, mentor, screenwriter, and Film Maker. The American player played 20 seasons in the Public Ball Affiliation.

  7. Besides, he filled in as a coach and collaborator for the Los Angeles Trimmers and the Ocean Supersonics. His name was on the Association’s 35th, 50th, and 75th-commemoration groups.

  8. Moreover, he was a three-time MVP of the NCAA Competition. Then again, he showed up in various movies and Programs, for the most part in appearance jobs where he played himself.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Family-His Initial Life

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 74, could have a place with a Muslim family. His name looks like the Muslim religion.

New-York conceived Abdul took the Muslim name after driving the Buck to its most memorable NBA title at age 24. His genuine name is Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.

Abdul’s folks are Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr. furthermore, Cora Lilian. Cora was a retail chain value checker, and Lewis was a travel cop and jazz performer.

Experiencing childhood in Dyckman Road, he was dependably a dresser. He was 6 ft and 8 in tall when he was in eighth grade. In any case, he made level his solidarity and pushed ahead in his b-ball vocation from his secondary school.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Purpose For Changing His Name

  1. He is presumably quite possibly of the most popular name in b-ball. As a six-time NBA Most Important Player (MVP), he assisted the Los Angeles Lakers with coming out on top for a ton of championships and become one of the most amazing groups in the NBA.

  2. He was likewise a NBA Top pick record multiple times. As a show, ‘Winning Time: The Ascent of the Lakers Tradition’ shows this piece of LA Lakers history.

  3. In the series, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a major piece of it, and his job in the group’s prosperity is very much made sense of.

  4. In any case, the show just addresses Abdul-past Jabbar’s and surrenders a great deal to the crowd to sort out.

  5. There is more about Abdul-choice Jabbar’s to turn into a Muslim and change his original name to something related with the Lakers’ “Kickoff Period” in the fifth episode of the show.

  6. If you have any desire to know why these choices were made, here is all that you really want to be aware!

What Is The Reason Behind Changing His Name And Converting To Islam?:

  • Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They are Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr. also, Cora Lillian. He is the child of them both.

  • This is the manner by which it worked: His dad was a travel cop and a jazz performer.

  • His mom functioned as a cost checker in the cost of retail chain merchandise at the shopping center.

  • During secondary school, Ferdinand became intrigued by b-ball. He was tall for his age and was taller than the vast majority his age. Thereafter, Ferdinand went to UCLA and played for its b-ball group.

  • He set a great deal of standards at his secondary school. At the point when he set off for college, he set up for turning into a star. It was while he was at school that Ferdinand chose to become Muslim and changed his name from Ferdinand Abdul-Jabbar to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  • It was in 1971, when Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr was 24 years of age. He changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and he turned into a Muslim (and that implies the respectable one, worker of the All-powerful).

  • Many individuals have said Abdul-choice Jabbar’s to change the two his religion and name was a vital profound one. Be that as it may, Abdul-Jabbar at long last discussed why he settled on the choice he did in a piece he composed for Al Jazeera America.

  • Abdul-Jabbar began to feel awkward and miserable in light of the fact that he was turning out to be all the more notable. It was during his lesser year that Abdul-Jabbar read Malcolm X’s collection of memoirs and begun to contemplate how Malcolm X could assist him with being better.

  • He said that Malcolm X idea that Christianity was the groundwork of white culture, which prompted the subjection of African Americans, which thus prompted bigotry in the public arena. Islam, then again, assisted Malcolm X with figuring out who he truly was and battle against shamefulness.

  • Subsequent to being motivated by Malcolm X, Abdul-Jabbar began concentrating on the Quran, which prompted him turning into a Muslim under the direction of Hammas Abdul-Khaalis, who was likewise a Muslim.

  • His family name, “Alcindor,” came from a French grower in the West Indies. A significant number of his precursors worked for him. He didn’t think it was more right than wrong to keep the name of his family’s slave driver.

  • It was Abdul-way Jabbar’s of saying that he needed nothing in his life that was associated with his family and individuals being slaves. Thus, he changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  • Eventually, Abdul-choice Jabbar’s to turn into a Muslim descended to his longing for profound development. Abdul-Jabbar changed his name to show the amount he thinks often about Islam and how glad he is of his ethnic foundation.

What number of Rings Does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Have?

  1. While discussing who the consistent ‘GOAT’ of ball is, similar two names are tossed around.

  2. Before the times of the Jordan versus LeBron banter there was one player who was collectively chosen as the best ball player ever; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Off the court, Kareem separated well established obstructions among competitors and civil rights developments.

  3. On the court he separated the best communities the association brought to the table. Winning 6 association Mvp’s, 19 elite player choices, 15 time all-NBA first group, 11 time all-guard, the rundown of awards is ceaseless.

  4. What might be most great are the six title rings that Kareem won in his 20 seasons played. Here are the six NBA finals matchups Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won and how Kareem acted in every one!

27 focuses, 18.5 bounce back, 2.8 helps

  1. In the first of Abdul-Jabbar’s many rings, he faced Wes Unseld and the Baltimore Shots. Abdul-Jabbar was falling off his most memorable standard season MVP subsequent to averaging 31 focuses, 16 bounce back, and 3 helps during the normal season.

