Fraser's Ridge

Fraser’s Ridge is a plot of land in western North Carolina, which includes around ten thousand acres. Its proprietary, Jamie Fraser, lives there with his extended relatives, and by 1779 over 60 resident groups are living in the area.

Fraser's Ridge

History of Fraser’s Ridge:

When Jamie and Claire visit Wilmington, they discreetly set about getting a client for one of their gemstones, to turn their purpose into cash that they can use. While in town, Jamie faces a cousin-by-marriage, Edwin Murray, who occurs to be the secretary of Governor William Tryon’s wife, and Jamie runs to ensure an offer for Claire and himself to feast with the governor. The actual purpose of the night is to persuade a well-settled German visitor at the dinner to buy the gemstone, but afterward, the rest of the guests have left the party. The governor had a personal discussion with Jamie about some other matter: a rendering of a land award in the North Carolina wilderness where, under Jamie’s sponsorship, tenants would be forced to settle the land.

It’s a render not without its drawbacks. As Jamie explains to Claire, the reasoning the governor might make such an offer to Jamie so shortly after conference him may contain the fact that Jamie is a soldier by character and expertise, and having somebody like Jamie with a particular number of command over the remote location of the colony, where unrest has already waded up in the past, might be very advantageous to the governor. Jamie also notes that, even though the governor shook off the reality that Jamie is Catholic and the law allows only Protestant men to hold such territory grants, this will be a sort of influence the governor holds over Jamie as long as Jamie complies with what the governor wants of him, there’s no trouble, but if Jamie doesn’t, the governor could smoothly use it against him.

In late summer of 1767, Jamie and Claire traveled via the wasteland for an appropriate place to settle if they were to admit Tryon’s offer. In September, they will begin construction of a shelter in the shape of a one-room cabin, in which Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian will survive via the winter. They also constructed two sheds, one for storage and cured meat, and another for Claire’s herbage and other foraged commodities.

The Cabin:

Jamie will start construction of a one-room cabin that will cover him, Claire, and Young Ian as of September 1767. The cabin’s fireplace is fortunate upon the arrival of John Quincy Myers and Duncan Innes, and the cabin is complete later that month.

In early September 1769, when Brianna surprised both of her parents with her entrance, Jamie set to work constructing an extra room onto the initial cabin while the construction of the new, much bigger house on a hill nearby is yet to be finished.

The Big House:

Jamie started to construct the Big House in the summer of 1769. In early September, he went to Cross Creek to purchase glass windows for the residence as a surprise for Claire. The basis of the house is in place and the rooms are noticeable.

The structure of the house has been belated for various months following the turmoil of rescuing Roger from the Iroquois. Upon their return in the early summer of 1770, Jamie continues to work on the home, his progression boosted by the crowded, tense-up situation in the little cabin. By autumn it was complete, a two-story “moderate frame house, white-washed and shingles-roofed” with glass windows.

On December 21, 1776, the house was burgled by Wendigo Donner and a grouping of his accomplices. They broke one of the containers with Claire’s highly combustible ether. Fledgling Ian lights a match, the house goes up in flames and combustion down at night.

Is Fraser’s Ridge a genuine place?

According to author Diana Gabaldon, whose Outlander books the Starz chain is based on, Fraser’s Ridge is an imaginary place. But if it were authentic, she said, it would be close to Boone and Blow Rock, North Carolina. The reasoning Gabaldon elected this part of the country is that traditionally, there was a huge inflow of Scottish settlers in the mid to late 1700s.

In line with the Blowing Rock town website, many of these Scots settlers came in at the harbor of Wilmington, just similar to Claire and Jamie. “These settlers were amongst the major groups to settle in the mountains of western North Carolina, with much more coming from northern routes from Pennsylvania.” This rich relationship with Scotland provides very much of a historic setting for, and feasible connections to, the people and places that Jamie and Claire would have known.

The significance of Fraser’s Ridge on Outlander:

After all the sorrow and trouble Claire and Jamie have endured, the only thing they want to do is settle down into a peaceful life with their family. The pair spent years apart from each other, living through wars, violence, and agony. So when they came upon the calm greening lot in North Carolina, they were determined to call it home.

In season 4, Jamie was awarded the land for Fraser’s Ridge by Governor Tryon in a swap for his allegiance and duty. He commenced out by constructing a little log cabin for himself, Claire, and Young Ian. But shortly after, he was joined by his family, including Brianna, Roger, their baby Jemmy, Fergus, and Marsali.

Outlander films scenes in Scotland:

While season 5 of Outlander may seem like it was recorded somewhere in the Carolinas, it was executed completely in Scotland. Many of the indoor scenes were recorded at Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld, Glasgow. And in an interview with Access, showrunner Ron Moore discussed the Scottish scene he found for Fraser’s Ridge.

