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Fire Sticks are an excellent media streaming device from Amazon that lets you play videos, use apps, and play online songs directly from your TV and home audio system. But when you buy your TV from Walmart, can you get the service with your purchase

What Is Walmart?

It is an American multinational retail company that owns a large chain of hypermarkets, convenience stores, and other discount departments. Sam Walton founded the company in 1962 under the Delaware General Companies Act. Walmart is said to be one of the largest companies in terms of revenue. Walmart has expanded internationally through hard work and innovative ideas.

Does Walmart Have A Streaming Device?

The company is trying to launch the fire stick, but it still hasn’t succeeded. Due to the sudden decline in the worldwide DVD market, Walmart acquired Vudu in 2010. Vudu is a company that releases digital versions of DVDs. But in 2019, like Netflix and other streaming apps, Vudu has shifted to creating its content via subscription. You can access Vudu for free on Roku streaming devices. Content from classic to the latest version is available without a monthly subscription.

What Walmart sells other Devices?

While Walmart doesn’t sell fire sticks, it sells other streaming devices like Google Chromecast and Google TV. The 3rd generation Chromecast can be purchased for around $29.99 and used, WalmartUntil, online and offline.


Walmart does sell multiple other forms of media streaming devices, such as

  • Roku players
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • on. streaming devices

Why Can’t You Buy Amazon FireStick at Walmart? You can do it with a new Amazon FireStick or Fire TV at most major retailers like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Kohls. However, there is one notable exception.

When Did Walmart Stop Selling Amazon FireSticks?

  • Walmart stopped selling Amazon products a few years ago. Until 2012, Walmart stopped selling the Kindle tablet, which was Amazon’s top-selling product.
  • Amazon had not yet entered the streaming market. An enormous streaming device back then was the original Roku, and it’s still a very niche product.
  • Every Kindle sold was just another customer who could stop shopping at Walmart and instead decide to shop at Amazon from the comfort of their couch.
  • Walmart saw the Kindle as the gateway product to Amazon’s ecosystem. But for how popular the Kindle was for its time, it pales compared to Amazon’s FireStick and Fire TV devices.
  • Walmart quietly removed the FireStick from its shelves in early 2017 and hasn’t looked back.
  • Walmart has doubled down on its long-standing partnerships with Roku and developed a few special editions that c can only find there. These include Express+ and Premier+ Roku players. Recently, they even started marketing limited editions on one—streaming players running Roku’s operating system.
  • Walmart has not given an official reason or even a press release announcing its decision to stop selling the Amazon FireStick.

If Walmart Doesn’t Sell The Amazon FireStick, Who Does?

You can buy FireStick on the Amazon website, Target, or Best Buy. Other retail stores that sell the Amazon FireStick include Lowe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, GameStop, and Staples. At some stores like Target, you can also get the Alexa Voice remote with the Amazon FireStick. You can buy the FireStick with its Alexa Voice remote and another streaming media player if you’re looking for the whole kit.

Who Sells Firesticks At Walmart

  • Walmart is an online store where many people sell their products. It is pretty similar to the Amazon Store, where you can buy items from different sellers. Similarly, Walmart has thousands of vendors selling their products, including Major Brands and Corporations.
  • Now, many of you are confused about whether Amazon sells Firesticks at Walmart? Therefore, the answer is no; Amazon never sells its products in any third-party store. FireTV Sticks were sold by some 3rd party vendors or perhaps by Walmart itself.
  • Problem is that you are not guaranteed to get the same device you ordered, which makes it risky. Also, this service may not be as it is for authorized dealers only, making it incompatible.

Is Firestick Cheaper On Walmart?

Is Firestick cheaper at Walmart or not? So, the simple answer to that is No! FireTV devices aren’t affordable at all, but you can even charge extra to have them delivered to your home. It also has another downside: you will get your product late than buying from a source. But before that, I accept the Firestick from Walmart for $29.99 (as Amazon sells it).
Fire Stick Walmart

The thing that upset me is that they cost $7 for delivery

Should You Buy A Firestick From Walmart?

  • if you should or should not buy Firestick from Walmart. If I share my opinion, I can say that you should not purchase from Walmart. The reason is quite simple, and I have said before that there is no authorized dealer there. That’s why you won’t be able to get a warranty from Amazon, so if your device stops working or something is damaged inside, you can’t claim it. Although the Firestick at Walmart doesn’t provide the 4K version, all you get is the standard version.

  • This product comes with 8GB of internal storage and has 1GB of DDR3 RAM, which is not enough to run heavy applications. You only get 1080p resolution support instead, so no 4K Movies or Dolby support there.

Best Option To Buy Firestick Online

  • Now that we understand the truth behind buying the Firestick from Walmart, you may be wondering where I should buy it. Good! Don’t worry because you can buy Firestick Online directly from Amazon Store.
  • There are several benefits to getting the original product, including a 1-year warranty. In contrast, you have a few options for purchasing the standard FireTV Stick, 4K, Lite, and even the FireTV Cube. Each device has its advantages and its characteristics.
  • They also don’t charge much for delivery, and delivery is free if you have a Prime subscription. Another thing to note is that Amazon delivers its products faster than other services.

Price Of Walmart-Stick

Walmart’s Onn-branded Android TV streaming devices are now available to purchase. The 4K model costs $30, while the FHD stick is $25. Both models ship with a Google-designed remote control featuring a built-in microphone

Where Can You Buy Firestick?