  2. The Bucks had the option to polish off the Shots in a four-game compass to guarantee the establishments very first NBA title.

  3. Abdul-Jabbar was at that point one of the most dominating players in university ball history, so this title showed the world he could succeed at any level. Eminently, Kareem brought back home the Finals MVP prize for his exceptional exhibition in the series.

33.4 focuses, 13.6 bounce back, 4.6 blocks

The first of Kareem’s five titles in Los Angeles would come toward the finish of the 1980 season.

This season was featured by the disturbance the Lakers association managed over time. First the group was evolving proprietorship, so a huge number of changes were made to the front office.

The Lakers went through almost 4 lead trainers from pre-season to the furthest limit of the time. Notwithstanding all that, the Lakers dominated 60 matches and wound up in the NBA finals.

Kareem was sidelined for game 6 which Enchantment Johnson played each of the five situations during. Wizardry would bring back home the Finals MVP, and kickoff would be launched.

13.1 focuses, 4.1 bounce back, 1.1 block

The last ring that Kareem and the ‘Kickoff’ Lakers guaranteed would come toward the finish of the 1988 season. In a tight seven game series, the Lakers scarcely had the option to push out the actual Cylinders.

Isaiah Thomas captured everyone’s attention with an unbelievable 43 point executions in game six on a messed up ridiculous lower leg, albeit the Cylinder’s couldn’t take out the success.

The Lakers pushed the series to seven games and the rest was history. Kareem was as yet ready to have a genuine effect and assist the Lakers with winning, yet obviously age had gotten the better of Abdul-Jabbar as of now.


Afterwards, Ferdinand went to UCLA and played for its basketball team. He set a lot of records at his high school. When he went to college, he set the stage for becoming a star. It was while he was at school that Ferdinand decided to become Muslim and changed his name from Ferdinand Abdul-Jabbar to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, i describe some important question are as:

1.What number of individuals Kareem Abdul-Jabbar laid down with?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t a psychological militant, yet rather a previous ball hotshot, renowned for his experience with the Babylon Lakers. He professes to have laid down with north of 9,000 ladies in the course of his life, yet we realize this is an accomplishment that must be achieved by Tek Jansen.

2. Is Allen Iverson rich?

However he brought in such a lot of money with playing b-ball alone, it’s staggering to imagine that Iverson’s accounted for total assets is assessed at just $1 million. All through his wild whiz vocation, The Response made generally $154.8 million in NBA pay rates, per Spotrac.

3. Who is more extravagant Shaq or Jordan?

All things considered, Michael’s total assets is around $2.2 billion. The Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal, has made $292 million from NBA contracts, all through his vocation. O’Neal procures well around $60 million from supports. Shaq sold his 12 room house for $16.5 million out of 2021.

4. Is LeBron an extremely rich person?

LeBron James has formally turned into an extremely rich person, as per Forbes. This makes James the primary dynamic NBA player to arrive at the achievement, and the second NBA player to arrive at very rich person status, joining resigned b-ball star Michael Jordan.

5. Who is Nike possessed by?

The fellow benefactor of Nike, Phil Knight, and his child Travis Knight, alongside the holding organizations and trusts they control, own over 97% of remarkable Class An offers. 5 This permits the Knight family to practice powerful control of Nike despite the fact that it is a public business.

6. What amount of Father John’s does Shaq claim?

He has claimed and sold 155 Five People Burgers cafés — which added up to 10% of the organization’s whole establishment portfolio. He additionally possesses 17 Aunt Anne’s Pretzels cafés and nine Dad John’s establishment units

7. Does Shaq possess ring?

A devotee of Ring, a doorbell camera home security framework, Shaq found the creator and became involved with the business. At the point when Amazon obtained Ring for over US$1 billion, O’Neal stashed a clean little benefit. He additionally has shares in Apple and San Francisco startup Loyal3, a web based stockbroking firm.

8. For what reason Does Adidas Have 2 Unique Logos?

Instead of forever change their logo, Adidas has added extra logos. The trefoil logo is for Adidas Firsts items and the mountain logo is utilized on tech or sports-centered items.

9. What natural order of things does Shaq claim?

Enormous Chicken, the star-fueled, quick relaxed chicken eatery establishment established by b-ball Corridor of Famer and celebrated business person Shaquille O’Neal. Declared today that the brand will enter the four biggest Texas markets Incredibly.

10. Does Shaq claim Krispy Kreme?

A long-lasting Krispy Kreme fan, O’Neal currently possesses his own personal Krispy Kreme shop in Atlanta. This specific donut shop has the differentiation of being Atlanta’s unique Krispy Kreme and has involved its right on the money Ponce de Leon Road for a very long time.


While discussing who the consistent ‘GOAT’ of b-ball is, similar two names are tossed around. Before the times of the Jordan versus LeBron banter there was one player who was consistently chosen as the best b-ball player ever; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Off the court, Kareem separated well established obstructions among competitors and civil rights developments.

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