Find Fraser’s Ridge:

Blue Ridge Parkway-

Blowing Rock is on Blue Ridge Parkway, part of the National Park Service. On the Parkway, named America’s Popular Drive, you can experience many views, tracks, and historic places. For an amazing picture of the real area that could have been a residence to Fraser’s Ridge, we suggest Thunder Mound view and Yadkin Vale view, both just north of Blowing Rock on the Parkway. Parts of the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail are available nearby on the Blue Ridge Parkway, too. How appropriate to take a walk along a route that combines the ocean to the mountains while considering potential paths Jamie and Claire would have visited on their journey from Wilmington to Fraser’s Ridge! There are many more trails open from points on the Parkway, like Tanahwa Trail, Boone Fork Trail, including Green Knob Trail.

Hickory Ridge Homestead-

For a more immersive experiment on what life might have been similar in the mountains when Fraser’s Ridge was established, visit the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum in Boone. A set of momentous cabins and buildings are endowed with interpreters in Revolutionary period clothes. Demonstrations of skills like healthy cooking, blacksmithing, and candlemaking offer insights into the life of the time. The grounds are accurate next to Horn in the West.

Horn in the West Drama-

An outside Revolutionist war play, Horn in the West shows the story of a family unit and their drive in the Blue Ridge with Daniel Boone and Cherokee buddies. Shows are displayed Tuesdays-Sundays between late June and the first in August. Gates open at 7:30, and you can experience the Hickory Ridge Living History Gallery opening at 5:30 p.m. on the show each night!

Horseback Trail Rides -

Journey down the trails of the Blue Ridge in the lane that Jamie and Claire would have: on horseback. One highly superb trail ride servicing is Vx3 Trail Rides here in Blowing Rock. The guide, Tim, leads riders on the wagon trails of Moses Cone Memorial Park. The trail system, while near town, feels worlds away - lined with antique rock walls, passing picturesque lakes and leading to a wide, broad view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tim is very interesting and educational, too, and he is forever valid to help with any problems with past and story from times earlier. He might even point out his concept of the place of Fraser’s Ridge.

Grandfather Mountain High ground Gaming-

Among the wider meeting of Scottish Clans around the globe, the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are introduced in early July each year near Linville. Yearly presence is about 30,000 people over four days. Grandfather Mountain and the environmental area conjure up the Scottish Highlands and give a truly extraordinary setting for the aesthetic assembly. The Games factor in enough of demonstrations of strength at McCrae Grassland and the beautiful sounds of bagpiping all over the corner. Clan tents are built around Meadows, with members offering data on family histories and lineages. Possibly the most movable section of the event is the Torchlight Ceremonial and Call of the Clans on Thursday night. It will give you chills!

A Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming

Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming is an initial fall affair, situated about 18 miles east of Blowing Rock in Ferguson, a rustic district that feels very underdeveloped. The Homecoming is “Outlander Wonderful But Story Focusing.” It celebrates the history of Jamie & Claire’s North Carolina country wasteland via workshops, hands-on activities, songs, diet, and very much further. In 2018, the incident launched with 100 attendees from all over the United States, increasing rapidly to an expected 200 from the US, Canada, and Scotland in 2020. Fresh in 2020, the event will multitude three of the cast members from the Outlander TV series Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, and Annette Badland! It’s an exclusive experiment in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Blow Rock, and you can even book your stay in Blowing Rock to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an original Fraser’s Ridge in North Carolina?

Fraser’s Ridge is a plot of ground in western North Carolina placed 10 miles from Blowing Rock.

Is there a Fraser’s Ridge in South Carolina?

So is it a true place? No, but kind of. The displays at Fraser’s Ridge are recorded in Scotland, in an area the director states seem very extreme like North Carolina .

Will Fraser’s Ridge burn down?

The place on Fraser’s Ridge makes it burn down, but, as you may have assumed because there are also books after this one, Jamie and Claire are not fatally injured when it seems. The home fire does, though, push the Frasers towards their next venture: a return to Scotland.

How huge is Fraser’s Ridge?

Fraser’s Ridge is a plot of grounds in western North Carolina, which is around ten thousand acres.

Did Claire and Jamie die in 1776?

The men steal Jamie and Claire’s big wood cabin house and stop up dying in a fire that Ian initiates. With the home and their family now left, Jamie declares he and Claire must return to Scotland to get his printing press.


Fraser’s Ridge is a plot of ground in western North Carolina, which includes around ten thousand acres. Its owner, Jamie Fraser, resides there with his extended relatives, and by 1779 over 60 resident relatives were living on the property.