Walmart: Firestick products used to be available at Walmart. However, at the beginning of 2017, Walmart removed the availability of Firestick Walmart from both its website and physical store.

Why Did Walmart Drop The Firestick?

Walmart has started replacing its Fire TV products with Roku Express and Chromecast. Walmart must have caught on to Amazon or got a better deal than Roku/Google. That is possible because Amazon has a history of delaying the provision of Fire TV stock. Some people think that this backorder issue must be their downfall.

Firestick Alternative By Walmart: Mi Box

In addition, Walmart offers Mi Box among some streaming devices. This Mi Box Android TV Box has full Kodi compatibility. You can confirm this via the following link: WM Link. It shows that Mi Box Android Box is just as valuable as Firestick TV. The only real difference is that Mi Box is not limited to Amazon’s proprietary Android OS (FireOS or Fire TV OS). Additionally, Mi Box most likely runs a little more smoothly than Firestick.

Other Stores That carrying Firestick

The leading brick-and-mortar stores for purchasing the Firestick are Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. These stores operate on an online and physical store basis. The way they work depends on the urgency of the customer to have the product they purchased. Best Buy, Target, and Craigslist allow you to shop for your product online and continue to buy it at your nearest store.

Why Buy Firestick Online?

Physical stores tend to lack some items. The problem with physical stores like Best Buy is that some items may not be available at the store closest to your location. This is because physical stores have some bias when restocking their stuff. They will supply a few items in a store as demand is not high. However, online stores are always ready to shop, as they mainly deal with shipping and delivery services.

Online Purchases versus Store Purchases

The main difference between buying a Fire Stick online and buying a Firestick in a store is the shipping time.

If you buy a Firestick from a brick-and-mortar store like Walmart, you get to start streaming now. On the other hand, if you buy Firestick online, you’ll have to wait at least a day for shipping.

Buy Firestick In-Store Buy Firestick Online
Target Target
Best Buy Amazon
Amazon Best Buy


Walmart is an American multinational retail company that owns a large chain of hypermarkets, convenience stores, and other discount departments. Sam Walton founded the company in 1962. Fire Sticks are an excellent media streaming device from Amazon that lets you play videos, use apps, and play online songs directly from your TV and home audio system. The company is trying to launch the fire stick, but it still hasn’t succeeded. Due to the sudden decline in the worldwide DVD market,

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently asked questions are below. It will clear all your queries

1-What is the difference between fire stick and Roku?

Fire TV devices also come in Sticks or TVs with built-in Fire TV. Roku and Fire TV sticks are media streamers that give you access to online TV and movie content. Roku offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels depending on location, while Fire TV offers slightly less.

2-Can you use Firestick on regular TV?

Firestick Setup on Non-smart TVSmart TV is quite expensive, but you don’t need to buy one with devices such as the Firestick. You can get a regular TV for a much lower price and attach a Firestick. Of course, you’ll need a pair of AAA batteries for the TV stick remote and an Amazon account.

3-Do you need Internet for Firestick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick needs a stable internet connection to work correctly. All Amazon Prime movies, TV shows, and music stream directly from the internet. Without reference, you will be able to use only installed applications that do not require internet access.

4-Can you buy a Firestick from stores?

Currently, the leading brick-and-mortar stores for purchasing the Firestick are Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. These stores operate on an online and physical store basis.

5-How much are fire sticks at Best Buy?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is just $25 at Best Buy today. Best Buy is offering one-day savings on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, slashing the price of this streaming accessory to just $24.99. The streaming media accessory usually retails for $39, but Best Buy has placed it as the Deal of the Day with a savings of $15.

6-Is Netflix free with Firestick?

No, it’s not free. Only the Netflix app is already installed on the fire tv stick like other apps. The Netflix app is available on Amazon Fire Stick. You need to connect your device to your Netflix account to stream video. So it’s not free. You have to subscribe to the plan.

7-Do I need a fire stick if I have a smart TV?

So no, you don’t need Smart TV to use a streaming player. However, if you have a Smart TV, you may still want to use a separate player because, generally speaking, TVs don’t usually support as many apps as players do. Therefore, the Roku 1 is a good choice if you have an older TV without HDMI ports.

8-What Channel is free on fire stock?

Enjoy ABC, NBC, live football, and other great free streaming channels & apps on your Firestick starting now! The Amazon Fire Stick is an excellent solution for people who want a vast selection of channels while doing it at a moderate price. The Amazon Fire Stick Device is not very expensive at around $49.

9-Which is better, Amazon free stock or Roku?

The Roku Streaming Stick is an excellent unit for those new to streaming media devices. The remote is durable, the user interface is time-tested, and the content is robust and easy to search. The Amazon Fire Stick is more cutting-edge and has better performance, but it’s more cluttered and has less range overall.

10-How long do Amazon firesticks last?

How long does an Amazon Fire Stick last? Depending on how p put it together, the fire stick may last a day, a week, months, or even years, depending on how p put it together.


Due to increased competition with Amazon, Walmart has stopped selling Amazon fire sticks online and offline. Still, c can find other streaming devices in the app. To keep up with the competition, the company also acquired Vudu. Still, s sold in 2019, the Vudu market shifted from digital DVDs to building streaming platforms like Netflix. I hope this article has given you the best possible information on the subject. Thank you for reading the article.

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