fraxel is a laser treatment device that treats the skin imperfections.

it is use to cure and abolish the fine lines,scars,marks,brown spots and to bring glow on skin.Fraxel is a FDA approved device,with the help of co2 it gives micro injuries to your skin after that healing process accelerates.

fraxel boost the collagen in the skin,that ultimately brings glow to skin and a person looks young and with a glowy effect.
there are four different types of fraxel that depends upon the wavelength of the laser that penetrate into the skin less or more intensity and have multiple effects on face.Korean glass skin is the dream of everyone so in 2000 a method was discovered,which with the help of laser treats your skin in a way that is least painful and have longtime results.

for this purpose co2 accompanied with fraxel,treatment of many skin relevant issues like the fine line that appears on skin with time,brown spots that are not assume to be curable,the marks either they are birth marks or they are result of any trauma.

what are aims fraxel laser treatment??

when one goes for fraxel treatment certain things he or she aims that are listed below

getting clear skin

tight skin

glass skin

repairing skin

restoring young look

eliminate brown marks

long lasting results

collagen booster

wrinkle cure

one may have one or more than one reasons to go for fraxel the qualities above mostly related to all skin issues.

how to prepare for fraxel?

since fraxel is a really simple and painless treatment but some precautions you must keep in view and precautions are also very simple likeā€¦

1:quit smoking

2:quit alchohol

3:avoid from direct sun rays

4:take a break of make up

procedure of fraxel

fraxel machine calculates the wavelength of laser and their penetration in the skin, and application of anesthetic cream is neceassary to make the area fully numb so that the pain effect will be minimized the cooling affect helps alot to cure the micro injuries and a chip is connected in front of thye machine that actually contacts with skin that is new for every patient.Actual traetment price is because of this chip that gives micro injuries to skin and from this chip laser penetrates in the skin and start to cure the area.

The machine is contacted with skin on criss cross method so all area equally coverd by laser and then many times the chip gives micro injuries.

this procedure is completely painless and durable that is the reason of its popularity,but a sharp sensation or itchiness may be occurred which is quite normal and will be decrease after 3 days and skin starts healing.

fraxel and the differences in wavelengths

in past decade 1550 wavelength laser is used to cure the skin related problems but a flaw of that was they took all the glow and shine from the skin,since 2007 the use of 1927 laser have a revolutionary effect on skin ,that does not penetrate in the skin so deep to effect the glow of skin and the upper layer where the problems of scars,marks,pigmentation and fine lines are present,fraxel targets specially that area and gives revolutionary effects.and for some time the dual laser 1550 to 1927 were also used to boost collagen in skin.

post fraxel care

post fraxel care is somehow same as its was before but some are as below

1:avoid direct sun contact

2:dont use make up one week

3:dont apply the sharp serums that cause itching

4:dont pull the flakes while healing

5:avoid smoking and alcohol

how many sessions of fraxel will give maximum results?

it depaqnds that how much your skin is damaged,but if the age factor is involve and you are doing fraxel to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from skin then minimum 3 and maximum 5 sessions are necessary to get maximum glowy the case of brown spots the 1927 fraxel 3 sessions may give good results.

how much time required to see the results of fraxel

as we told that fraxel machine cause many micro injuries ,after 2 to 3 days healing process starts and you start to see the results of it apter one week on an average.

what is the cost???

the actual cost of fraxel is because of chip that is attracted on the tip of the machine from which rays emit and give skin the sensation.cost of fraxel on average lies between 500 dollars to 1000 also depends upon the sessions that are needed.

how long last the results of fraxel???

because of its durability it is consider the most effective laser beauty treatment,other methods like micro needling,derma roller,dermaplane are cost effective but not durable as it last approximately 10 years.but you have to take appointment from an expert dermatologist that understand your needs and wishes and give you proper blend of them.



fraxel is process of healing after micro injuries caused by machine intentionally to cure the skin imperfections through laser machine attaching a chip on its tip that moves to and fro on the skin and removes the marks,fine lines,brown spots and scares.its effect last for many years and it is totally a painless method and recovery is very easy as compared to micro blading etc.
in this process you have to avoid some things that may be hurdle in healing process in post fraxel time,such like quit smoking and alcohol,avoid sun light,avoid make up and quit blood thinners.
in this method firstly application of anesthetic cream is necessary to make the skin numb so you avoid the pain caused by laser,then the machine moves on skin on criss cross motion to cover the mostly area of skin.1927 wavelength is commonly used now a days but in past decade 1550 wavelength also used,or the dual 1550 and 1927 both used to cure skin imperfections.
post care of fraxel is also necessary it is almost same as pre fraxel.the results last more than 6 years and the cost is approx 1000 dollars.

What is Fraxel laser good for?

FRAXEL is good for removing acne,marks,fine lines.pimples,pigmentation from skin through laeser for a long time.

Is Fraxel Laser painful?

To some exent we can say that skin may feel itching,uneasiness because of micro injuries that are caused by fraxel machine,but on the whole its not as painful as supposed to be.

Are Fraxel results permanent?
yes that is reason of its popularity that its results lasts for many years,maximum ten years.

Thanks to modern sciences that give us many treatment to cure the skin related problems ln which laser treatment is one of them.fraxel enables you to minimize the effects of mature skin and skin imperfections thriugh laser.which is quite good and painless should try it without fear of being wrong results.Because it is authentic with a proper wavelength penetration method that penetrate into skin properly and boost the healing process after mirco injuries,the best thing about this is that it last many years so be happy that once you invested in yourself ,then you are tension free afterwards.