Ginseng coffee: Everything you need to know

Wondering which brand of ginseng coffee to choose? Some brands stand out for the quality of their product. For this purpose, ginseng is an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.It is recommended to relieve various pathologies. To soften its bitter flavor, ginseng has been associated with different ingredients hence the

Ginseng Coffee. To make your choice easier, look to these few well-known brands in the field. However, there are also criteria that will help you recognize the authenticity of the product.

Ginseng King Cup coffee

It is among the leaders in the production of ginseng coffee. These products are offered in 2 versions. On the one hand, coffee with ginseng requires sugar, and on the other a sweet version with cane sugar. Concerned about the health of its followers and its reputation, the coffee offered by the brand is imported from Malaysia. This is in order to allow consumers to benefit from an original recipe. King Cup Ginseng Coffee is free from OMG, gluten, and lactose.
Whether in a capsule or sachet, King Cup Ginseng Coffee is easy to prepare. Insoluble format, it is enough to dissolve it in a cup that contains boiling water. As for the capsules, you just have to insert it
into the device before pressing the button

Ginseng Deca King Cup

If you are a fan of decaffeinated drinks, I recommend the Ginseng Deca King Cup range. The latter has
the same taste and the same property as the other versions. The only difference is that it doesn't
contain caffeine. It is also available in soluble sachets and capsules.

Brands of ginseng coffee to consider

Besides these two firms, there are other brands you can turn to. The Nespresso ginseng Gattopardo is one of the brands that are beginning to make a reputation in this environment and I had the chance to taste it. This is available in a sachet of 10 capsules and can be used in most Nespresso machines.

Each dose contains 5% ginseng extract in order to maintain an excellent ratio between the flavor and the positive effects of Panax, which is another name for ginseng. I also tried a ginseng coffee from Super. It is an original product since it is a blend of Arabica, Robusta, and ginseng of Korean origin. I can assure you that every cup you drink will be an unforgettable
experience. This coffee is halal certified.

We recommend the Persalute brand ginseng coffee. This drink will please you if you like Arabica coffee. Mixed with Korean red ginseng, it will be an interesting culinary discovery. Without sugar and aromas, it is only available in a 250 g sachet. The criteria for choosing a ginseng coffee Not all ginseng coffees are created equal. To check the quality of the ginseng in your coffee, you need to
check a few points or ask the manufacturers directly.

Check the ginsenoside content of the product.

Your coffee with ginseng is considered in the medium category when it has a level of ginsenosides between 8 to 10 mg / g. Between 14 to 15 mg / g, it is of good quality. It will be of exceptional quality when it has a rate between 20 to 25 mg / g. This information can be mentioned on the packaging. Also check that the coffee is with ginseng and not made with another herbal medicine, as scammers have plenty of ideas.

Go for a coffee with Korean, Malaysian, or Chinese ginseng. In these countries, extraction work is carried out according to standards. In addition, the plant is harvested there at a mature age, more precisely after 6 years of cultivation. Price can also be an important criterion. A ginseng coffee offered at an unbeatable cost should arouse your suspicion. Since this is a rare commodity, this is simply not possible unless it is poor quality ginseng.

All of these are imperative to guarantee the much sought-after taste in a ginseng coffee. In short, coffee with ginseng is starting to be part of the daily life of black drink lovers. In addition to its taste, it is prized for the many medical benefits it offers. Like all products, ginseng coffee is available under different brands. However, there are always references in the matter. To ensure the authenticity of the ginseng contained in the coffee, it is necessary to follow a few verification steps.