Four Easy Ways to Become the Best SEO Company in India

Everyone needs SEO, from the artists to businesses, from conferences to exhibitions, from governments to NGOs; those who have been in this field for as long as they can remember, know that SEO is an ever-changing field and to become the top-notch SEO Company in India is no small feat.

Sometimes, Google or other search engines release an update that messes up the entire strategy, or keywords go haywire, forcing you to change a big chunk of content, or your backlinks start becoming spammy. Let us be honest with each other, we all have followed, if not much, then little black hat SEO practices to quickly get our or the client’s website at the top, but it doesn’t stay there often, does it?

So, it’s better to follow only the ethical SEO practices, to ensure that the website stays on top for the longest period.

We have narrowed down a myriad of the white-hat SEO practices that are proven to yield great results. Here are some of them that you should start following right now to become the best SEO company in India sooner than later -

  • Regular Communication with the Audience

Irrespective of whether it’s a client’s website or yours, there’s no excuse to focus less on communication with the audience. Do as much as you can with banners, Q&As, blogs, articles, infographics, and whatnot. Remember, customers have a fragile memory while interacting with a business, which may fade away faster than the runtime of the song Faded by Alan Walker.

  • Write Content - Straight from the Heart

The content that comes straight from the heart has no parallels, nuances, or terminology attached to it. Write in a way that makes your readers more aware of your business, services, or what’s happening around the world right now, instead of only, buy, get in touch, & learn more.

There’s no hacks, course, or guideline to write the content of that sort; you just need to think as a reader and write whatever feels & sounds interesting, and relevant to your domain.

While writing such content, focussing on placing SEO-optimized keywords at the right place may be troublesome at the start, but if you keep following the intuitive approach towards writing, then you will soon be able to place your keywords precisely in a manner that they do not look spammy or stuffed to anyone, forever.

  • Build Quality Backlinks

Get credible backlinks to your site, and although it may look lucrative at the start but try not to go for spammy & irrelevant links from almost every website in the world.

While getting backlinks, be sure to check for spam score, domain authority, link velocity & placement on their page for better results.

  • Local SEO for Global Impact

People with relatively small budgets, or who require local products or services, are not going to search for the best SEO company in India, instead, they will search for the best SEO company near me or in Jaipur or local SEO services near me or sort.

Hence, remember to keep local at the top of your priority list & mention all the relevant details of your or the client’s business on local search directories such as Google My Business, etc., and optimize the website for local keywords too.

These tips are based upon the experience of a brilliant local SEO services provider in Rajasthan, whose website jumped over 200K places in global rankings in just 20 days.