Free Stay in Dubai Hotel with Emirates Airlines

While the whole planet is suffering from one of the most dangerous diseases in the whole history of mankind, every organization is trying to keep its operations running. Moreover, each country is also trying to maintain its economy in order to keep providing people with all the necessities. Airline carriers are no exception. They are also trying to provide people with the most affordable and ridiculous offerings that one cannot simply refuse.
In the heat of the moment and amid COVID-19 Emirates Airline has come up with a rather unique package. It is offering a free stay in a Dubai hotel that you can avail with your Dubai layover. Isn’t that great? Keep on reading to find out the whole news.


United Arab Emirates’ flagship carrier Emirates Airlines is planning to resume its Dubai Connect service from 1st December 2020 onwards. The main purpose of it is to make traveling easier for travelers as the flight schedules changed because of the coronavirus pandemic. You must be a transit passenger traveling on a couple of Emirates flights in order to book the service. It’s also important to use the best connection available for your selected trip. So that no one can cheat by booking a longer stopover flight. If your layover is between tent 24 hours, you may earn free overnight accommodation at a four or even five-star hotel. Moreover, it includes:

  • A ground transfer to the airport
  • Meals at the hotel
  • assistance with obtaining a United Arab Emirates visa once you arrive and require

Many critics and experts are predicting that you will also be able to find cheap hotels while staying in the UAE if you don’t qualify for a free stay.

Who Can Earn a Free Stay?

Strictly speaking, this service is available to all types of travelers, regardless of their region, gender, and even travel class. It still has an exception and that will be applied when the passengers are traveling to a destination that requires a coronavirus PCR test once they arrived.

This exception is only because of the reason that the safety of people is the primary focus of all the carriers and nations. In this case, first-class and also business class travelers might need to stay at the Dubai International Hotel at Dubai Airport, and access the Emirates Lounge at Dubai Connect Airport.
These travelers will also be allowed to drink, eat, and relax in the lounge. Additionally, the passengers in the economy class on longer stops will also be able to avail the opportunity to spend some quality time there.

When You will Have to Inform about Your Plan?

You will need to contact the Dubai connect service desk to inform them regarding your plan. It’s equally important to keep in mind that you will have to contact at least 24 hours prior to your arrival in Dubai. Moreover, you’ll need to meet the Dubai connect counter after landing at Dubai Airport in the arrivals section in order to get all the information regarding your free stay.


This is the latest news from one of the best and renowned carriers in the world none other than Emirates Airlines. Moreover, if you fail to qualify for the free stay then you still will have the chance to find cheap hotels with amazing services and features. That’s because world tourism is on the top of the hardest hit things by coronavirus and airlines and hotels are offering very affordable and accessible prices. If you plan to travel with Emirates Airline don’t forget about the free stay and act according to the information mentioned above. It will help you to find one of the most luxurious hotel-stays of your life.